Guest Contributor, Jameelah brings the fire…again

SuperSpade guest contributor Jameelah has blessed us again with another great piece of work; this time in the form of a poem. Let me add that art (in all its forms) are the true galvanizing force in advancing the causes we all keep dear to our heart. And if you are like me, then it is somewhat difficult for you to truly appreciate the ways in which movement politics and art must never be separated. The same way I get goose bumps when I hear Sam Cooke’s, “A Change is Gonna Come,” I had goose bumps when I read this poem and I was reminded that my source of energy must encompass more than the facts. Thanks Jameelah.


I need to touch and feel the earth,

The dirt, the soil, in the midst of all the turmoil,

I think I was starting to loose faith.

I was reborn; I was brought back to life,

And He is in so many facets healing me.

I thought that I was over and done,

There must be something great intended here,

G-d would not leave me desolate and forsaken,

Stripped and deprived, cold and bitter,

In me, this could no longer be.

I need to touch and feel that ground and walk that place, I said I’d go,

And leave that state of loss, I know,

I am most honorable.

Shame and fear shackle many, but today, I am living free.

Free from worrying about being good enough, from all my forgotten and broken dreams,

From the many tears that were like rivers and streams,

I see now, less incandescently.

Each time I open my eyes,

The wind plays music, and I dance

As I walk, In my mind,

Many thoughts, for this peace or piece, I have fought

I need to plant and grow and…plant some seeds

I need to know I feed the birds

I need to know that G-d is pleased

I need to clash and rock this place,

I need to erode away my sins and shortcomings.

Damn, I am tired of running from myself,

I lose a little bit of me each time I think about it.

I am going to take this soul and body and spirit, and mind, and heart, and aura, and essence, and breath,

and dream, and passion, and build something greater than my selfishness and pride.

I’m going to take these hands and feet and arms, and neck and legs and head and build something for someone else.

I need to cultivate that corner, that patch of land

That little piece of me,

I am changing it and it is changing me,

With each day that passes

I am sure that what I seek is tangible and…edible? Possibly…

That stalk of grass is screaming just as I did.

Barb wired, just as I was, poisoned, just as I am, stepped on, just as you were

Without identity, just as we are,

We share a common oppression

Dehumanization and deforestation simultaneously, suffocation intravenously?

Your worship lost in man and money?

So you try to steal my photosynthesis,

I need to….


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