Michigan’s primary shake-up

What’s up fam,

I have been on the road a lot this month and I apologize for not posting more frequently. In breaking news though, the Michigan State Senate is having a vote tomorrow that would place Michigan’s primary January 15th, third behind Iowa and New Hampshire.

The governor of Michigan has signaled that she would approve the law if it passes the State legislature. This is kind of a big deal and here is why; part of the reason why ethanol gets such big play is because it’s big in Iowa. Similarly and perhaps hopefully, the new primary will cause folks in Congress to respond to the Big Three requests for the nation to help shoulder some of their healthcare costs.

This will have far reaching implications for the Presidential race because on the Republican side, Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney was a fairly moderate 3-term governor of Michigan. That said, something can be had for being able to play the native son card. By the time Guiliani’s life is truly revealed by the media, I don’t think he will play well in Michigan.

For the Democrats, I think the bag is somewhat mixed. If Edwards can make it out of Iowa he is well-positioned to do well because his campaign manager, David Bonior is a well-respected former US Congressman from Michigan that made a stab for governor a while back. Bonior rolls tight with labor and can open up doors that would I think would be harder to find for Clinton and Obama.

Obama often talks up how tough he is by calling on Michigan automakers to make cars that have higher fuel efficiency standards. If this change goes through, Michigan’s primary will be ahead of South Carolina. This would put a serious kink in Obama’s strategy for two reasons. On one hand, Michigan’s automakers, suppliers, and unions will criticize Obama’s tough talk and his lack of a comprehensive plan to help Michigan automakers gain a competitive advantage. On the other hand, if Michigan jumps ahead of South Carolina, Obama will no longer be able to rely on South Carolina’s Black population as an early boost for the primary race.

As for Clinton, I am not comfortable enough to give an analysis of how Michigan would impact her chances but if you have any thoughts, please let me know.

And lastly, it will be good to see and hear from folks that constantly bad-mouth Detroit/Michigan and were so excited to leave. I always wondered what would have to happen to make these people come back. We may have found the key.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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