Prison reform in Michigan

They say necessity is the mother of ingenuity. No where is this more true than in Michigan. The budget situation in Michigan is in shambles as critical services and revenue sharing programs are being downsized. What’s more troubling of course is the insane amount of money that is spent on incarceration to the tune of $2 billion dollars a year. To help fix this broken system, Governor Jennifer Granholm proposed legislation that would include among other things, “changing the possession of some amounts of some drugs from felonies to misdemeanors.” Overall, the goal of the proposed reforms is to “reduce sentences for dozens of crimes to save money by sending fewer criminals to prison or county jails.” This is certainly a step in the right direction in breaking the destructive influence of the prison-industrial complex. No society should spend more money on prison than they should on education. I am giving a hat tip to Governor Granholm, and I know there will be much resistance in the Republican-controlled State Senate but this must be overcome.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.



4 responses to “Prison reform in Michigan”

  1. Shannon says :

    As a Michigan citizen I ask you to accept this written appeal for parole for Michael Jerry Beebe # 240491, currently serving a long sentence of imprisonment with possibility of parole for his 1999 conviction of prison escape. Michael did not escape from prison another inmate did and the FBI have investigated thoroughly and have found Michael innocent. Michigan Department of Correction is still holding him his release date is 2045; he has already been incarcerated for more than 12 years. Michael is currently being held at Standish Maximum Corrections Facility.
    Whatever the reasons and mechanics by which our legislature has managed to enact a law holding someone responsible for crimes far greater than those actually committed; the citizens of this state never intended that for a crime which he had no involvement in and a non-violent inmate. Although that premise stands on its own, I invite you to review the details of this case, trial, conviction and sentence and learn why so many people are so outraged by the magnitude of this injustice.
    I believe, as do most Michiganders, that crime must be deterred and prosecuted, that convictions must be fair and that punishments must be equitable. Why is he at a Maximum Security Prison level 5 the possibility of parole for a man convicted of a crime he did not commit using a legal fiction is neither fair nor equitable. Michael’s appeals thus far have been denied, presumably because the parole must follow the law without regard to its grossly unjust unintended consequences. I ask that you please correct this injustice by helping grant Michael Beebe’s Parole. So Michael can come home and work to his wife and kids

  2. Anonymous says :

    Michigan guards are way too tough on the prisoners. Many of them are incarcerated for non violent crimes and they are tortured by the guards. Hire nicer more compassionate guards who are not so tough on the prisoners. It is not their fault society told them to commit crimes.

  3. Diane Williams says :

    My husband Reginald J. Williams #188280 has been in prison for almost 10 yrs and is trying to get into the classes so he can go before the parole board, he works and stays to himself. I really do believe that he has changed because since I have been knowing him, I can really say that he has changed and he woulld be a better person in society because we are married and now he has a goal. Please give him a chance.

  4. Clifford Drake472133 says :

    I have been incarcerated and we do need prison reform I am currently on parole and I’m trying to do something about what the michigan department of corruption is and has been doing for a long time it didn’t start with Granholm it started with engler and his propaganda agaist crime a police state is not going to improve the lives of law abiding citizens but what will is to offer a way out of a life of crime give a child another option than selling drugs, robbing, stealing or anything that will lead down the road to crime get our community involved not every ex felon is a baby raper however that is the catagorie we are put in our lives are ruined by the felon status when we could be the greatest help for our youth because that is where it starts what happened to our country we used to love our neighbor now we want to see him dead start loving more and stop hating

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