Quick hits: Gonzales and Vick

What’ s up fam,

I just checked my email to see that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned and that was a great way to wake up. I am still trying to figure out how this guy got confirmed in the first place. It will take years to appreciate how much he has done to undermine our civil liberties. In other news, I was listening to a radio show and of course, they were talking about Michael Vick. One of the co-hosts of Mojo in the morning poignantly noted that while the NFL and local police turn a blind eye to domestic abuse against women, people are getting really worked up over some dogs. How did we get to a place where animals get more respect than women?

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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4 responses to “Quick hits: Gonzales and Vick”

  1. OMAR says :

    Also, didn’t Vick’s friends sing like songbirds? They had details of the betting and the fighting and such, yet the police haven’t arrested anyone else in Virginia. Could it be that the police are not all that interested in cracking down on dog fighting, just interested in busting Vick?

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    What’s up Omar,

    I agree with everything you said, period. However, what about my open question about how this issue is ironic considering the prevalence of domestic abuse against women?

  3. Amber says :

    “A society can never be higher than it places the value of its women.” An old Proverb from the continent. The displacement of value is a few thousand years thick.

  4. Edward says :

    Let’s keep in mind that what Vick ADMITTED to doing is a federal crime. He is not a victim of “the system”. Domestic violence is a serious issue, but let’s not confuse the two. It does not matter how I feel about animals, dogs specifically. There is a federal statute that says you cannot do what he admitted to doing.

    I don’t think that animals get more respect than women. This case is not that simple. This case was truly about federal racketeering and gambling. That is what the NFL is trying to protect itself against. Domestic abuse while disgusting, is no more prevalent in the NFL than in the public at large, so that appears to be quite a fallacious argument by Mojo. (

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