Are you fit?

Recently, I learned that there is a tremendous difference in being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle and being fit.  As I looked around in the various activities I am involved in, I wondered why some individuals did not look like they could do the things they do.  Like the guy who plavs basketball every day at lunch, but still has a potbelly. 

And then it came to me.  When people talk about being healthy, it entails some form of cardio, some weights maybe, and eating right.  However, it is possible to be healthy and not be fit.  The opposite is also true.  Fitness, on the other hand, consists of three things: Flexibility, Conditioning and skill.

I am healthy, for the most part.  I am pretty consistent with my workout, diet and cardio.  However, I am just getting to the point where I can touch my toes.  You know the old saying, that as you age, your flexibility is the first thing to go.  Stretching systematically, everyday for at least 15 minutes will work wonders for improving muscular strength, range of motion, relaxation and movement efficiency.  However, contrary to popular belief, you want to stretch anytime except before your workouts-as it temporarily weakens the muscle. 

Conditioning deals with making sure you are in shape-cardo-wise and strength wise.  In high school, we called it being “in-season”.  My father used to say that when you are in excellent condition, that is when your natural physical talent can come through.  Look at Jerry Rice, or any great athlete, the difference between them and everyone else was somewhat talent, but their physical conditioning was bar none. 

Skill is another key difference between fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  Skill gives purpose to your workout.  Some people workout just to look good or lose weight.  But skill means on top of your conditioning, there are specific movements you want to master.  Therefore, your approach is much more tailored and streamlines.  You will do drills as opposed to just bench pressing and the elliptical machine.  The skill and the specific conditioning will determine the way your body will look. 

Most people have a hard time just getting a healthy lifestyle down.  However, we should aim and strive for health and fitness.  because there is significant overlap.  But there is a higher level.  And a lot of fit people forget the basics of diet.  It is a lifelong process.  So be patient and disciplined, because it is important.  Have a plan when you go to the gym and your payoff will come a lot sooner. 

 Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas



One response to “Are you fit?”

  1. Steven M Devougas says :

    Remember, health is a lifestyle and fitness is a discipline.

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