The Weekly Dream: Loving Me for Me

Have you ever noticed how much doubt, unbelief and insecurity is present in the world?  I am amazed at how many people speak words of defeat and limitation, not knowing that they are creating their reality. 

 Why is it so hard to believe?  Why is it so difficult to accept who we are?  I was watching “30 years of Hip-Hop” on Vh1 and one point they constantly stressed was in the beginning, Hip hop was about authenticity and what you could bring to the table.  I started to wonder what percentage of the population are truly comfortable in their own skin?  I look around me and see that not many people are happy just being themselves. 

How did this begin?  Where did we learn that it was not ok to be who we are, with all of our perfect imperfections?  I think it begins at school with peer pressure to be like the group.  Then we enter the workforce and become assimilated to the culture of the company.  Those who are good at it reap tremendous rewards, but those who do not risk being pariahs. 

But as Jesus said, “what doth it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.”  To me, this means not just your spirit, but your uniqueness or sense of identity.  It is a tightrope that we all walk each day. 

However, we must become comfortable with ourselves if we are ever to accomplish our purpose.  We must embrace our originality.  If we cannot break away from crowd and see who we really are, we will never have the conviction to do what is right or take a stand.  The way to acceptance of self is to understand that even our flaws have a purpose and that we are works in progress.  Be patient and follow your heart.  Sometimes what is right for the crowd is not right for you. 

Be the original you were called to be.  Birds of a feather flock together, but the eagles don’t fly with the doves (c) Tracy Morgan. 

Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas



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