Black woman allegedly tortured by 6 white people in West Virginia

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Six white people are accused of kidnapping, torturing, and sexually assaulting 20 year old Megan Williams, a Black woman in West Virginia. It is up in the air as to whether this will be treated as a hate crime Hate crime charges are not being pursued.

Much like how Emmit Till's mother wanted his casket to be open so people could see the raw brutality of his lynching and murder, the Williams family has chosen to reveal the victim's name in order to force "the public to know what happened."

Funny how no one is calling this gang violence (see "Just in my opinion's" comment on this post). Oh, right, it's probably because the suspects are white

How will this be treated in the media in the aftermath of the Duke debacle? I think that this case is much different since there is indisputable physical evidence here, but I bet that people will be hesitant to latch onto this too quickly.

As this anonymous commenter and EDITMOUSE both point out, there is a perfect storm brewing here with regards to race relations. Jena 6, the torure in WV, police brutality against Rev. Lennox Yearwood, on and on and on.

I’ll write more on this later, but it is becoming even clearer that those who think that race doesn’t matter or is no longer an issue in this country really need to take a hard look at things.

One Love. One II.


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10 responses to “Black woman allegedly tortured by 6 white people in West Virginia”

  1. ac winston salem says :

    I think this just proves once again that society is just a racist and segregated as it was years ago. The media can trash talk blacks and put us on blast if we are doing something that affects them, however; if it is something that affects us you will not hear about it. Racism is still alive it is just more subliminal now. Something has got to give Someone has got to take a stand When will it end………

  2. Anonymous says :

    This is another example of race relations in America. People want to say that race doesn’t matter because they have never been touched by any of the many thousands of incidents that happen each and every day in America. We as Blacks, whites, and human beings, should be outraged about the recent events that are happening in our nation. When people think that they can say racism doesn’t exist in America and then turn on the TV and watch it before their very eyes and not react is truly amazing to me. And if you notice, the young are just as racist as their parents so they are continuing to be taught racism.
    Stay Strong SuperSpade,
    Lady B

  3. Kina says :

    I just want to know why wasnt this all over the news like the Jena 6, is it because they were white. They let it be known what happened when the Black Young Men do something to the white but now 6 Whites torture a Black YOung Lady… and no one has really heard about it.

  4. debbie mcbride says :

    West Virginia needs the death penalty. The suspects are sick…Yes!!!!! This is hate. This woman is a human being. I love America,but to day my eyes have been opened. Racism is in the world. I did not like it as a little girl in New York. As a white mother of three I still do not lkie how we hate so much. My children are being raised to that racism is about fear. It is about judging a people just because they are differnt. We are in the this world,but not of the worldly thing people do. We can be a part of the people that do not hate. (We) I do not hate. We have to help all fo us understdnd. Those difference make us who we are. HUMAN BEINGS… We can all live together. My family have friends as will as member of the family that are of all races. My door is open to all. I was sexuall assulted in my 20s (A white man hurt me in collage.) No black person has ever hurt me. Today I not white I am just sick and so is my family. The thing that I have hated all my life is the judgment of other people.
    Williams’ Family I’m so very sorry that this has happend to your baby girl. In my 42yrs I have always been the person who put
    love frist. My mom ans Dad did not teach me that racism was hate or it was a bab thing. I
    did not like the thing I was seeing. Or how it made me feel. So I did thing as a kid. I opende my mouth. To fight against racism some people did not like it (mom,dad) I did what my hart tolde me to do. My kid’s will see this and it will upset them as will it has upset me. This abuse of human being will me teach my kids about this. Racism is alive,but not in my house. We will be praying for your baby girl. Parents are the teachers this is how racism can be stop. My teacner had to be Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King. I had # of other that heple me see. I hope this let you know you are in are harts and in are prays may the God that bring us light be with you.. Love alway from some who has no hate to anyone
    Debbie Mcbride in Colorado

  5. QueenBlactress says :

    Greetings,Let me first say this comes is no
    suprise to me…We all know the sick twisted
    mind state of the”DEVIL”. Rasism has always
    been an issue in Amerikkka!!! It’s a same to
    say it but some the World needs to see things
    like this to wake up these that believe it
    ain’t so. These”6″ are a few whom got caught!
    There are plenty case unreported or charged.

  6. Anonymous says :



  7. chris crabtree says :

    I have no words for this yet all I can do is be outraged literally. I want to bring everyone on here attention to a website that is called Detroit is crap. com and not only look at it but check out some of the side links as well. I am sure that after reading this site not only will your blood boil but it will show good ole amerikkan racism at its best within its contents. The originators of this site even brag at there ability to continue spreading their venom of hate and superiority. Please take the time and read and get an additional understanding of what we are dealing with in the mind of racist today. Also if you can leave a comment and watch the ignorance flow.

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