The Weekly Dream: God’s Tryin to Tell You Somethin’

Hey! Hey! Hey! I know it has been a while, and I been kind of spotty on posting, but I am back.  The kid has been going through some life changes, but I am back on my horse and ready to ride. 

In my time off, I have come to cherish the quiet time I have.  I have written before on the necessity of silence/quiet time and the benefits.  However, I think the subject deserves a little more refinement and discussion.

Lately, I have been exploring the benefits of meditation (translate: sitting quietly in a quiet place).  This centuries old practice, found in every religion, is the latest obsession in Fortune 500 companies, as people are seeking ways to deal with the demands of life in a “civilized” society.  Studies have found that people who take the time to sit quietly for as little as 5 minutes are able to focus longer, have more patience, and age slower. 

It makes sense.  The mind suffers from sensory overload.  We have no time to process.  And when we are not in the midst of noise, our mind goes creates its own noise.  In Martial Arts, healing the body on the inside through prayer and meditation is just as important as the physical aspect. 

The Best Part Is…

But for me, the best part is the mentality that meditation forges.  Meditation helps you to do something we all can be a little bit better at, and that is listening.  As an graduating attorney, it is my instinct and training to be aggressive and project myself into any situation with confidence.  I can talk and talk and talk, about any subject.  However, I have learned that I do not have to show what I know anytime the situation arises. 

And that is what listening does, it increases your sensitivity to life, your surroundings and others.  And when you are able to listen and are sensitive, that is where true humility is birthed.  When you are aware of your relation to yourself and those around you, you cannot be selfish or self-absorbed. 

It is a constant exercise that we must practice.  Personally, I have started to appreciate the timing and flow of things.   

I think this sensitivity makes all the difference in living lives of prosperity.  We must be available in spirit, soul and body to truly receive what it is that God has for us.  He cannot do anything with anyone who is too busy to sit still and listen to Him.  Moses, Daniel, Abraham, Isaac, Joshua, Jesus, Samuel and the list goes on of holy men who put in the time to listen for what God was trying to tell them.  And I believe that made the difference (I can provide verses upon request).  

It is the same with people.  The highest form of respect you can offer someone socially is to give them your undivided attention.  Without that, there cannot be effective communication. 

I am really excited about this lesson because while it is so simple, it is so powerful.  And it all started when I stopped be so busy.  It is a struggle to make that time, but life is a struggle.  You must be jealous about doing what is needful and beneficial with your time.  Remember: IT IS YOUR TIME.  Here is a bonus, you must quiet your mind before you can really be effective in your prayer life.  If your mind is not focused, your attention is diverted. 

So ask yourself, “Am I really listening?”  When you do, good things will happen.  And if meditation is too weird for you, find something you can do alone to “reset” your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. 

It feels great to be back.

Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas



2 responses to “The Weekly Dream: God’s Tryin to Tell You Somethin’”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Welcome back son! I think you are getting better and better with these all of the time.

  2. Cecilea says :

    What you have said here is extrememly insightful and thought provoking. I also have a theory about meditation/quiet time/the listening end of prayer or whatever one chooses to call it. I bleive it is when we are quiet that God is able to speak to us about where we need to come up and how to reach the purpose He has created us for. Most people don’t like to “listen” to the silence because they cannot or do not choose to see the wrong in themselves and do something about it. I agree with you 100%: silence allows you to learn to listen and that (silence), not talking, is the most important component of conversation. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. This si my first time on SuperSpade. I pulled up the site to read about Jena 6. I read your topic on the home page and was curious to hear from an intelligent believer. God bless you and continue the path you’re on. God orders the steps of a righteous man and He is obviously guiding you to great things!

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