Jena 6 and a word on civility

For all the new folks that found the site and particularly interested in the Free the Jena 6 piece, I appreciate your presence. What I don’t appreciate is the sewage that I see in some of the comments. The subtitle for this site is Black Thought at the Highest Level which means that this is not a place for vulgarity, cheap one-liners, or otherwise uncivil dialogue.

If you cannot make your point without reason and tact, let me inform you that there are thousands of sites that appreciate such discourse. The SuperSpade is not one of them.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.



4 responses to “Jena 6 and a word on civility”

  1. dsf says :

    Welcome to blogging, BQ. Sounds like you finally got a taste of what others before you continue to experience on their blogs, particularly the veteran bloggers during the Duke Rape crisis.

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    Thanks dsf, I appreciate your moral support. I suppose this is how you earn your stripes huh?

  3. dsf says :

    Yup. Those who fought the Duke trolls the longest snatched up the readers of other blogs as they folded. It’s turning into a dog-eat-dog blogosphere. Hang in there.

  4. Anonymous says :

    Hi Superspade, this is a great slice of your “Black Thought at the Highest Level”
    I’ll be posting several of them from tina and your sitename.

    -Hate is just under the skin-

    Oh yes back to you cowtown ASS, if you noticed I mentioned that it’s your white women that love black men, because your not man of enough to satisfy them. By they way, isn’t is always a white women crying on national T.V about having committed crimes against her own race, even her own blood, killing her own children? You all enjoy sitting in the sun to try to make yourselves look like us, but you fail miserably, even aging at a much faster rate than any other race. You all look elderly after 20, most of your race consists of fat, stupid balding white guys and wrinkled women with sunburns flat asses. And also just to school you, the only reason that any black man look at a white women is to prove that they can have them easily, yes they are very EASY!!! and suck everything. So after our black men take them, they use them until they look old, which is about one to two years shelf life, and drop them back where they found them,Pay back for wrongs committed against and showing their fathers I alugh at you I had your slutty daughter, sister, wife, aunt and grandma. Just to show that they could snatch the worthless winches from your sorry behinds, I know your kind,and you seem to be just the nerd that had your woman taken, and with your small penises, no wonder your MAD Ha-Ha!! Yes it seems to me that you are me that you have been very shaken up by some of the things I said, but so what. I’ll make you face facts about yourself. I see you have gotten yourself messed up in school and never forgotten it, which is why you so cowardly hide behind these posts to express your anger. that’s O.K. I feel sorry for you. NOT!! Well you are a cracker, milky, pasty, and you stink!! Everyone seems to admire the body of a black man with their natural muscle definition. One to one blacks are healthier and younger looking longer than the average white. I’ve always known that whites were jealous, but you’ve proven it in everything you said and on top of that I think you fantasize about being able to defeat a black man in battle, but not in your wildest imagination could you do it so you write about what you wish you could do because youve been getting your ass beat for so long you must have suffered brain damage. You’ve made my day,thanks for that Ha-Ha-Ha, so now, you and the rest of you saltines can just go back to your trailer parks and wait for a hurricane to carry your asses away.It would be a much better world.

    Comment by Tina

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