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Kenneth Foster Lives, and Texas’ Law of Parties

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Do you know who Kenneth Foster is? Well, today you know him as a living man instead of a dead one. His death sentence was commuted to a life sentence today by Texas Governor Rick Perry.

This is significant not only because it is practically historic when someone is not excited in Texas, but because it brings attention to what the Governor refers to as “…Texas law that allows capital murder defendants to be tried simultaneously…” What he’s talking about is Texas’ “Law of Parties,” which imposes the death penalty on any person involved in a crime where a murder occurs.

So what now? Use this link to send a message to Governor Perry, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, and other members of the Texas legislature to ease/eliminate the use of the Law of Parties going forward.

While we’re on the subject, I wish this guy could have gotten clemency too.

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The Jena Code

Kids at a school in Jena, Louisiana can no longer wear t-shirts supporting the Jena 6. I guess that’s kind of like wearing an anti-George Bush shirt to the State of the Union speech.

This isn’t a school dress code issue, since Jena High School has no dress code. This is simply the administrators at the school being scared to deal with the realities of a situation that they allowed to become a bonafide tragedy right under their noses.

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Why Black Men Need Lobbyists

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The Jena 6 are a group of young Black men that could use some lobbyists, lawyers, advocates in the Justice Department, something. If you get sentenced to 22 years for a schoolyard fight by a jury of your peers consisting on no one that looks like you, it is obvious that something or someone is out to get you for some reason. What therefore must be made equally obvious is that there are people that are out to help you as well.

The Jena 6 need your help. Please take a look at the petition here.

With today being the tragic anniversary of the greatest natural disaster ever to hit the United States, it is tragic that Katrina’s racial undertones and implications would be followed by more racially deplorable happenings in the state of Louisiana.

Garlin’s new gig: Blog Host for Brave New Films

I am pleased to let you all know that I have recently begun serving as a Blog Host & Writer for Brave New Films. This is truly a blessing to be able to continue to share the ideals that have been birthed and discussed on The SuperSpade with new audiences. This opportunity would not have been possible without the love and support from The SuperSpade Family.

I would like to thank Robert, Jim, and the rest of the folks at Brave New Films for welcoming me onboard. I encourage you all to take a look at the site, as there is some great content that inspires actions that will change this world for the better.

I’ll still be writing here on The SuperSpade just as often, and I’ll be cross-posting items on both sites at times too.

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1 Year, 364 days

Hurricane Katrina hit two years ago tomorrow.

This video is by Brave New Films.

What do we do?

I read somewhere that only people with options ask, what do we do? People who don’t have a choice know what needs to be done and don’t hesitate to do that and more. The time has passed to stop thinking, stop accussing, and start doing.

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The Abortion of the Female Scientist

It sounds like we not only need to save our girls, but we also need to debunk the myths of girls’ interest in science, technology, math, and engineering, which are literally killing girls’ desires to pursue these fields.

Here’s the most interesting quote:

The mentality of needing to “weed out” weaker students in college majors — especially in the more quantitative disciplines — disproportionately weeds out women. This is not necessarily because women are failing. Rather, women often perceive “Bs” as inadequate grades and drop out, while men with “Cs” will persist with the class.

I agree that this weed-out mentality is complete BS and is actually anti-competitive because it eliminates diversity in total competition.

Also, am I the only one to read this and think, “Man, the perceived bar for success is much lower for boys than it is for girls.” Perhaps those C-student boys should have been weeded-out too…

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Michigan Policy Summit Sept. 8th: Be there!

If you live in Michigan, you need to make your presence felt at the Michigan Policy Summit, 2007. It is going to be held at the Lansing Center in Lansing, MI. From the site: This dynamic, first-of-its-kind daylong policy forum initiated by Michigan’s progressive community is taking place in Lansing on Sept. 8, and we want you to be a part of it! Read More…

The Fox News/CBCI Debate is no more

The debate mistake that was to be the Fox News/CBCI debate is cancelled.

A lot of great people made this happen, and we were thrilled to be a part of an effor that demonstrated how a few people caring and acting can destroy disease-ridden partnerships.

On to the next effort.

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Our Next Generation: I think it’s called sex…

Imagine this: A boy and a girl are locked together, bodies sweaty, hips pressed forcefully in concert, he is behind her with a look of absolute concentration, and she braces herself, holding her ankles while he thrusts harder, faster…sex between eager teens? No silly, it’s dancing!

We’re all grownups here, so let’s talk honestly about this. We’ve heard of “freak dancing”, we know that it has to do with bodies grinding into each other in what many term as “sexually suggestive”. This isn’t just about the latest craze in dance; this is about when behavior crosses over into actual sex acts.

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Introducing “Our Next Generation”

What’s up fam? Yes, Garlin II is still alive and well :-). Though I’ve been on a bit of an unofficial sabbatical, I am back with some great news.

The SuperSpade is launching a new feature called “Our Next Generation,” which will be written by our friend Sakara R.. I am both pleased and excited to have her contribute her writing to the site on a regular basis. Here is how she describes the series:

This feature is part of an ongoing project called Snapshots of America’s Black Youth. It will be a series of articles about what is going on with our youth in the Seattle area and abroad.

Enjoy the series and thanks for the continued support. As always, much love to B for holdin’ everything down.

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