The Weekly Dream: Happy Birthday!

“When they said I could be anyone I wanted to be, I was foolish enough to believe them.” 

This month, the Weekly Dream is two years old.  And I must say it has been a blessing and an honor to have been able to share my thoughts from week to week with you and read your comments.  Lately, I have been thinking about the purpose of dreams.  What purpose do they serve?

Let’s be real, reality can be kind of boring.  Reality is full of limitations, fear and disappointment. Dreams allow you to hope and have faith that something more is possible.  Dreams give you the drive that your work and suffering is not in vain, but a price you must pay to achieve some desired end.

It is sad when I meet people who have let the world crush their spirits.  They have no hope, no great ambition for their lives.  They just live from day to day, going through the motions.  This column is not for people like that.  Nor is it simply for those who are stuck dreaming and are not interested in action and taking risk.  The Weekly Dream is for all those people who have the courage to live the life they wnat to live and to fulfill their God-given goals, ambitions or aspirations.  We are a people who actively create our inner world, while improving the world around us. 

Having a dream is one thing, but having the audacity and temerity to actually live out yor dreams are dangerous.  Why?  Because you reject the role assigned to you, and this upsets the balance of things.  Human beings are the only creatures on the planet that seeks to transcend their nature, their place in society, rather than accept it.  And if you do not accept the role assigned to you, then you cannot be controlled. 

Think about it, most people are so busy they do not have time to think.  They are bombarded with stimuli.  Who has time to dream?  The media and tv have replaced our imagination, so that we end up with a manufactured reality and consequently an unproductive dream life. 

My deepest hope is that people read the column and other posts on The Superspade and become motivated to reach their potential.  For dreams without action are like clouds without rain. 

I want to thank all of you for your support.  We have been together a long time.  I know there is much more to come. 

Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas 



One response to “The Weekly Dream: Happy Birthday!”

  1. Carl Quindel says :


    I wish I could explain my reaction better than the following famous Russian poet, revolutionary, and madman:

    “My dream may run ahead of the natural march of events or may fly off at a tangent in a direction in which no natural march of events will ever proceed. In the first case my dream will not cause any harm; it may even support and augment the energy of the working[people] … There is nothing in such dreams that would distort or paralyse labour-power. On the contrary, if man were completely deprived of the ability to dream in this way, if he could not from time to time run ahead and mentally conceive, in an entire and completed picture, the product to which his hands are only just beginning to lend shape, then I cannot at all imagine what stimulus there would be to induce man to undertake and complete extensive and strenuous work in the sphere of art, science, and practical endeavour … The rift between dreams and reality causes no harm if only the person dreaming believes seriously in [her] dream, if [she] attentively observes life, compares [her] observations with [her] castles in the air, and if, generally speaking, [she] works conscientiously for the achievement of [her] fantasies. If there is some connection between dreams and life then all is well.”

    Dreaming can be intoxicatingly addictive, with only harsh reality bringing us back down as gravity kills our leaps to the stars. If we understand the “natural march of events”, dreams can become so powerful that they begin to be the beating drum to which the world marches. Thank you, Steve, for 2 years of hot beats.

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