The Weekly Dream: Fresh Eyes

“Hindsight is 20/20”

I have worn glasses all my life.  I have been nearsighted for as long as I remember.  I thought I was “fly” when I received my first pair of glasses, they made me look smart.  They were huge with fuschia marble frames.  When they got scratched on the playground, I still rocked them joints-even though I could not see a thing.  Looking back, I looked like a clown, but in the fifth grade I did not know any better.

Why am I talking about glasses?  Well, I have been thinking alot about perspective and perception.  As human beings, we are extremely limited  in our perception.  Think about it, we cannot even see what is going on around us without turning our head.  The same goes on in certain situations in our lives: either because we are too close to them, too far away or just distracted. 

Think about when you have had relationship issues.  Often times, it was hard to see the forest from the trees because you were caught up in it.  Our emotions tend to draw us too close to a situation to the point where we do not have the power to do the right thing or even know what the right thing is.   If we are too far, it is hard to be empathetic to a situation and easier to pass severe judgment.  How difficult it is to be able to judge our distance in life! 

The  most insidious blinder to our perception is assumptions.  Assumptions, thinking that this is a pattern or we have seen this before, causes us to be less cautious and callous and less attentive.  When we make assumptions, we tend to rush through things and in turn miss the sensitivity required by the context of a situation.

In martial arts, judging distance is one of the basic skills you learn.  Why?  Because the distance determines the technique or attack.  If someone is too close to kick, then you punch.  Distance, in fact, is the way to look at the world and a situation with fresh eyes, so that we can really see what is going on.  Sometimes we are too far and need to get closer.  Other times we are too close and we need to back up in order to get clarity. 

Whatever the case may be, remember that the world is not always what it seems.  And we should always seek to judge our distance, lay our assumptions aside and try to look at and approach situations like it is our first time seeing them. 

It takes work, because humans, with our limited capacity to perceive, tend to fill in the blanks with assumptions.  And assumptions can be helpful, but when they start to become Gospel, then they must be held to the light and examined. 

So, remember “You may think you know, but you have no idea.” (c) Diary on MTV.

Take note where you stand in relation to the thing observed and adjust accordingly.

Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas



One response to “The Weekly Dream: Fresh Eyes”

  1. Alfreda Robinson says :

    You’re an old soul. Well written.

    Mrs. Robinson

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