Brandon’s new venture: Reporter for Michigan Messenger

First, I want to just applaud and thank Garlin for holding down The SuperSpade. Our regular readers know that for the past several days, there have been new posts from G it seems like every hour. So if I can squeeze in an announcement, I am pleased and excited to let you know that I am now a reporter for the Michigan Messenger.

This new online newspaper/blog is a collaboration of journalists and professional bloggers across Michigan with the goal of breaking news and influencing the conversations about issues. To borrow from my colleague, Michigan Messenger “is part of the Center for Independent Media’s – a not-for-profit organization that fosters diversity of ideas in the national debate by educating and training people on the use of new communications technologies – New Journalism Program.”

My beats include Detroit politics, African-American issues, prison reform & drug sentencing, K-12, and CD-9. I have two articles up right now relating to Alternatives for Girls and the other on auto insurance redlining. I do encourage you to visit the site and show love, especially if you are from or live in Michigan. Like Garlin, I will be posting on The SuperSpade just as often and cross-post on both sites at times too.

Most importantly though, this opportunity would not have presented itself had it not been for you the reader, (my family) continually coming back to the site, posting comments, calling Garlin or I because you were afraid to put a comment, etc. Your participation in The SuperSpade community has truly made my dreams come true.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


5 responses to “Brandon’s new venture: Reporter for Michigan Messenger”

  1. Rebecca says :

    Congrats B! You all are doing amazing work on and off the site…and reading it has become a daily fixture for me. Keep up the good work!

  2. Garlin II says :


    This is a tremendous blessing. I pray everyday that God keep your spirit strong and stamina long. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    One Love. One II.

  3. Anonymous says :

    I would like to hear the Superspade comments regarding OJ Simpson

  4. Brandon Q. says :

    Anon, I don’t how long you have read The SuperSpade, but there are two issues we don’t specialize in, those being sports and entertainment. Having said that, to answer your question, I think it is telling that OJ Simpson is the main cover story for CNN while the Jena 6, Genarlow Wilson, or the woman that was raped and tortured in WV were not. I am of the mind that Black people should take our cue as to what is important from each other rather than mainstream media. Nevertheless, I am interested as to why you are interested in the OJ story.

  5. Fatima says :

    Congratulations My Brandon. As if you don’t already give me enough things to read!

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