Free the Jena 6!!!

I typically don’t listen to talk radio outside of NPR, but thankfully I came across the Michael Baisden show today and he was focusing on the Jena 6. I know his show is broadcast across the country and I hope that his show raises the consciousness of his listeners as he lent huge support to the rally taking place on September 20th.

Black bloggers have been on top of this from Jack and Jill, Too Sense, Afrospear, and many others. Nevertheless, if you don’t know about the Jena 6 here is the basic run down.

In a small still mostly segregated section of rural Louisiana, an all-white jury heard a series of white witnesses called by a white prosecutor testify in a courtroom overseen by a white judge in a trial about a fight at the local high school where a white student who had been making racial taunts was hit by Black students.

The fight was the culmination of a series of racial incidents starting when whites responded to Black students sitting under the “white tree” at their school by hanging three nooses from the tree. The white jury and white prosecutor and all white supporters of the white victim were all on one side of the courtroom. The Black defendant, 17-year-old Mychal Bell, and his supporters were on the other.

The jury quickly convicted Mychal Bell of two felonies — aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery. Bell, who was a 16-year-old sophomore football star at the time he was arrested, faces up to 22 years in prison. Five other Black youths await similar trials on attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy charges.

I know the feeling of swallowing your heart when you see cop lights flash behind you. Now imagine being a high school student and having the District Attorney tell you that he can “take your life away with a stroke of his pen.” This type of intimidation should make you sick to your stomach. We need to stand in solidarity with the Jena 6 because if it can happen in Jena, it can happen anywhere. The type of outrage we would have over something happening to a blood relative is the same type of outrage we should have over the Jena 6. I don’t give a crap about how many Black people made it into Forbes magazine when stuff like this is happening to our brothers and sisters. This is crazy, how in the world do you get 22 years from a school fight?

Moreover, Governor Blanco (A DEMOCRAT) needs to wake the f*&^ up and do everything she can to drop all charges (pardon if necessary) against the Jena 6 and investigate the blatant discrimination in D.A. Reed Walter’s administration of “justice.” Politicians like Governor Blanco want us to make her do the right thing. Before this is all said and done, I want the racist power structure in Jena to beg for the opportunity to correct this situation and dare to pull some crap like this again.

What can you do?

  • Sign the petition at Color of Change
  • Make plans to be in Jena, LA on September 20th to stand in solidarity with the families and friends of the Jena 6. And if you have money to go but can’t make it, sponsor me!!!
  • Tell others about this issue
  • Be upset!!!

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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171 responses to “Free the Jena 6!!!”

  1. Charles Rey says :

    (You should have written justice in quotations too.)

    This story is almost as despicable as the article written by Barry Saunders here though obviously for different reasons.

    I have also scribed about this outrageous and egregious matter. I say we should all pound this story until we get justice.

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    Thanks Charles, I agree that we must write about this story until we see change. I also think this is an opportunity to mobilize people to do meaningful actions offline by hosting demonstrations in their own community or down in Jena. Thanks man

  3. Anonymous says :

    Things like this make me wish I didn’t bring my two kids in this messed up world. Now if it was the other way around, we all know that the other kid wouldn’t have gotten 22 years. Everyone sits around saying that this makes them sick, but those who can actually do something to make a different don’t. All these people in high places call on the people to help them get elected for what ever, but where are they when the people need them. And no, its not everyone, but they know who they are. Racisem still exist, and those who don’t believe that needs to step back and pay attention to whats surrounding them.

  4. JAMES M says :

    This is just another example of the racial injustice that is still apart of America.I pray for all the familes envolved.We as a nation can never truely move forward if we allow ourselves to be held back by our past.

  5. ellen says :

    I agree, this is disheartening and disgusting and so on and so forth. Brandon I think you offer some great ways to respond. However, I think it is important to also come up with some preventative measures as well. Racism is taught. It is learned. We, as a society, must education about acceptance. At a minimum we must teach tolerance. Only then will we begin to see change.

  6. Amber says :

    Hi just got off the phone with Blanco’s office. It seems that the story they are throwing out is that she cannot help unless they are convicted, because she is executive and they are still tied up in the judicial branch. “I’m sorry Ms. McZeal…but” What kind of bull is that. I informed them that the fact that these children were convicted of an incident occurring on public school property, her BS response was not good enough. And that someone should get off their a*% and figure something out. These are children. But see..the state of LA has pride in hangin their niggers. ancient history. They will respect and obey, and that is that. Dont shut up. Raise hell, strategically. This has been goin on.

    Yours truly, Amber. Louisiana girl.

  7. Brandon Q. says :

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Amber I am so happy to know that you are on the ground holding it down and I will constantly raise hell about this. Like I said in the post, Blanco wants to be forced to do the right thing. I say let’s call her bluff. Ellen, you are right, preventative measures are essential to combating racism.

    Anon, I was really moved when you mentioned that stories like this make you feel bad for bringing children in this world. I don’t have kids right now but I read alot of news and stories push me towards the no-child camp. Anon, are your kids old enough to understand stories like this? If so, how do you talk about it?

  8. Garlin II says :

    I think that what’s most interesting/frightening/maddening/disheartening about this case is this is indicative of a larger societal belief that Black men and boys that kick rocks in the “wrong” direction are fodder for the “justice” system (I got it in quotes Charles).

    PETA was doin’ all that lobbying for the dogs Michael Vick fought. Where are the lobbyists for the Black men that are murdered generation by generation?

    One Love. One II.

  9. kool breeze says :

    we need to start with getting the government in check. The people of this country lets the government do what they want. we all have been lied to. This comes from a counrty that lets court rooms still fly rebel flags on top. there is no separation of church and state. iF IT IS WHY DO WE STIL HAVE IN GOD WE TRUST ON OUR CURRENCY????? Its time for us to take a stand. where has the NAACP been this whole time. They could have stepped in along time ago and used their resources to supply a good lawyer for these guys. To me the NAACP is not all what people or the organization makes itself out to be. I am a black male living in North Carolina and just herd about this from my girlfriend. I have mixed emotions about this. it is Wrong. Court systems all over interpret laws differently. Anything that is use t inflicked harm can be considered a weapon. With this election commin up. These are things we need to really think about as a Nation of people. This should make you really think about who will you vote for. i feel that we give staes in some cases too much power. we need the same in all the states. in one if you get in trouble you can get probaton and in if you did the same crime you uld get locked up for a year or two. I have a problem with that. WE REALLY need to take a stand on this

  10. Garlin II says :

    kool breeze,

    I believe the most important piece of your comment was the following:

    “These are things we need to really think about as a Nation of people. This should make you really think about who will you vote for.”

    Voting matters people. Who you vote for matters. Can someone point to a presidential candidate that gives a d@mn here? Maybe they’re not so different after all…

  11. Jennifer Woods says :

    I believe,(I am a white woman), that this is the most disgusting display of injustice I have ever seen. I hope these young men are set free and everyone within the law enforcement community in Jena is fired if they had any part of this. I am so upset by this!!! Free Jena 6 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. C.H.M says :

    It is a shame that the injustices we Black Soldiers experienced in Louisiana in the 70s still exist. These injustices were taken to a new level with the Jena 6. What a shame. How can this country express so much concern with whats going on in other countries, and ignore racist behavior in rual America.

  13. Anonymous says :

    I thought I was transported by to the 1960’s. What kind of a message are we sending our young people? All people, regardless of color, must come forward and put a stop to this injustice. We cannot as a nation become stronger with hatred. Please, everyone let us come together in unity and put an end to this racial hatred. We can’t move forward until we do. Thank you.

  14. Dock says :

    22 years! Are you kidding me? This guy hangs nooses and someone gets severely punished for doing something about it. If the Jena 6 hadn’t of done something who would’ve? Yeah we all know “violence is not the answer”, but teens fight all the time. At least these 6 had a lagitamate reason

  15. Anonymous says :

    It’s a shame to see or even imagine that’s happening still around the country. Where is Justice not right here in the United States

  16. duo says :

    Is’nt hanging a noose from a tree a hate crime? If so why was the person or persons who did it not charged with that crime.

  17. Tanji Reed Marshall says :

    I’m a mother and teacher. The idea that we are still dealing with these issues is appalling. What is more disturbing is that national and local news agencies ignored the topic until they were left with no choice but to begin the discussion, which by the way had already begun.

    The media devalues Black people to such a degree that they can flood the airwaves and television waves with day after nauseating day of Michael Vick and the dogs, but ignore a story of real merit. Just this morning O.J. Simpson made headline news…Have the Jena 6 made headline news yet? Of course not! But we continue to support shows and advertisers who devalue us and put before us the milk of entertainment instead of the meat of real news.

    What would happen if Black people decided just for a day to not allow themselves to be entertained? Would things change? Would be even be able to stop the ear-tickling long enough to get down to the business of raising our children and making our communities strong? Are we afraid to reach out and stop the madness?

    Jena 6 is by no means the end, but a beginning!!!! When are we going to join the game in a serious way that will stop the injustice and hold the “injustice” system truly and fully accountable to the constitution, which by the way is supposed to be for everyone? When will be force the Pledge of Allegiance to live up to its words of liberty and justice for all?

    We have to find a way to stop the madness, mayhem, foolishness!!!!

  18. Maxine B says :

    Sadly, to say but this has been going on for years, it only seems that some were able to hide it better than others. Racism is alive and well and has always been. I can recall reading in the Daily News a few years ago, how a clean black man is the equavelant of a dirty white man, and it holds true everytime one seeks emplyment and was over-looked for the other race. We a a people NEED to consolidate on a regular basis and stand up for what we believe in. When the million man marches assembled, they didn’t believe we could do it and when we did it again, they couldn’t understand it…. MY people are strong and we know that we are strong….. But please explain to me why we are still waiting for our 40 acres and our mules. The Jews demand theirs and we simply allow ours to slip through out fingers again. Now that this forum is open we need to follow this trail until the very end!

  19. tashan stokes says :

    Micheal, Please don’t let this issue fall between the cracks.Please use your radio show to make our voices heard and let’s together make a change. I’m ready to support jena 6 in any way I can. Please let the people know what we can do.

  20. Shirley Holland says :

    UNITE,UNITE,UNITE, it’s on!!! Thurday is almost here. Not until the POWER OF LOVE overcomes the LOVE OF POWER, will we know true PEACE. And that’s what this Call to Arms march is all about LOVE! Peace! Justice!

  21. Sick of the BS says :

    I have just about had enough of the BS, this is a shame, why on earth is this still happening! Jesse Jackson, Al. Sharpton, this is only the beginning, we have got to stand tall people on this one! I only wonder how many other small towns is this happening to on a regular basis. I’ve watched the stories on You-Tube and there was a white woman claiming that this is not a race issue, then someone please tell me why a man gets hit in the head with a bottle and it’s not ASSAULT? Why a man can pull a loaded shotgun on people and its NOT ASSAULT, but its ROBBERY when they take the gun away from him to keep from getting shot! What the H*LL is going on? Could this possibly happen in NYC – my answer is NO and that’s exactly why without people like Micael Baison, Steve Harvey and all of the other radio personnels had to bring this into light. The media would go through great lenghts to hide these issues from New Yorkers, because here they are out numbered and with a New York frame of mind we would shut this city down!

    FREE THE JENA 6 and we will think about calling it even, but don’t you EVER slip and MISS and think that it could EVER happen again, not in this way – NO in this day!

  22. Anonymous says :

    America can see every other country’s faults, but not its own. You wonder why so many countries hate America, well it’s not because of African Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!! I those judges and folks in Jena relics from the anbtebellum South. I am the woamn in the Bible, and am asking God to vendicate all of the racism. God’s judgement will not always be quiet! Look at what’s happening to the climate!!!!!! God is giving America (caucasians) a space and time to repent.

  23. Anonymous says :

    District Atty. Reed Walters should be DISBARRED!

  24. christian says :

    tell me if im wrong here….i understand that the charges were too much but for the charges to be dropped??? they put a kid in the hospital…6 kids beat down 1 kid and put him in the hospital. and they said he was calling them names…why should the charges be dropped. shouldnt they be punished? everybody chimes in like they were actually their, nobody knows what happened. a kid is in court for beating the crap out of someone and putting them in the hospital. you can get mad at the kid they beat down, but why?? you all automatically know this kid is a racist? why? because some kids that are facing assualt charges said so!? im white and i went to school with a lot of black kids and one thing i can say is their was pleeeenty of racism shot my way. when i was in ELEMENTARY school i remember walking down the hall and getting punched in the face by a black kid i DIDNT EVEN KNOW!!! i didnt know why! because i wasnt racist i started to understand alot of black kids in the school were brought up with their parents hating white people so they did too! i just tried to survive school back then. then we moved into a mostly white neighborhood and i didnt have to worry about getting beat down for nothing anymore. but that stuff doesnt matter we should rally around these jena 6 because somebody MIGHT have said something racial towards them….the system sucks we all know that but dont make these kids heroes…

  25. yulmeka says :

    free the jena 6

  26. yulmeka says :

    i love the jena and i want ny people to be free cause it not rigth to trat the balck people like that we are just like the whites

  27. Vinay Katari says :

    We, as minorities, need to stand up to this type of discrimination!!

  28. berna dean says :

    First off,most school fights don’t make it to a court room, they are handled on campus and most times students are suspended or expelled, end of story. In a segregated courtroom to begin with you can expect nothing, racial things such as burning crosses as well as noose hanging should be a crime in this day because of pass indications of hate and murder commited by whites, why was this not addressed? 22 years is unheard of for any fist fight or like.Gov Blanco, forget her what is Bush saying or doing, why are we in any country fighting TERRORISM, when rigt here in the “United States, oh I’m sorry we are not United are we? Oh well, Bush s/b fighting RACISM, I pray people wake up and smell the Jesus we all need, so we can love and not hate. God bless.

  29. christian says :

    ok i dont know what school you went to berna dean, but school fights can definetely go to court. i graduated high school 11 years ago and ive seen kids get arrested for fighting. and stooooooop with this idea that whites are just this evil force holding black people back! people have been persecuted and enslaved and rose above it. jews were enslaved for generations in egypt and massacred my the nazis in germany now look at them. irish were slaves to english rule for huuundreds of years. this idea that the world is just going to feel bad and give the black community something for their past persecution is crazy. life is hard as hell. and if you tell me that black neighborhoods are bad because of white people ill tell you to open your eyes. this isnt a racist rant this is true. i go into the south bronx and there are 7 yr old kids outside in the streets at 2 am!! people are getting killed everyday from drugs and violence in these neighborhoods every day. and you want to know why there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY….its always somebody elses fault!!! and im reading this story about how the black kids were protesting their rights and then it goes to saying the DA said he could take away their rights with a stroke of a pen. as if they were sitting their protesting and he showed up and said that. i have a feeling that little part was taken out of context. not because i am white, but because logically the story has a few wholes. like for instance it says their was ongoing fights between black and whites, then why was there only one injury? one white kid went to the hospital…….the kid that is being accused has a history of assault now i dont know about you but when i was in high it was normal to have 5 counts of assaults against fellow students. and if there was then that student wasnt exactly a shining example of RIGHT. but all it says in these articals is that he was a “football star”…come on..i would like to know the real story. im not saying people are racists but these kids ARE NOT HEROES@!!!!

  30. christian says :

    i meant “im not saying people ARENT racists”

  31. christian says :

    “America can see every other country’s faults, but not its own. You wonder why so many countries hate America, well it’s not because of African Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!! I those judges and folks in Jena relics from the anbtebellum South. I am the woamn in the Bible, and am asking God to vendicate all of the racism. God’s judgement will not always be quiet! Look at what’s happening to the climate!!!!!! God is giving America (caucasians) a space and time to repent.

    Comment by Anonymous — September 19, 2007 ”

    that was one of the most ridiculous comments ive read today…take your head out of your ass.. i suppose katrina was SUPPOSED to hit the caucasions but missed and hit blacks???

  32. Shirley Holland says :

    What’s up….

  33. jena native says :

    You guys need to get your facts straight. The best defense M.Bell has is to scream racism. He knows he beat this boy. His family and all the others know they beat this boy. Yes, a noose is a ridiculous thing for a prank and those who did this should be expelled. But kicking someone in the head is ATTEMPTED MURDER! The media is listening only to one side of the story, not the true facts. There are many many wonderful people in Jena and I am proud to be from there. There are always a few idiots in every neighborhood, and this has tainted a beautiful little town. White’s and blacks have lived peacefully here for years.

  34. R. L. Berry says :

    The treatment of the Jena 6, sadly, ids not any different from most small southern towns. Hopefully the attention that this case brings will open the eyes of America to the daily injustice that still exist. I’m hopeful that the kids will recieve justice and be allowed to continue their highschool life with no repercussions. But unless something is done about the school officials, police and justice system in this town and other towns in the south, this will not change what happens to young blacks. America must deal with the sickness as well as the symptoms

  35. says :

    wakeup whites this is 2007. we would not have this problem if you whites had not taught your children to be racists. we are not going to take it anymore. why is it that black and whites get along find in the north but the south is still angry about the civil war. get over it. we won.

  36. Lady G says :

    They need to pass a bill on racism. For it to stop(especially on us blacks), they are slowly bringing slavery back if you really look at the world carefully (open your eyes and take a real close look). Changes have been made but carefully look at those changes.

  37. Lady G says :

    I can remember when a white teacher told me when I was young in the late 60’s or 70’s when she asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told her a fireman. She told me that I had to be something like my mother who didn’t work and stayed at home. Sorry to say that I didn’t persue it. But I did become me. I tell my kids/grandkids to be who they want to be and don’t let noone tell you different. I’ve listened to plenty of old stories my grandmother used to tell us about her time and today’s time has and hasn’t changed much. 20 yrs is too harsh for a young black kid that was at least going to school and not hanging in the street. I’ve been told that the white kid was the one who started the whole thing outside the school and done the nooses in the tree. He knew that would start something up. But I guess he didn’t count on his butt being beat also. For the judge to make up such a charge does anyone now if he/she belongs to the KKK?
    Someone mentioned Bush, He doesn’t have time for that and would give a sorry speech for the media about it and brush it under the rug. He needs to get that bill together for no terrorism/no racism.

  38. Lady G says :

    I’ve heard that Jena is brushing under the rug about another incident that happened to one black kid and four to six other white kids that beat the black kid and nothing happened to them.

  39. jason kull says :

    so 6 people beating on 1 indiviual is ok, huh? just like vick killing dogs is not that bad, and pacman jones is being picked on. wow really showing the world, the country, and the history books something. charges dropped, are you insane? they beat a kid, you’re a jerk.

  40. Thomas says :

    We should all be kind and not hurt Gods creatures great and small.

  41. Anonymous says :

    this story proves that even in 2007, racism still does exist. It is sad.

  42. Anonymous says :

    This Christian person who keeps writing comments has a MAJOR problem. Your comments cannot hide the fact you are a bigot!

  43. Anonymous says :

    I was not raised to be a racist, however I feel that time and society is turning me into one. When did it become ok for 6 people to jump one person? I realize that hanging nooses from a tree is WRONG, but was anyone attacked? If the laws in Jena prevented the District Attny from making a case maybe the laws need to be addressed and changes made. And the last time I checked we had somethng called freedom of speach.. I this boy was making racial comments go to the authorities, ganging up on someone and beating them cause you dont like what they say .. 6 to 1 is wrong.. If it were reversed would be hearing all about it even more than what we are hearing now.. My daughter came home from school one day and asked me what it means to be “snuffed out” I asked her to explain the context in which it was used, she said the bus broke down and the kids from it had to ride there bus and that a black girl on that bus was mad that she had to ride with “these white cracker hicks and that she would like to snuff them out” my child had never been exposed to racisism till that day..and she was at the hands of a black child.. Had my child been the one to make such remarks we would probable be having a rally in my small town, wake up people we are all different it is what we do with these difference that make us who we are..

  44. Anonymous says :

    Nothing about the situation in Jena is right; from the hanging of the nooses, to the subsequent fights. Six attacking one for whatever reason is wrong. The sentences for the attack is extreme. Murders and child molestors receive less time. ALL involved from the beginning should be punished for their actions. The DA needs to uphold the law; no rewrite it to taylor his own personal interest. Also, what happened in the situation where a black student was beat up by four white students. Four attacking one is just as wrong.

  45. Jennifer says :

    The facts seem to escape certain posts I am reading. WHAT about the teenager who is white, that pulled a shotgun on the black teens, and when they got they gun away from him, they were charged with theft of a weapon? WOW, white people look at this case with one shade of glasses, WHITE. OH, by the way, I am white. I don’t get it at all. Justice is FAIR punishment for all involved, regardless of race. Justice for the Jena 6 would not happen unless this march was taking place. Period.

  46. Anonymous says :

    This is Wrong. Regardless of the excuse used; a race, hate crime, is still a crime. double standard? Yes. If it was 6 white kids on 1 black, everyone would be yelling for a max sentence. As wrong as whites were; it’s still no excuse for a gang, racist, assault. Why don’t the supporters of the 6, just put on hoods, and call themselves the African KKK. When will people, other than whites, be held accountable for their racisum

  47. Anonymous says :

    You won’t see Al and friends, sticking up for white kids, like this. Both sides, are shoveling racist bull; by the truck load. Both sides are being racist, and wrong. This doesn’t give the 6, the right to take the law into thier own hands, or people like Sharpton, to explote for publisity. To be for or against, based on race, is racist. Al, Jessie; ETC.

  48. Anonymous says :

    well well my lil droogies here we are again at the race table yes the persons who hung the nooses were wrong however the jena 6 made the choice of using violence instead of using the poper channels of greivence this makes the jena 6 criminals and they should be held responsible for their racial and criminal crimes all to often whites are accused of race crimes while blacks are just as guilty but always hide behind the we shall over come race card well this time the blacks are wrong and should be held accountable for their criminal acts the black and liberial community will just have to wake up and realize the jena 6 were wrong to provoke and commit violence the only answer is to put all 6 in jail to show that their violent black behavior will not be tolerated just as violent white behavior will not be tolerated its the law of the land justice for all the injustice would be to let the 6 get away with violent assualt all 7 should we put in jail the hanging of nooses to install fear in a public place is against fereral racisim laws it is considered the calling card of the kkk and it should be acted on it should read the jena 7 and all seven should be kicked out of society after all arent we all soupose to be against both sides of this stupid choice of human behavior well the fact is blacks are just as racist as the whites both sides werte wrong again hold all 7 accountable

  49. Anonymous says :

    I am a 31 year old educated black female. I grew up in the South and currently live in WV. As a teenager I recall getting suspended a couple of times for fighting in highschool. As an adult and parent I now realize the stupidity of those fights. I also tell my child never to hit or touch anyone out of anger. She knows that she is only to hit somone in self-defense and as a last option. I do not believe the Jena 6 are innocent. I do not believe the students who hung the nooses are innocent. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we as people took responsibility for our actions. Yes the 6 should be punished. But what will 20 years in prinson do other than take away the lives of 6 boys. Boys!!! I could not imagine going to jail for 20 years because I reacted as a child in highschool and used bad judgement. If I had of gone to jail I would still be there. I wouldn’t have gone to college and on to get my PhD. If these boys do go to jail all that will happen is the taxpayers will be responsible for paying the bills for these 6 as they spend time in prison. Afterwards there will be 6 more uneducated ex-convicts in the USA. Are you telling me there are no other punishments that would be better for these individuals than serving years in jail. I think Jena, LA, and everyone in the USA would benefits from some race relation classes. Some things are just common sense. Wrong is wrong no matter what color it is.

  50. Anonymous says :

    This is the shizzle!!!! You MFs are really turning this into the country we have hoped for. I have a dream, that I can leagaly shoot any racist whitey for looking at me cross-eyed.
    We shouldn’t kill them though, we need them to keep working and paying the taxes that provide food stamps and welfare checks. Speaking of which, I have lots of time on my hands and am able so let me know if I can help too.

    Sweeeeet Jesus, I love America. Let it be!!!!

  51. Thomas says :

    Whoa, my cat had kittens today. 2 boys 4 girls. All orange and they should be fluffy.

  52. Tamika says :

    I am black but personally think rev sharpton gives us a bad name, he needs to butt out of things that don’t concern him, God only knows what crap would be going on if it was 6 white kids beating up on one black, they would want them executed, give up with the oh woe is me , my granparents were slaves stuff, punish the six bullies them and be done with it

  53. Anonymous says :

    However you look at it, 6 on 1 is WRONG, and cowardly, no matter what was said. Unfortunately, I used to see a lot of this when I lived in Cleveland. These guys should be severly punished. If that was my kid those cowards beat, those nooses would have their NECKS in them one night.

    We gave you your freedom, beyond that, we owe you NOTHING. As Bill Cosby said, it’s your own fault black people/culture is circling the toilet.

  54. Boris Doom says :

    We give you money for sitting on your asses, we pay you to have kids, we give you jobs because of your color, but it is still not enough. Blacks are 12% of the population but commit 50% of the crime. If America is so bad, why don’t you all move to Africa?

  55. Anonymous says :

    As a juvenile I did 6 months in a facility. I can vouch for how vastly over-represented in the prison population, based on their actual percentage of US population, blacks are. Here’s another sobering stat: 30% of homicides are perpatrated by teenage black males. Look at the violence rampant in every black-run country on Earth, and the human-rights violations going on there. Can’t blame whitey for that now can you? Think there’s not a problem with violence there?

  56. Anonymous says :

    free the jena 6

  57. Anonymous says :

    I understand what happened in the 60’s was long over due and should by all means happened sooner. This is not the same case. The “white” people should not have done what they did, but 6 people beating on someone until they are knocked out is wrong, I do not care what color you are. If white people are the only ones that are racist, why in your basic run down, did you say that people were white so many times. I have a hard time understanding why it is ok for you use the word “white” in a bad way but it is not ok the other way around. Racist and racist remarks run both ways. I have always and will continue to pray for all American’s that we all stand up against all crime from all races. I am just a plain American and I am not defined by my color.

  58. Anonymous says :

    Its appaling that the white kids who beat up a black kid weren’t charged and its even worse that a white kid can pull a gun on someone and have no consequences but I just don’t see how setting these 6 kids free when they beat a kid unconscious is a good thing. This shouldn’t be about freeing the Jena six but should be about prosecuting ALL the crimes that were commited rather than only one.

  59. Anonymous says :

    Everyone is picking up on the second half of this story what about the fight at the party when a black young male was hit with a bottle and beat and the convience store insident with the riffle no one is picking up on this. In St. Louis the local news are showing the victum that was in the fight at the school no one is talking about the insident that led to the school yard fight. I strongly believe that this was a racist factor.
    This is going back to the Dred Scott days in which blacks were treated as property and not citizens of the US that they help built.
    And the other thing the prank which led to supension but it was in school supension. You should look at the intire story before making a judgement or statement in referemce to this story.

  60. Anonymous says :

    Dennis Kucinich participated in a march in his hometown of Cleveland on the 18th…see article below.

    Interesting how the best candidates, the ones who seem to actually care, never get airplay in the main stream media.

  61. Jeff says :

    This figures…a group of blacks committing a henious crime,and when it’s time for their punishment…all the civil rights folks come running. By hanging the nooses from the tree,those did NOT committ any crime…yes,what they did was used very poor judgement. They should have and DID receive punishment from the school. What the “Jena 6” did in retaliation was in fact a CRIME and they should be punished accordingly.

    If the Jena 6 wanted to get back at the other kids they have cut the tree down….they may have gotten in some school trouble for that,but they wouldnt be facing years in prison. Instead they did what blacks all over the country do..they resorted to violence. Stop whining about unfair treatment,they committed a violent crime and should go to prison.

    As for the Bell kid,this is at least the third time that he has gotten in trouble for a violent act…yes,let him sit in jail for years to come,he’s a thug and that won’t change over night. Him still sitting in jail is not racially motivated,it’s motivated by the fact that he is a repeat offender and should be treated as such.

    Maybe before the next time a group of these thugs attack someone,they can get some tips from O.J. on how to get off the hook after committing a violent crime.

  62. Anonymous says :

    hello dear

    how are you

  63. Anonymous says :

    None of these boys have any idea what the race situation was during slavery days.
    They are listening to the hate-filled-sayings of their parents.
    They should all have their mouths washed out with lye soap and their parents sent to anti hate schools

  64. Randy S says :

    For those who cite the underreported incidents of whites acting out racists behavior ( such as the shotgun incident), what is it that you are asking? You seem to be saying rather than these acts should ALSO be prosecuted(and they should if laws were broken), that this somehow justifies the acts of the Jena 6 and their crimes should be ALSO IGNORED. To what end would this lead us? An open season for racial warfare?

  65. Anonymous says :

    The politically correct motivated pinheads preach and preach that race does not matter.

    Intergrate, dumb down, and tolerate ghetto culture or wear the badge of racism and humiliation.

    Black Power is justified and honorable.
    White Power is evil racism.

    A black beats a white to near death and thousands of blacks march, demonstrate and protest the attempted murder charge by the district attorney.

    It is obvious to me that if you are black then race does matter. Damn the white kid that nearly got killed but uplift and praise the black that nearly beat him to death.

    The nooses hanging in the tree was in extremely poor taste, but no one attacked the blacks and nearly killed them.

    The double standard here is so obvious.
    Tolerance and multiculturalism are a perverted twisted one way street at the expense of white American culture and heritage.

    “Welcome to the new America where thugs and gang bangers are the new heroes and the white middle class are the villains”

  66. ms.tweety says :

    I don’t think this is fair they’re putting our kind in jail because they were trying to get back even with the guy who pulled the gun out on them. He should have been put in jail because he pulled the guh out on them. What did he get charged for nothing.

  67. Anonymous says :

    That was not right at all what those people did by hanging those nooses from that tree. Now THAT is racis!!!!!!!!! If they didnt do that they wouldnt have to worry about the black people bothering them at all. That just let you know that Cacasion people are still racis, and cant stand black people. Just know black people are going to stand for their rights, and never going to let those WHITE CRACKERS take over us again!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Randy S says :

    The last 2 posts are disturbing. Can you justifiably “GET BACK AT” a white who performed a reprehensible act by indiscriminately beating another white?

    “Caucasian people are still racists” a blanket statement about all people of a particular race is the definition of what “racism” is.

    Why is it acceptable to use a term like “WHITE CRACKER” and then scream to the top of your lungs that a reprehensible term like the N word is unacceptable?

    Look at yourselves for God’s sake!

  69. Anonymous says :

    hanging 3 nooses from that tree is a hate crime. At the very least they (the whites) should have been charged with a hate crime or inciting a riotous act. How dare you say nothing was done criminally!!! How much research do you think they put into that if the DA could find nothing to charge them with. I with no legal training know that. However there are several lesser charges they could have charged these high school kids with like assualt, maiming,battery…but not attempted murder.

  70. Anonymous says :

    it’s interesting you capitalize “black” when used in regard to the black students, yet use lower case for “white” when used in regarding the white students. hmmm, now, just who is prejudiced here? i wasn’t there, and neither were you, yet you automatically assume all the whites involved in this incident are acting purely in a racist response, while the blacks are all innoent “victims”?

  71. nou vang says :

    I thnk they should free the jena 6 because they have no right.

  72. Anonymous says :

    What I find is a lack of empathy which means to put/place yourself in someone else shoes. to feel someone else pain or situation. We have to understand a lot of caucasions are used to getting the benefit of the doubt and not looked upon as criminal in nature, therefore they get a way with much more. On the other hand blacks are automatically assumed guilty whether we did something or not. It has been historically recognized that hey maybe they did or will do something eventually that will justify the treatment we receive. We can only fight this thing one situation at a time. We will no longer accept being treated like this. However I would like to know where was the principal, teachers etc., when all this was going on? You can’t tell me amidst all this drama they didn’t know what was going on?

  73. Randy S says :

    I agree with the comment posted at 6:27 with a reservation,

    First, hate crimes by definition are a part of federal law and the DA can only charge for violations of state law. The US Attorney for that district must act on federal violations and there is nothing to stop them from doing so if the evidence warrants it.

    It does seem conceivable to me that a 6 on 1 assault that includes kicking or stomping after the victim is unconscious could be reasonably construed as an attempt to kill, IF that’s what happened.

  74. Anonymous says :

    Governor Blanco dropping all charges would be absurd. These 6 boys did commit a crime & should pay the price. How is letting some criminals go unpunished fixing any problem? I agree that the white boys who committed crimes should be punished too. But how could any reasonable person believe it is ok to continually kick a person in the head after he is unconscious?

  75. Theman says :

    WHY!! because its 6 on 1 fool!!!! BLACK guys do this stuff everyday in every city in this country!!! They KILL , RAPE , ATTACK why is this any different??? The fear you get when you see a cop behind you if the same fear WHITES feel when they are being attacked by 6 to 10 blacks for no reason.. Blacks have screwed themselves for years and will continue to do so,the only problem is you WON’T have the guilt riddin WHITE people to cry to anymore!!! Build more prisons now.

  76. Randy S says :

    To the post at 6:38. You have reasonably put your finger on one of the issues. If there are still pockets in this country where hanging nooses in a direct reference to black lynchings can go unaddressed, a response by all people of good will is required and pressure should be brought to bear to see that it cannot continue.

    The second issue is just what responses are acceptable and what are not. If violence of the kind described by the accounts received is allowed to be a justifiable response, then it will beget more retaliatory violence and all will be lost. The only people being served will be those who would advocate a race war.

    Empathy for all concerned is an honorable goal, but tolerance of the intolerable will serve no-one. I say do not tolerate the nooses and do not tolerate the violence. Rule of law for all colors.

  77. j dawg says :

    oh just tell them to be good boys and let them go….yeah thats the answer

  78. steve h says :

    at least this gives jessie jackson and al sharpton something to do. two of our finest black americans

  79. Santania Milner says :

    My comment on the Jena 6 is that I dont think it’s fair to the African American male’s for beatin up the white male to get held in prison, reason why is because they felt offended by the tree and what the tree meant to all Black people which was no blacks allowed so no i dont think that they should get 22yrs in prison, should they get punish YES but so should every white male/female that ever set up under the tree and we as people should know that is not right to do any race like that Black,white,red,yellow it shouldnt be accepted. so hopefully the people could find it in their heart’s to find a new punishment let the non-sense go.

  80. Anonymous says :

    Yeah that’s like charging O.J> with kidnapping..Yet the D.A in West virginia is undecided about the charges against the people who kidnapped the black girl there. They kidnapped, raped, sodomized..made her eat rat and dog feces and she was missing for days before they stumbled upon her. The police knocked at the door asked them if they’d seen her. They said no! The cop turned to leave. If that was a black man they would have thought up some reason to access that property. I don’t necessarily dislike dogs. I think it was wrong what michael Vick did. However when you can treat human beings this way or think less of them than you do a dog. All your arguments just went out the window. I am no longer listening. God made the human above all other animal, creature and being. How can you treat a dog better than the thoughts we take around about other people and races! I look at PETA and laugh..a few months ago 2 of their employees were caught and arrested for disposing of dog carcasses in a dumpster in VA BCH virginia. Yet they can criticize Mike Vick. That was never a by line in any newspaper. “PETA ACCUSED of CRUELTY to animals, taunts Vick! Hey same crime right?

  81. Anonymous says :

    Yes, that’s my point. That would have involved the FBI. Thay can charge them with a federal charge AS A HATE CRIME WHICH IF CONVICTED CARRIES MORE TIME THAN POSSIBLY THE BLACK KID RECEIVED. thay just have to go up a level. SEE this district attorney said they are in high school just kids (concerning noose)but we have to consider the black kids adults when this guy incited a riotous act by hanging a noose and getting his a@@ BEAT.

  82. Randy S says :

    There may be a point to be made regarding the criminal justice system being unfairly biased against blacks, but choosing OJ Simpson and Michael Vick as examples of this is hardly convincing.

    OJ may be an example against your point and Vick is only living with the consequences of his own poor decisions.

    I’m afraid that such arguments can only set back the cause of striving to eliminate racism from the process of justice.

  83. Anonymous says :

    I just don’t understand how anyone with any common sense could say these 6 criminals should not be held in prison. Notice I don’t say black or white, I call them what they are, violent criminals. I also want to know how all these black people from all over the country can get all this time off work to go to Jena to support 6 criminals. I have never been a follower of Al Sharpton, but what is his job, that he never seems to have to work?

  84. Anonymous says :

    WOW Randy S., I thought we were there. I in no way condone 6 on 1. That is outrageous. However, I do not suggest throwing the baby out with the bath water. That’s what you get when you do too much or not enough in a situation. They all need to be punished. How about with race and diversity training thrown in and a healthy dose of community probation.

  85. Randy S says :

    Am I missing something here? Was the victim of the beating found to be a kid responsible for the nooses? The accounts I have read seem to make it clear that he was not one of the people responsible for hanging the nooses.

  86. Anonymous says :

    “Whitey” here, and may I speak from the perspective of what I believe is the majority of white Americans…and that is in favor of racial equality and harmony.

    I’ve done my best to research the Jena 6 story as everyone should do before jumping to conclusions. Be warned that this is not easy to do as the journalism is heavily biased both ways. My verdict: the Jena 6 were prosecuted more harshly than whites in incidences related to their crime. HOWEVER, they did commit a crime and deserved punishment. Simple battery would probably have been appropriate. Before you brand the town as racist please consider that the facts seem to indicate an escalation of enforcement and punishment by officials in response to an escalation of violence. The DA and school officials made mistakes, but they appear to be trying to defuse the situation rather than conspiring to railroad the black students.

    I offer for your consideration as I don’t know all the facts:
    The White Tree. Wrong if it was believed to be for whites. But did the black students come to the tree peacefully or in a confrontational way?

    The nooses. Definite racial overtones. Question: was it incited by things the black students may have said when confronting students at the tree? Is there a LA law against it? The guilty students were suspended although the principal wanted to expel the guilty students. So there was support for stronger punishment.

    Prior to the Jena 6 fight, black student Bailey was hit with a bottle at a school dance by a white student. The white student was arrested and convicted of simple battery, given probation. Note that some reports say that Bailey was “beaten” and that nothing was done.

    All White Conspiracy. Witnesses were “all white school administration” “mostly white students” Jury and judge were “all white.” Is it not a stereotype to assume that because everyone was white that everyone is a racist? 12% of Jena is black. 82% is white. 150 jurors were randomly selected by computer and called for duty, only 50 showed. The 50 that showed were all white.

  87. Anonymous says :

    your opening statements, “all white jury,all white prosecttor,all white judge, trying to make a decision on a all white victom. arent there any educated blacks in this area? guess not

  88. Miss.Snoopy says :

    This is wrong. I’m 14 years old, and seeing this shocks me. It’s like the clock is being turned back on my rights. And frankly, I hope it won’t go back any farther.

  89. Tina says :

    Yes, in response to THE MAN I’m not a coward and do not hide behind anonymous postings and fake names. I really do not respect those who do, such as yourself. I can tell by your comments that it is laced with racism and it sounds as if you may even have a little white sheet in your closet, however let me just school you on the issues here. Number one there is no one advocating violence or saying turn your head the other way. it’s for equal justice for the same crimes commited agaist blacks as the blacks have commited this racist animal. He opened his mouth mocking the young man for getting beat up by an adult at a party the night before, because usually that’s the way your kind do it and always have operated in the night several on one. So now that that the shoe is on the other foot or in this case head, you want to cry. well I just want to say SHUT YOUR WHITE PIE HOLE UP!

    He actually got just what he deserved, he started something that he couldn’t finish, bet he won’t do that one again, and it should definitely serve as an example to anyone else that want to step up and get that same kind of beat down. For one I’m happy that black people are standing up for themselves, and it also seems that you are quite jealous of the fact that he has this kind of support, well too bad yes we will unite and we will not stand for anyone to just roll over on our kid’s especially when they were provoked. Yes, we were fifty thousand strong and will continue to be. Excuse me I don’t hear, so if you don’t like it, why don’t you go back where you came from, hello can you tell me where that is? Since you want to talk about gangs and thugs, you people, who stole land and raped and pilliaged a people who were here before you. You all are thieves, rapists, and ingrates it was the Indian, the true Americans who taught you how to cultivate the ground. And yet, you turned right around and killed them and ran this great people off. You did the same to the Africans, so in light of what Malcolm X has so skillfully stated, maybe IT IS the chickens coming home to roost. Seems everywhere you have gone destruction followed, you are naturally an evil people. Face it! So I laugh at you, trying to be self-righteous, speak on your hateful acts.

  90. Randy S says :

    Jeez Tina,

    “Naturally an evil people”?

    If your position is one that racial hatred is a bad thing, don’t you think this is gasoline on the fire?

    Everybody take a deep breath, chill, and continue to focus reason on an unreasonable situation so that it might be corrected for the good of all future generations -of all colors!

  91. Anonymous says :

    hay tina if the “white man” hadnt taken over, the indians would still be living in teepes, and there wouldnt be any slaves, they would still be in jungle hunting with sticks

  92. Randy S says :

    When emotions are running high, it’s easy to lose sight of the goal. In my mind the best goal is to identify and address what is going wrong in Jena, Louisiana at its root cause.

    In the interest of this when I see a post that is hateful, glorifies ignorance, or is just plain non-productive I ignore it. I try to contribute to a dialogue of those remaining who are also trying to bring reason and dialoge to combat hatred.

    Some posts are just not worthy of my emotion or my time.

  93. Tina says :

    Yes, Randy I apologize to you, if that seems too harsh or if I have offended you in anyway, because believe it or not I really wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone. I do see though how passionate these issues are to my heart, because sometimes it seems that taking the fair approach gets you nowhere, and I do hate the fact that people will use these blogs to make comments about an issue
    without actually considering the fairness of the situation whether black, white, red, or yellow. So what would help everyone to understand the issue, is to think to yourself what if this was my son, nephew, or brother. Would I still believe building more prisons is the answer, especially if not all facts are known? I do know that there are good white people who layed down their life for this very cause, and I DO APPLAUD THEM!

  94. Randy S says :


    You go girl! Yes, it does take tremendous strength to break the cycle of hatred once begun. This is why we shouldn’t be alone, as individuals or as races in the cause.

    You are the example, it can be done.

  95. Tina says :

    You are right Randy, and thanks for bringing me back to reality on that issue, because before I just read your post, I started to respond to another ignorant post again by some anonymous fool. So I’ve been shown and told that it really isn’t the more intelligent white folks that make these ignorant comments. It’s usually the those with low self-esteem, and uneducated ones that try to lift themselves up by putting others down, because they are low achievers.
    So they feel the need to hide behind anonymous posts so I won’t give anymore attention to those words I’ll just chalk it up to ignorance keep moving.
    So, again I thank you my smart white brother.

  96. Randy S says :

    My feet are made of clay too. I need my sisters like you to stay strong. We all do.

    You rock!

  97. Anonymous says :

    Hey Tina, these things you claim happened hundreds of years ago. Get over it. Fact, the black American has a greater opportunity to be anything they truly want and WORK (a concept foreign to most of you) for in this country than anywhere else in the world. Those that suffered hundreds of years ago as slaves were first taken into slavery by BLACKs, then sold to whites. Because of their suffering, you have the chance they never did. don’t squander it. Also, as I stated before, look at how your own people treat your own people. That part of the world, run by blacks, is an absolute sh!thole where unspeakable atrocities are, have always, and WILL always be perpatrated as black-on-black violence. Look at all the B-on-B violence here. Look at the majority of prison populations. And don’t give me that crap about cops just strolling down the street and throwing blacks in prison. There may be some rare instances of that, but white (or brown, or yellow) people get that too. Look at the areas of greatest crime, and look at the racial demographic. See anything disturbing? Oh that’s right, everything is all whitey’s fault. As long as you think that, you’re part of the problem, and not the solution. THAT is the reason some whites hate blacks. Oh, and by the way, when was the last time 2 white rock stars shot each other like 6-Pac and that fat guy Smalls or whatever? Answer: NONE. I saw that 6-on-1 mentality by the black when I did my stint, was a victim of it, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

    As much as they hate this “racist” country, every angry black I offered a free one-way ticket to Darfur or similar area to, they refused. Imagine that…..

    As I said, those 6 CRIMINALS need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. If that was my kid beaten, there’d be 6 nooses hanging from that tree…….with their 6 necks in them.

  98. Tina says :

    By the way Randy, what ended up happening with the assault on the young man, was this, it was not related to the tree incident directly just a series of events that happened to take place after the noose incident, some friends invited Robert Bailey Jr. one of the Jena 6 to a party upon arriving, a white woman stopped him at the door and said without an invitation he could not enter, a white man stepped in front of the woman and started an argument with the teen the female then asked both to leave the premises once outside they argued. the white male(who was a grown man) assaulted the teen by busting him in the head with a bottle. This had taken place on a Friday night once the students returned to school because the victim knew of the assault on the minor he poked fun at him and then shouted racial slurs which sparked the fight. In this instance, it was provoked and I do agree that there should be some form of punishment, but I also feel that just like there are actions that one can take to spark a riot this would also fall into that category. If it is fair to say kid’s will be kid’s, this may be true and maybe everyone including us, as adults may need to have an open forum to understand each other and try to heal these kid’s because none of us are immortal. There will come a day when they will have to stand on their own can we really trust our kid’s to that now? And for the people who are intolerant of other races, the Spanish population is growing more than any other race and my personal contribution to get to know them is to learn their language, there’s nothing wrong with that, I like a melting pot. People of color are no longer a minorty. It’s just a term now used to define a persons color, because in numbers there are far more non-white residents here. So we will have to learn how to get along.

  99. Randy S says :

    Tries the patience sometimes doesn’t it?

  100. Tina says :

    Yes sir but I feel better now, and when I read posts now, I really kind of see that people who do make the negative comments are a product of a dying society and they really are afraid because they don’t have that power that was once so prevalent here in the USA and keeping things on a positive note I’m rather happy that they keep themselves hidden, because on the upside of it, I’ve never even seen a klan rally turn out so many people. So to see people come together quickly for a positive cause was wonderful! I see now, just how ignorant and afraid that old dead society is.

    Lots of Love,

  101. Randy S says :

    Thanks for the update Tina,

    The fellow who did the assault with a bottle got a slap on the wrist?

    Attention must be focused on the court, Jena seems to be a perfect example of retaliatory violence and escalation due to the failure of equal rule of law.

    It seems as if elements within the school have been trying to do the right thing, but it’s highly questionable if the DA, Judge, etc. in this Jurisdiction have.

    It can’t get better until the violence on both sides stops (hopefully has).

  102. Tina says :

    Yes Randy, actually for the assault of an adult on a minor he recieved probation not one day in jail. In the Jena 6 situation the DA said the. The tennis shoe was a deadly weapon, and that argument was presented in order to be able to charge the youths with a crime that would carry longer more severe sentences. In this situation I thought that the bottle would be considered a deadly weapon in the way in which was used I know of two people that have actually died from the injuries that resulted from being struck in the head by a bottle. So there are a number of charges that could have been filed in tthat case child abuse being one, because remember I said this was an adult who assaulted 17 year old

  103. Jessika says :

    Anonymous, I read your comment about if that was your kid you would have 6 nooses hanging in a tree and there necks in them… are serious right now? you are one of the million reason the world is fd up like it is…hanging nooses is like someone smacking your mom in the face.. that is DISRESPECTFUL RIGHT?

  104. SEANNYA says :

    Its time to stand up and get justice for these children… they do need to be punished.. but the system is taking it to the extremes… OUTRAGEOUS BONDS??? EXTREME SENTENCES??? they are not murders! WE NEED TO voice this concern, we have lost so many innocent people to the system… how many are behind bars right now serving sentences for petty crimes such as this one?


    Come on ya’ll lets stop pointing fingers at each other and fight to be heard…

  105. Anonymous says :

    whats with all the MLK quotes, he’s dead stop living in the past. start quoting jessie jackson !!

  106. Anonymous says :

    thata what i thought there arent any

  107. Anonymous says :

    change the site fron jena 6 to jena side

  108. Anonymous says :

    This has set race relations back 50 years.
    Using racist acts by whites, to condon racist acts by blacks; only proves both race’s can be bigots and racists. What ever the excuse, asault is asault; and coupled with racism; is a hate crime.
    Thank you Jena 6, for proving how racist you can be. (Thier racist’s, think I’ll be one to; PLEASE.)
    6 to thump 1; God help you in jail.

  109. Anonymous says :


    If that was my kid, and six f-ing racist cowards beat him even AFTER he was unconscious, yeah, there’d be a necktie party with 6 guests of honor…..

  110. Mychal Bell facts of his violence says :

    Mychal Bell, a juvenile at the time of the incident, had been previously convicted of four violent crimes. Bell served probation for a battery that occurred December 25, 2005, and he was subsequently convicted of another battery charge and two charges of criminal damage to property.[22] On June 26, 2007, the first day of trial for defendant Mychal Bell, Walters agreed to reduce the charges for Bell to aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated second-degree battery.[23] A charge of aggravated battery requires the use of a “deadly weapon”. Walters thus argued that the tennis shoes that Bell was wearing and used to kick Barker with were deadly weapons, an argument with which the jury ultimately agreed. Witness accounts conflicted over whether he was involved in the attack.[24] However, court-appointed public defender Blane Williams, himself a black man, did not call a single witness in his attempt to defend Bell.[24]

    Bell faced an all-white jury. However, this did not result from the jury selection process. Instead, it resulted from an all white jury pool. The 150 people called for jury duty included black citizens, but only 50 people appeared, and none of them were black. [21] One of the jurors included a high school friend of the victim’s father.[25] The jury found Bell guilty and faced the possibility of up to 22 years in prison. The judge scheduled sentencing for September 20, 2007.

    Following the trial, Bell’s new defense attorneys, Louis Scott and Carol Powell-Lexing, requested that a new trial on the grounds that Bell should not have been tried as an adult and that the trial should have been held in another parish.[26] A request to lower Mychal Bell’s $90,000 bond was denied on August 24, 2007, due to his juvenile record.

    On September 4, 2007, a judge dismissed the conspiracy charge but let the battery conviction stand, though he agreed that Bell should have been tried as a juvenile.[27] On September 14, 2007, Louisiana’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Bell’s battery conviction ruling that he shouldn’t have been tried as an adult. Louis Scott, Bell’s attorney, has indicated that the charges are dropped for now, but also noted that the situation may change depending on what path the prosecution takes.[28] The La Salle Parish district attorney, J. Reed Walters, has said that he will appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court.[29]

    Following an order by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal,[30] a hearing was held on September 21, 2007, to determine whether to set bond for Bell.[31] The judge in the hearing denied the request for Bell to be freed while his appeal is being reviewed.[32]

  111. Natural Creole says :

    First of all, I will like to say that the negative comments people are making are ridiculous. I am a member of the NAACP and I know that we will all stand together and support our brothers and sisters in this time of trouble. We all need to realize the color of skin does not leave you exempt from Mychal Bell being your brother. God created all of us, and yes I will say, “African Americans and also other people of color struggle in this day and age every day of the week.” But close your eyes, picture Mychal Bell as being white. Would you want this to happen to your child or brother? No one should have to go through these things. NO ONE. But with me being a native Louisianan I would like to conclude with these statements. If there were anytime time in anyone’s life that you feel you had to fight for something. It would be now, and continously. We can not allow these things to keep on happening to our brothers and sisters. Where is Blanco? The question is Blanco who? I for sure won’t be voting for her if she doesn’t take the time out to feel the pain that these families and friends and the citizens of Louisiana are going through. Please everyone, find out what you can do, and then do it! Do all you can, it doesn’t matter where you are at, just help to your fullest potential!

  112. John says :

    A lot of people, especially the more racist ones, are missing the point of the outrage associated with the treatment of the Jena 6. The linch pin of the outrage is the unequal treatment not the fact that the six are being punised. Whites who set up the nooses, who pulled a gun on some blacks, who assualted a black with a bottle, etc. have gotten little or no punishment. The blacks get charged with attempted murder until the news gets out. The kid who was beaten has been accused of making racists comments prior to the beating. That’s incitment and should have been prosecuted. The judge should have continued the Jena 6 case until a more representative jury could be found or better yet, a change of venue should have been ordered. There can be little doubt of the racist power structure in Jena, La. Both the state government and the Feds need to clean it up or things will get much worse.

  113. mike says :

    black people are screwed up ! white people lets all move to a black country and see how we get treated. (dead white man) black people you are lucky to be in a white persons precence in this country. white americans believe in freedom. but most blacks are in jail not the whites ! this is great to have a blog like this. most of these problems are women who arent on birth control. these babys are the next gang bangers ! dont forget black people the mexicans and other races are passing your race so enjoy the back of the bus. blacks need an excuse all the time so they bring up the skin color issue. BE ON THE STREETS YO AND BE PLAYAS . SHIZZLE DIZZLE NIZZLE FIZZLE. KEEP BUILDING THE JAILS ! SO THE WHITES CAN THROW THOSE MONKEYS FOOD. blacks started all of this crap ! cry cry cry if something doesnt go there way so they cry out that its the color of there skin. whites and other races have finally said enough in this country. blacks are making fools of there selves.

  114. Anonymous says :

    To those who are offended by others marching for equal rights, the truth hurts. Stop complaining, fact the facts, and join the fight!!!!!!!!!

    All of this talk about 6 to 1 is ridiculous. Do you really think that in such a racially charged town that other whites would just sit there and let a white get beat???? The facts are so distorted its a shame.

    The only truth is that there is an unequal justice system exists in this country and it’s about time that a light shines on this unspoken truth. The world watched during the Hurricane Katrina tragedy and saw how Blacks and Whites are treated differently in this country. A double standard exists and a change needs to take place!!!!

    Justin Barker did not deserve to be beaten but please realize that he wasn’t innocent. He taunted the Black students for only God knows how long.

    Those who don’t see the connection between the events (nooses, blacks getting beaten and threatened with riffles and the beating of Barker please see… ) or understand why everyone is hurt and upset by the injustice that the Jena 6 faces are simply in denial of the fact that racism is alive in America; sometimes its covert and sometimes it’s overt. It’s time for a reality check.

  115. Anonymous says :

    The next time chris rock says the word “cracker” in his comedy show, me and 5 of my pals will assault him and get away with it. This is one-sided. People who support the “jena 6” are in the wrong about this. The fact is that 6 black students assaulted 1 student. Assault/battery IS a crime regardless of the motivation especially when the kid is beaten unconscious and if they get away with it, then our justice system is encouraging violence as an answer to problems. It will be a sad day for our justice system if they let them off. I am getting sick of every time a black person wants to get away with murder, they claim racism and hold marches. Its time for our justice system to have a backbone and stand up to this and say that racism is not an excuse for committing crimes.

  116. Anonymous says :

    I am fed up with blacks taking this “holier than thou” mentality. They dont want to take responsibility for their actions. They think that no one can speak bad of them, but yet they speak bad about everybody else. When are whites going to stand up and say enough is enough?? What about what happened to Don Imus? That was extreme punishment. Who do black people think they are just because they get a little insulted ,they are going to drive a grown man from his job and source of income??!! I would have went postal on somebody. And yes I know someone will say that the don imus incident is not related, but it is. Its clearly an example of how black people try to bully the system and it needs to stop.

  117. Anonymous says :

    How can white students who assaulted black students prior to this incident on TWO occasions not be prosecuted? I’m sorry, my mistake. One got probation and the other walked away because when a black student wrestled away the gun he pointed at them the black student was charged with theft. White people amaze me. They never experienced the horror of whatching their loved ones murdered and hung from trees with impunity. The symbolism of a noose is something that we will never tolerate. Especially now. The real problem is that Whites have neever been smart enough or secure enough to exist with people of color. Their only recourse is to regurgitate symbols from the past to try and insult blacks. Maybe the should examine their feelings regarding OJ Simpson and then they would begin to get an understanding of our hatred for this countries just system that allways protects whites, but subjects blacks to the harshest punsihment that can be meeted out.


  118. Anonymous says :

    have you EVER seen someone get hung from a tree anonymous. you wont tolerate a noose but its ok for your kids to idolize dryg dealers?????maybe one problem is that black people DONT VOTE!! vote for who you want in office….or just be manipulated by the thought that no one has a voice. i dont think the problem is white people not being smart i mean the fact is white people basically took over the world so dont insult their intelligence. its their ability to wipe out there competition that puts them in a position to be able to rule the black community. lets be honest people of color are the majority in the world. maybe not in america, but in the world yet for some reason the whites control the decision making process almost everywhere. you know why? the core fundamentals of white people have been shaped through strategy and education for generations and teaching their children to succeed. the oppositte is happening in black communities today. im not saying every black person is not raising their children. but lets be honest, brutally honest, blacks are not emphasizing education in their communities. you get mocked for getting a degree in these neighborhoods. their is no accountability. how can you raise your kids to take care of themselves when you continuously blame everyone else. i have seen black people sue LEFT and RIGHT in nyc to a point where it is ridiculous. their was a case in los angeles where a black crack dealer was shot to death while trying to escape the police. the man had weapons in his car and his family was actually suing. everytime a kid gets shot by the cops in the projects of nyc the parents come forward saying their kid was an honest citizen EVVERYTIME. and these kids always have a rap sheet a mile long. NO ACCOUNTABILITY. its like this BELL kid i heard a tale next to me in a restaraunt yesterday talking about how this kid was a sports star and is being held because he is black. they didnt even know the 16 yr old, thats right 16 YR OLD had 4 priors!!!! NO ACCOUNTABILITY… quick the black community is to lash out against racism but DO NOTHING about their communities FALLING APART. a few months ago i had to call a pastor who happened to be black and his ring when i called his cellphone was a 50 cent track, and i thought to myself how backwards this pastor has to be. im sure their are a few bad apples everywhere but there is something wrong when i cant walk through ANY black neighborhood at night without some level of danger involved. every color of skin has problems but its not white people that are doing it is powerful people doing it. they just happen to be white. look at mugabe, look at the middle east. absolute power corrupts no matter the color. quit complaining and change yourself and then you will change the country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Anonymous says :

    STAND UP AGAINST RACISM IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM NOT FOR THESE 6 KIDS. they did nothing right…and if your trying to tell me the black kids were being peaceful and the whites just ruined everything ill tell you that you no nothing!!!! did you see what happened when those nazis were planning to march in a black neighborhood down south last year? the blacks rioted..they didnt protest they looted and destroyed there OWN NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!! there was gang violence and the nazis DIDNT EVEN SHOW UP!!!!! this is crazy stop complaining and fix your failing communities!!!!!!

  120. Anonymous says :

    look at thet mychael bell violence post NONE OF THE BLACK PEOPLE SHOWED UP FOR JUSRY DUTY!!!!!! and then they complain that it was an all white juror….and the judge was white…im sorry i didnt know there were so many black people trying to be judges!!! this is just ironic…all complaining and no work tp change a single thing just more complaining…. thatll get you far

  121. christian says :


    you know nothing….i read your post and it is ridicuolous. study how the human mind works and youll see your mind doesnt work very well. it is very primitive actually to look back at something powerful peopl did centuries ago the same way powerful people do today i.e TAKE OVER COUNTRIES means that white people are naturally evil it just shows your stupidity and whatever age you are i hope you KEEP LEARNING and figure out how to use that thing in your head

  122. Anonymous says :

    Jena 6 is simply serving as a mirror forcing everyone to take a long hard look at the unspoken harsh realities of America. Don’t be offended at the reflection you see when you look in the Jena 6 mirror, be conscious and active. Its time for a change…

  123. Anonymous says :

    Stop blaming Jackson and Sharpton!!!! Everyone has a mind of thier own. No one has been coerced. Wrong has been done and thats why everyone is standing behind the Jena 6 and what it represents – inequality and civil rights for some. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? These kids have been convicted in the minds of America and a trial has yet to take place.

    Racism and inequality existed before Sharpton and Jackson were born and if a change isnt made itll exist once their gone!!!!

  124. Tina says :

    Christian, number one never mind my age, because evidently you are not using that thing in your head, if there is even anything in there, because you’ve obviously missed the whole point of the example, which is exactly what it was idiot! I responded to someone who posted that blacks are crying for getting what they deserve and he’s willing to provide a ticket to anyone of us who want to go back to Africa, so I responded to the reason why we beautiful people of color are here in the first place, because I’ve never lived in Africa, so yes, when I hear someone speaking negatively to me about issues such as this and slinging mud to support their racist views. I do address it, you see I’M NOT INTIMIDATED BY ANYONE!!! I don’t care how long ago it has taken place, you can still feel the effects of such tragedies. What I have found though, is speaking the truth on such issues, seem to force people to take a look at themselves in the mirror, and they become very thin skinned and bask in the glory of denial. That’s because it hurts to see yourselves in such negative light which is why I used this as an example to give right back to that person, what he was trying to give. So please read the posts that I was responding to before adding your foolish comments on my post to someone else. I did name the person, so you just jumped into something that had nothing to do with you. Oh yes, and by the way speaking of continuing an education and learning, you may just want to check your spelling of the words ridiculous and people.
    I spelled them correctly so, if you ever need a guideline to follow feel free to use mine. So, who really needs an education here?
    Maybe you should use some of the money that Boris Doom claims he gives black people to send you and Mike back to school. yes Mike, (there selves) come on now Mike, there’s no such word. The next time you want to insult a group of people, first learn your own language. The word in your sentence, should read, (themselves). Now you’ve been schooled!!!

  125. Cowtown Rebel says :

    If it were up to me, all of us real WHITE people would pack up and move someplace where there weren’t any minorities. I think it’s ironic that black people complain about the way white America treats them. But, the first thing they do, when they are able, is move to a white neighborhood. If we could just leave, that would solve all of your problems. Of course, we would take the food stamps, welfare and subsidized housing with us. Good luck trying to lay a guilt trip on the Hispanic and Asians who will soon be the majority races in this country.

    If I were to wager on the future, my money would, sad to say, be on the Asians. They are far more numerous than Hispanics. China and India both have populations of over a billion people and their children are focused on education and industry, instead of trying to be an athelete or a criminal.

    I can guarantee you this much. There won’t be any Affirmative Blacktion under their administrations. Here’s to the future!

  126. Anonymous says :

    White Lets get out of this Country and fast! If we band together and make a mass exodus we can start over fresh! This maybe the only Solution! And the whites who want to stay are free to do so. I wonder what this country would be like minus the Caucasian population?

  127. Anonymous says :

    Niggers should be shot for beating a white guy. Why did it take 6 of them.

  128. Anonymous says :

    Fuck all you niggers! Why don’t you take your black asses back to the “muthaland”; Africa. See if you last a day against the tigers and other tribes. All you fuckers do is complain about how bad it is here and you call each other nigger anyway. So, I say fuck you and your ancestors. Remember, us white folk didn’t hunt for your asses in Africa; your own people brought you here and sold you to us.

  129. Anonymous says :

    Blacks will go back to Africa when Whites go back to Europe and give this country back to the Native Americans since it belongs to them anyway. Before trying to kick someone out of a place that doesn’t belong to you, just leave your damn self dumb ass. For the other dumb ass who commented before you, unless you where there you don’t know if it took 6 of them. Six are accused, that doesn’t mean all 6 were involved. At least one claims he wasn’t even there when it took place. As usual the law used racial profiling to come up with their suspects. All you had to do to be accused was be black, but you’re too ignorant to know anything about that. By the way dumb ass, I never heard a Black person call another Black person a nigger. Blacks call each other nigga which is a different word with a different meaning. In fact it’s a term of endearment. Once again, that just goes to show how ignorant your dumb ass is. One more thing, I’m going to correct your revision of history. While it is true that some of the kingdoms of Africa sold some of the Africans in villages outside of their kingdom, the Whites also kidnapped some of those Africans in those villages so let’s not conveniently exclude that part of history dumb ass. Now how does it feel to be dumber than me (a Black man?)

  130. Tina says :

    Well cowtown rebel and the rest of the racist whites should leave, since this was never your country to claim in the first place! And by the way yes please do take the food stamps and welfare with because the majority of people using them is the poor whites, so check out those statistics. Also I do believe that a lot of bitterness from you ignorant white assholes are simple it’s jealousy, especially when when you know if do move to another country we would certainly applaud!!! but wait who would you mate with since since you only love your own race or so you claim, because once you leave you know that your sorry asses will have to leave behind your wives, daughters, aunts, girlfriends and mothers since they all seem to love that black meat so much!! yes, Ha-Ha, it hurts doesn’t it to know that your own women love the taste of a black man over YOU!!! Yes I did say taste because that’s what they’re used for and they love it. That’s why you mention sports figures as if that’s all blacks have contributed to this country, so I laugh at you I’m not even mad at you because we all know that you’re haters. And by the way you should talk about 6 0n 1 crime against this kid, since it’s been going on for years in the opposite direction, so now you cry babies are a little pissed that he finally got what he deserved, oh well that’s just too bad. You are pathetic in every sense of the word. You and your ancestors are not worth SHIT and most of you cowards hide your faces and run together several on one, so you make yourself sound stupid you even ask the question why did take 6 to beat one, it didn’t. And it don’t regardless of anything you slobs usually don’t talk mess when it is one on one, because you know that ass will get beat. To prove my point, just look at the fool who was talking about using agun to put a bullet through their head, why?Oh because you know very well that you are too weak to handle my strong black brothers one on one. You snot nosed, pasty faced, dog smelling canabals. By the way there’s never been a black (son of Sam) (Jeffrey Domer) or (Ted Bundy)so like I said, you savages have some nerves to talk, it’s because of you and those like you, that the world is so F***** up, but I’m not mad, again I just know that you’re jealous retarded jerks, who should be put to sleep like animals.

  131. Anonymous says :

    6 guys beat up 1 guy who had absolutely nothing to do with nooses in a tree. It was a Racist Hate Crime! 6 Black Young Men found 1 White young man walking home and hit him from behind renderring him unconcious. Then they jumped, kicked, and beat him to the point where he will be on disability the rest of his life. Who should pay for that? The ones who did it? All the Black men in the town? All the white men in the town? Nah my vote is on the Jena 6 who perpitrated the crime.

  132. Terence L Brown says :

    Get your facts straight. This wasn’t some white guy walking home and hit from behind. He was yelling racial slurs. One of the black kids told him “quit running your mothafukin mouth.” He kept yelling racial slurs and paid for it dearly.

  133. Cowtown Rebel says :

    Well I see I pushed somebody’s buttons. Good! I was a minority at every school I ever attended. I was called Cracker, Honkey, Peckerwood and numerous other derogatory names. I had to fight to sit on the bus. I was ganged up on several times.I never considered myself a racist during that time. But, I have since learned the importance of being one. If you look the word racist up, it refers to someone who is concerned with the well being of their own people. What are the N.A.A.C.P. and the United Negro College Fund, if not racist organizations?

    I grew up hearing about the terrible treatment the Negro had endured. What I wasn’t taught about, was the heinous crimes perpetrated by black youth on the elderly white women, who still lived in my neighborhood after all the other whites had moved away. These women, between the ages of 69 and 95, were raped, robbed, sodomized, stabbed, beaten in the head with hammers, and as an added flourish one woman had her genitals spray painted and a broom stick shoved down her throat. The elderly whites were assaulted on the streets and in their homes, sometimes in broad daylight with witnesses casually watching. These old people hadn’t insulted or assaulted anyone, they were singled out because they were WHITE and elderly. Anyone interested in learning more about this overlooked chapter in the “Civil Rights Struggle” should read: Left Behind in Rosedale by Scott Cummings, West View Press. One final word on this matter, this section of town, that for a short time was predominantly Negroid is now mostly inhabited by Hispanics. That is a National trend.

    An old man told me something a long time ago that I have always remembered. He said, “If you see a black man with a white woman, then that Negro is in bad company”. I have found this to surely be the case. We should thank you for helping us take out the trash. However, I can’t blame a black man for wanting a white woman. Black women are loud, ill mannered and, for the most part, fat and lazy. I don’t know what they have to do to straighten out that nap of pubic hair on their head. But, it sure seems most of them wish that they had hair like a white woman.

    And, yes I know that poor whites are “statistically” higher recipients of welfare. We are, after all, 60% of the population compared to your 12%. But, there is no excuse for subsidizing laziness. I hold these individuals accountable and I do not associate with such riff-raff.

    As for the Aborigines, Amerinds, Native Americans or whatever you want to call them, they were far from being a united people. It seems the same lame brained liberal folks who think of Africa in terms of a Country, instead of a Continent, are the ones who mention the American Indians in the same breath as if they were just a bunch of peace pipe smoking, nature loving, brothers from another mother. Truth is, they were quite dissimiliar. Some tribes in the east were somewhat more advanced, with semi-permanent settlements and a rudimentary knowledge of agriculture. Tribes such as the Apache and Commanche lived by a warriors creed. They took whatever they wanted, often enslaving or slaughtering other tribes. In fact, when the Commanches appeared on the Texas plains, astride their Spanish Mustangs, they forced the beleaguered Apaches to make a mutual defense treaty with the Mexicans with whom they had previously been at war. The tribe of people known as the Coahuiltecans were also known as the “Dung Eaters”. Because, the arid region of west Texas which they had been driven to by other tribes, was devoid of game and vegetation. So, they subsisted on a diet of insects, lizards, maggots and deer feces. The Sioux, when complaining about being forced onto the reservations in the Dakotas, fail to mention that they had driven the Cheyenne out of that area. Also, another little considered fact is that a bow and arrow was often a deadlier weapon than most firearms up until about 1846. An Indian warrior could typically loose about ten arrows, with greater accuracy and range, in the time it took to load and fire a muzzle loading musket once. Another virtually unknown fact is that Europeans had been furnishing Indian tribes with firearms for centuries, as items of trade and as a means to enlist them in their struggle with other European powers.

    For the record, I am not the lilly livered, yellow bellied, tail between the legs “White Boy” you remember picking on at school. I know the type. But, it would be a grave mistake to confuse me with him. I am quite capable of defending myself and more than one Negro has discovered that the hard way.

  134. Anonymous says :

    no lets not leave jessie and al sharption out of this. they are part of the cause. after all look what jessie jackson about the defence….

  135. Anonymous says :

    To Christian, from 9/19/2007, you sound like a very angry person, in need of the Saviour, like we all do and I will be praying for you as I do for all men in this world. Your school experiance was 11 years ago and I guess they did take school fights to court, but I am much older than you and in my day it was calmer and more meaningful, we had issues that were addressed as causes not personal vindictions, We are in need of a greater fear of God and not what man can do to us, which is nothing compared to what God can do to our body and soul, so calm down take a moment to think about where your soul will spend eterinty and seek the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ for mercy and guidance. May goodwill and peace come to all mankind. Love you in spite of, Berna Dean

  136. Anonymous says :

    what did jessie jackson say about the defence

  137. Anonymous says :

    he said, i paints it da same color as da house

  138. Tina says :

    Oh yes back to you cowtown ASS, if you noticed I mentioned that it’s your white women that love black men, because your not man of enough to satisfy them. By they way, isn’t is always a white women crying on national T.V about having committed crimes against her own race, even her own blood, killing her own children? You all enjoy sitting in the sun to try to make yourselves look like us, but you fail miserably, even aging at a much faster rate than any other race. You all look elderly after 20, most of your race consists of fat, stupid balding white guys and wrinkled women with sunburns flat asses. And also just to school you, the only reason that any black man look at a white women is to prove that they can have them easily, yes they are very EASY!!! and suck everything. So after our black men take them, they use them until they look old, which is about one to two years shelf life, and drop them back where they found them,Pay back for wrongs committed against and showing their fathers I alugh at you I had your slutty daughter, sister, wife, aunt and grandma. Just to show that they could snatch the worthless winches from your sorry behinds, I know your kind,and you seem to be just the nerd that had your woman taken, and with your small penises, no wonder your MAD Ha-Ha!! Yes it seems to me that you are me that you have been very shaken up by some of the things I said, but so what. I’ll make you face facts about yourself. I see you have gotten yourself messed up in school and never forgotten it, which is why you so cowardly hide behind these posts to express your anger. that’s O.K. I feel sorry for you. NOT!! Well you are a cracker, milky, pasty, and you stink!! Everyone seems to admire the body of a black man with their natural muscle definition. One to one blacks are healthier and younger looking longer than the average white. I’ve always known that whites were jealous, but you’ve proven it in everything you said and on top of that I think you fantasize about being able to defeat a black man in battle, but not in your wildest imagination could you do it so you write about what you wish you could do because youve been getting your ass beat for so long you must have suffered brain damage. You’ve made my day,thanks for that Ha-Ha-Ha, so now, you and the rest of you saltines can just go back to your trailer parks and wait for a hurricane to carry your asses away.It would be a much better world.

  139. Anonymous says :

    tina take a pill, chill out, you probibaly cant sleep at nite worying about this bullshit. its not your fault your black

  140. Joe says :

    Does any of those protesters even have a job
    the white kid cause no hamr to anyone but he was sent to the hospital and those 6 kids should be sent free because they are blck. Are you kidding me.

    If you do the crime you do the time deal with it. Since it was towards a white guy they shouldnt go to jail. A man by the name of fat Nick Got 25 years for the beating of a black male for frying to rob his car. what makes this any diffrent . oh yeaa this white kid wasnt stealing anything One last remark
    DUKE Lacrose.

  141. Tina says :

    To address you cowards number one you can’t spell I’m sure you’re the pride of your race and who wants to fuck a nigger evidently you, your fathers, grand fathers and great grands, you better check your history, oops, check the true history. The truth hurts doesn’t it? Yes, let me rub your face in it it’s your people who created a whole colony of little brown people, your forefather Thomas Jefferson and you probably would like to, but one thing, I don’t like hunkies. You poster have such bitterness in your tone I know I hit a nerve when I made you face facts concerning your women, since you like to flip the script and say you see why black guys want white women. No, baby that;s not what I said I said and it bears repeating, they LOVE the TASTE of a black man and you can’t stand it, because no one likes you, but YOU. You’re hated by all races because you want to be arrogant, but how can you, when the basic things that it take to be a man, you don’t have a dick or balls. I bet you are just the rejects of your race, ugly with red pimples all over your face.
    (the norm), so go fuck yourself, oops! I forgot it won’t reach, well I meant to say, find another child to molest
    (also the norm) or fuck your sister (also the norm) or your mother (also the norm) Hell, while you’re at it, let dad get in on it (also the norm). The saddest part of it all, is you don’t even have a place to call your own, you don’t know where you originated from, but I do, it’s called HELL!

    I’m sure you’re ugly because the few of you who do get a passing grade on looks are enjoying their life with their girlfriends or wives, at least the ones that were left over from the rejects of the black men.
    Ouch! that must really hurt. You’re the ones that were left behind feeling rejected, lonely and spiteful. You have no talent and contributed very little to the country you want to claim. You are pathetic and lazy and not attractive at all. Joke for ya, what is every white womans dream? …To have a black man, with a white man’s wallet. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha.

  142. Arnold Djondo says :

    This country still suffers from the after shocks of Jim crow. Black man after Black man is convicted of a crime they never committed. All white Jury. white judge. white f—ing prosecutor. that is no fair trial; this most hypocritical country ever. what to the tose idiots who hung the nosses. to hooligan with shotgun. THIS COUNTRY HAS NO VALUES whatsoever. and this is coming from a 12 yeqr old. this country’s got to change. Free the Jena 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Arnold Djondo says :

    I also think that the Black community as awhole african, muslim, afro american should stand up and fight instead of blaming your problems on white people. (i might sound like a hypocrite but it is true). Action speaks louder than words!
    Free Jena 6!!!

  144. Cowtown Rebel says :

    Well, well, well, yes, this is all very interesting, Tina. It’s such a shame that once again you have your facts all wrong. You obviously put a great deal of effort in deluding yourself.

    Lets’ adress these items one at a time:

    First of all, I was only defeated once by a Black Boy who was 2 years my senior and outweighed me by 40 pounds, and I was not beaten into submission. Having said that, allow me to give you a number of examples where I emerged victorious or at least fought to a draw, even when having been ganged up on. On the bus, when I began to get the better of one of your miserable kind, I would be grabbed from behind and they would attempt to hold me down. My feet however would remain free and I could use them quite effectively. There was always a couple of negroes walking off the bus holding their nuts, jaws and eyes. Then, there was the time a negro, who was also about 40 pounds heavier than me, threw me down a flight of stairs. He got to the bottom and attempted to jump on me, but, I punched him in his fat mouth, gouged him in the eyes and beat his head on the floor until I was dislodged by a group of students and teachers. I went to the principals’ office, he paid a visit to the nurse. Then, there was the time I grabbed a silly negro in a headlock and gave him noogies, before kicking the crap out of him. There was an instance, in my early twenties, where three cowardly negroes, all my size, ganged up on me. One of them grabbed me from behind and was promptly flipped over my shoulder and stomped on. A second negro came straight at me and was knocked half way across the street. At that moment, another negro came up and hit me from the side. The first, having been put out of action was gone. But the second one ran up and hit me I as turned to face the third. They began to hit me and I tripped over the curb. They kicked and stomped on me a few times. But, I managed to get back on my feet and ward them off. On another occasion, just a couple of years ago, I kicked the crap out of a negro at a Wendys fast food restaurant, he was half a foot taller than me and again outweighed me by about 40lbs. Well, I’ll have to pick up on this discussion a bit later, as something unexpected has come up. Ta Ta, for now dear.

  145. Anonymous says :

    You need to stay out of the town’s business. They don’t tell you how to raise your pregnant all the time kids or maybe they should.

  146. Terence L Brown says :

    Cowtown Rebel let me educate you on what the word racist means since you didn’t look it up before you tried to define it. A racist is an advocate of racism. Racism is

    1. The belief that members of one race are superior to members of other races

    2. The belief that members of one ethnic group are superior to members of another ethnic group.

    3. The belief that capability or behavior can be racially defined.

    4. Aggression or discriminatory behavior towards members of a certain race or races.

    5. Aggression or discriminatory behavior based upon differences in ethnicity.

    6. Ethnically or culturally discriminatory behavior exhibited by members of the racial, ethnic, or cultural group dominant within a society.

    7. The practice of asserting or assuming racially or ethnically defined cultural dominance.

    8. The perpetuation of racial, ethnic, or cultural dominance of some groups over others.

    9. Opportunity inequality resulting from preferential treatment towards others of a similar cultural background.

    10. The act of using political, judicial, civil, and educational systems to oppress one based on their ethnicity.

    So you are wrong once again. The NAACP and United Negro College Fund are none of these things and therefore NOT racist. Do your own homework before you try to have somebody look something up.

  147. Anonymous says :

    whats the mater tina child support cheque late, welfair ck didnt come in? food stamps run out

  148. Anonymous says :

    think i’ll go lay in the sun, need that tan

  149. SEANNYA says :

    Wow.. I can’t believe you guys…all of you sound rather STUPID… misspelled words… lame jokes…you all are rather IGNORANT!! This is why the country as a whole is messed up… its always turns into a black/white issue… and whos better than who.. none of ya’ll is better than another…its ashame that it has to even be taken here…this is why these children are sitting behind bars, getting murdered, kidnapped, molested, married off.. because everyone is sitting here arguing about white girls liking black guys, and welfare, and food stamps.. what does any of this have to do with Jena 6?? These kids are not in jail b/c the food stamps ran out, or white guys have small dicks, or white women liking black guys, its unjust punishment is why everyone is in an uproar

  150. Anonymous says :

    then remove tinas shit…be fair oh shes black leave that crap on….superspade

  151. Anonymous says :

    you and i both know jena 6 just gives useless worthless, unemployeed idiots something to do…do you jessie jackson is unemployeed, you assholes are paying him for nothing, reverend my ass…..

  152. Anonymous says :

    Do the crime, do the time! Proportionately, what’s the black and white population in prisons and jails? We all know the answer. Are there so many blacks in prisons and jails because they’re innocent? You’d like to free them all.

  153. Anonymous says :

    put all 6 in jail thats justice, because as they say, thats all you see in jail is just us

  154. Rocco says :

    Hi All,
    I’ve been following this case, and of course have my own opinions about it.

    However, the reason I’m commenting is that I am amazed at the racist hate for white people on this site. “Let ’em free, the cracker deserved it”, etc. Wow! Six on one, kicking in the head and left for dead… “Free the Jena 6″… I see many forms of racism in this country, coming from many places. Lately, though, it has been against white people and has been the justification of sadistic, violent, racist acts. “Kill the gringo! Kill the crackers! White people are evil and racist!” Talk about racism… However, in this forum I see how unabashed racism is propagated, mainly toward whitey, but toward others too. Yep, I’m white, so start your hatin’… Here goes…

    I think that hanging the nooses was stupid.
    I think racist gang beatings are slimy and criminal, no matter how much the gangsters were “teased”. Just cowardly. No justification whatsoever. Sorry…

    – Rocco

  155. Brandon Q. says :

    To Rocco and those that feel like Rocco,

    The supposed “racist hate for whitey” you see is really people expressing their hatred of injustice. To be sure, I am confident that Black people would have been marching in Jena had the D.A. been Black instead of White. Moreover Rocco, your being white doesn’t mean that Black people hate you. So for you to say, “Yep, I’m white, so start your hatin’,” is not only misinformed but reeks of the discourse that you supposedly disdain.

    And can I ask you a simple question? Should the white students involved in the fight against the Black student been charged with attempted second degree murder? If your answer is no, (and I hope it is) then you will understand why we are so upset at this issue. My fear is that when you see, “Free the Jena 6!” you interpret that to mean Black people don’t want to hold other Black people accountable for anything. We want justice and we want justice to be measured equally across the board, regardless of someone’s background. Rocco, was the Jena 6 not a bold example of disproportionate punishment directed towards Blacks, but not directed towards whites?

    Stay up fam,

  156. Rocco says :

    Hello Brandon,

    Thanks for the reasoned follow-up to my post.

    I am seriously trying to see your point of view, and in some part I think I can. However, the rants by Tina and her ilk is, yes, “racist hate for whitey”, pure and simple. Not everyone on the site displays this hate, but many do. There is also severe hate for blacks too…

    Now, I hear that I “reek of discourse”… Oops, I thought I used deodorant… Yep, the start your hatin’ remark was directed toward the Tina types. I’m assuming you have read that crap, what is your opinion of it? However, I apologize to the non-haters, thankfully there are still some on this site.

    I, too, hate injustice. When I see “Free the Jena 6” I see injustice. These gangsters (with priors) had no right to cold-cock the cracker and kick his face off. And then go free, to encourage other lawless acts??? Now, you mention other events, such as another fight between black and white students. Is this the party-crashing thing? Where the crashers refused to leave? Was there another incident, where six white guys ganged on a lone black guy, pummeled him unconscious and left him for dead with half a face? I don’t think I have enough info to answer your question, although I’m not sure why you hope I answer “no”… Was that a typo? I hope it’s not that you will have a reason to hate me, you seem more reasonable than that.

    I agree that justice should be measured equally across the board, but what does that have to do with letting criminals go free? If there were other criminals that did not received proper justice, then we should focus on that, not let other criminals go free. Two wrongs don’t make a right, blah blah…

    When I see Jackson and Sharpton get into the act and fire up the racial hatred another notch, I know things are going to get worse with nothing solved.

    Thanks again for your response, I’m trying to see your points. Unfortunately, a lot of what I see on this site is just hate. It is refreshing to hear a reasoned argument, even though I’m not quite on board with it.

    – Rocco

  157. Brandon Q. says :


    You don’t have to agree with me and that is the beauty of civil discourse. For my point regarding “So for you to say, “Yep, I’m white, so start your hatin’,” is not only misinformed but reeks of the discourse that you supposedly disdain,” you were not clear with whom you were referring and it seemed like you were inviting attacks that not everyone agrees with. Next time please be specific.

    I should also clarify that the hate you are seeing is not representative of this site, but in fact very unique to this post. Rocco, you asked what I thought of the Tina types? For me, vulgarity coming from a Black person is just as disgusting as if it were coming from a white person. In fact, I personally have deleted comments from both Black and white commenters within this post that espoused hate.

    Rocco, the spirit of my question was not to prove that the Jena 6 were right. Let me repeat, Black people want other Black people to be in jail that BELONG there. Are you telling me the Jena 6 belong to be in jail for 22 years? I hope you answered no because if every school fight (regardless of race) can range in convictions from attempted second degree murder to being suspended, then this is far from the ideal of how justice should be meted out.

    What I hear is you think the Jena Six shouldn’t be freed? Ok that’s fine, but why do people get so silent when we talk about punishing the White kids?

    Moreover, if we can agree that 1) the Jena 6 were unfairly punished, but should be punished and 2) White students involved in the “party-crashing” beat down of a Black student, the hanging of the noose, and the threatening of Black students with a shotgun, got off with a disproportionately light sentence, then I will fly you to where ever you are and we can get some coffee.

  158. Cowtown Rebel says :

    The prodigal son has returned!

    I posted a series of descriptions of physical encounters I had with the brave, courageous, unbeatable black man. It was submitted and it appeared on the message board. But, it seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Was it because I related several instances where I defeated or fought to a draw against a negro or several negroes who were the same height and weight as me or taller and heavier. Is this censorship for the sake of maintaining the cherished myth of black physical superiority? The last time I checked, all 4 heavyweight boxing titles were in the hands of white russian men.
    Anyway, rather than go through the process of typing all of that up again, I’ll just proceed from where I left off.

    First of all Terrence Brown, I don’t know what Web-Site you consulted. But, I cited Web-Ster. So, you do your homework comrade.

    Tina, to get back to you, as I mentioned before, the only white women who would sleep with a black man are flotsam. I would not degrade myself by consorting with such a filthy excuse for a caucasian female. None of the ladies I have ever been intimate with have ever been with a negro or considered them, in any way, desirable. And, although, we eventually parted ways. It wasn’t as you suggest, a result of any dissatisfaction with my sexual performance. I do not suffer from the inadequacies you want to attribute to me. But, if it makes you feel better, say what you want. The fact remains, my past love interests are currently with other white men, not negroes. As for negroes being in better health, that is another erroneous statement. 1 in 4 negroes has a sexually communicable disease and their life spans are 3/4 of that of white people. Obesity and poor diets attribute to the latter. Where as, rampant promiscuity accounts for the former. Have you ever read Soul On Ice by Eldridge Cleaver? In this vile piece of garbage masquerading as literature, Mr. Cleaver attempts to rationalize his insatiable lust for white women by disguising it, as you posit, as an act of insurrection. He claimed that by raping white women, he was getting even for the alleged indecencies committed by white men on black women. As the “would be Champion” of black womanhood. I found it interesting that he says he practiced by raping black women first. He also says that he asked other black men in prison if they preferred white women of black women. He said that, although some said they were attracted to Oriental or Mexican women, none expressed a desire for black women. One went as far as to say, “If money was black, he wouldn’t want it.

    Justifying rape as revenge? Having sex to prove you can? This is a barbaric and inhumane philosophy. And, you wonder why people accuse you of being uncivilized.

  159. Cowtown Rebel says :

    It seems that my post of 09/25/07 @ 1:30am has magically reappeared. Before submitting my last post, I scrolled through looking for replies to previous posts. At that time, there was nothing between Arnold Djondo of 09/25/07 @ 4:31am and Terrence Brown of 09/25/07 @ 7:27am. After posting, I scrolled down again and my missing post was there. I logged off and logged back on again and it was gone again. Is this a software glitch or is someone playing some sort of game?

  160. Anonymous says :

    like to hear from tina again, oh forgot welfair cheques come in this friday hard to type when your standing in line

  161. Anonymous says :

    “Oh yes back to you cowtown ASS, if you noticed I mentioned that it’s your white women that love black men blahblahblah….”
    I’ve seen video of white women “loving” dogs, goats, horses, mules, and donkeys, which, in my opinion, would be a step UP from you, but, really, what’s your point?

  162. Cowtown Rebel says :

    Dear Anonymous-09/26/07@2:53am

    Once again, I reiterate, the type of females you are referring to are the lowest forms of humanity. There is no telling what may have lead them to such depravity. It most likely was self inflicted by some degree. It is not uncommon for gang members to lure women, of all races, into a motel room on the pretense of having a party. Only to dope them up and then allow men to pay to have sex with them. They keep them in the room for several days, sending one of their members to the desk to pay cash. After several days of this sort of degradation, women tend to lose all self respect.

    However, this is the result of a foolish naivete’ and they are ultimately responsible for the position they find themselves in. I strongly suspect that this is similar to the fate that befell Natalie Holloway.

  163. Cowtown Rebel says :

    By the way, Anonymous,

    What were you watching that kind of despicable smut for? Are you into bestiality?
    Do you watch a lot of pornography? Hell, I’m pretty sure that type of cinematography is outlawed in the 48 contiguous states. Is that something you got on mail order from Mexico? The way things are today, I wouldn’t be suprised if it was part a college project.
    For Gods’ sake, try to find something more wholesome to spend your viewing time on.

  164. Terence L Brown says :

    Free the Jena 6 not so that they wouldn’t be held accountable for what they did wrong and indeed it was wrong. Free the Jena 6 from the outrageous charges that they have been charged with. Make the punishment fit the crime. This was assault and battery and should be considered a hate crime and that’s what they should be charged with and that’s what they should serve time for. I don’t know how much time they have already served but it should also be taken into consideration. By the way, let’s stop acting like this was an unprovoked attack. It was wrong but not random. The kids that hung the nooses should be charged with a hate crime. The white kid who attacked the black kid at the party should be charged with assault and a hate crime. The white kid who went a got his shotgun for the black kids at the convenient store should be charged with a hate crime. Now let’s make it fair across the board.

  165. Anonymous says :

    “What were you watching that kind of despicable smut for? Are you into bestiality?”
    Some of my friends used to try and gross me out, and sent me some seriously perverted stuff. It’s like watching a car accident-you can’t help but look. I was just trying to make a point to Tina’s post that just ’cause there are people that will do anything, that doesn’t make it right…. 😉

  166. JOHN S. says :


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