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My fear of blogging

What’s up fam,

I just wanted to take a step back to really observe blogging as part of the broader national progressive movement. The universal nature of blogs naturally encourages writers to pen stories that are national in scope so as to capture the broadest swath of readers. The problem as I see it is that too many bloggers follow three troubling paths,

1) Writing relentlessly on the latest breaking story (often national in scope) and expressing the progressive interpretation.

2) Fear of writing original commentary for fear of being too exposed.

3) General lack of writing about local stories, fearing a lack of interest and/or possibly burning bridges.

Do you see these things happening on progressive blogs at-large? What do you look for when reading blogs? What do you see in The SuperSpade? I think that the national movement we all think or talk about is being impeded when we all write about the same thing. Our real power is finding the common values amongst our very unique stories and instigating change at the local level that organically builds into a national movement. Your thoughts?

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


Detroit love…

I love Detroit and the people that give the city its distinct character. One thing that I am not proud of though is the lack of history I have regarding Detroit. For that, I just pulled up a couple of site that do a good job of helping Detroiters and non-Detroiters understand the stories that helped shape a city which has seen the best of times and the worst of times.

What do you know or love about Detroit?

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

One-on-One Presidential Debates

A lot of people think that Presidential debates don’t really mean a lot. They see them as a bunch of people making meaningless, empty, rhetorical statements.

I think that is sentiment is true for the most part. I do think that there is a solution: One-on-one debates. The reason is simple. It is much harder to get away with B.S. statements when you are giving them to one person than it is when giving it to a group.

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The Long Shower

Earlier this week I had a little back up in my tub’s drain and when I went to take a shower, my feet became submerged in a puddle. Not a good look! So I turned off the shower to let the tub drain and I proceeded to lather and get SuperSpade fresh. After I finished lathering, I turned the shower back on, rinsed, and got out. While I was drying off, I was ashamed at how much water I waste by taking showers everyday.

As I try to be more environmentally aware of my actions, I know that water is fast becoming a scarce resource. Before I leave this earth, there will more than likely be military conflicts between countries over access to water unless we really get serious about conservation. A while back, I wrote about the growing and troubling nexus between the environment and national security.

Most troublesome though is that there are millions of people in this world that will never be able to take a shower in the way that the West is accustomed to. My shower experience made that sad reality visceral and stark. Sometimes it is easy to forget how privileged we are in America and my shower experience helped me empathize with those less fortunate on a deeper level.

From now on, I am going to take “dry showers.” Give it a try and let me know what you think. If I am way behind the curve on this, that’s cool too.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

Are you fit?

Recently, I learned that there is a tremendous difference in being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle and being fit.  As I looked around in the various activities I am involved in, I wondered why some individuals did not look like they could do the things they do.  Like the guy who plavs basketball every day at lunch, but still has a potbelly. 

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Only 1 Republican cares about the NAACP

Number of official Republican Presidential hopefuls: 10

Number of official Republican Presidential hopefuls invited to NAACP Presidential Forum in Detroit: 10

Number of official Republican Presidential hopefuls invited to NAACP Presidential Forum in Detroit that actually showed up: 1

Wow. Not surprising, but still, wow.

Whatever you think about the relevance or irrelevance of groups like the NAACP, that is still a significant group to ignore. Also remember that G. W. Bush ignored the NAACP until finally appearing in front of them in 2006.

One Love. One II.

Does gender trump race?

Shirley Chisholm is a hero to many because she was the first Black woman to run for president. This was a tremendous act for women and Black people in this country.

In what I think is her most interesting quote, she said the following:

I’ve always met more discrimination being a woman than being black,” she told The Associated Press in December 1982, shortly before she left Washington to teach at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. “When I ran for the Congress, when I ran for president, I met more discrimination as a woman than for being black. Men are men.

I’m interested what people think here. Is society more sexist than racist, as Chisholm suggests?

With a white woman (Hillary Clinton) and and a Black man (Barack Obama) both having a great chance at being the next president, this election season could potentially bring such a question to the forefront, for better of for worse.

One Love. One II.