The SuperSpade in Chicago

What’s up fam,

I am notoriously private with things that I should normally share with my family. Readers of The SuperSpade know that I end every post with “Stay up fam.” So as my family, I am happy to announce that I will be representing The SuperSpade in Chicago at the 2007 Yearlykos Convention, an annual gathering of progressive members of the Netroots that view blogs as a tool for changing the status quo. Moreover, I am part of the Chicago 17, a group of young, diverse, and progressive bloggers that normally wouldn’t have been able to participate in the convention. (I am a full time organizer…enough said)

I am very grateful to the donors that made it possible for me to go, (hat tip to Kid Oakland and the whole team!) and I speak for Garlin and Steve when I say we are forever in debt to you as your insightful comments (on the site or on the phone) continue to enrich the depth and breadth of The SuperSpade. If you will be in Chicago, make sure you drop me a line.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.



2 responses to “The SuperSpade in Chicago”

  1. Edward says :


    Are there many bloggers that look like you? How many bloggers of color have you noticed thus far? Just curious…

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    What’s up Edward, there was not alot of us at the conference but I am going to put up a post that gives a comprehensive breakdown of your concerns.

    Stay up fam,

    Brandon Q.

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