Bush invokes WWIII

I apologize for being incognito fam. I think the government is trying to shut me down because I have been unable to login to The SuperSpade (for weeks now). Garlin and Steve, thank you for holding me down. In other news, “President Bush says world leaders risk bringing about World War Three if they do not do more to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.” Are we using WWIII now? This to me is scary because it reminds me of the “mushroom cloud” that Condoleezza Rice often invoked.

This fear mongering by Bush and Co. must be confronted with truth, integrity and reason. I have said before that I am worried that Bush has no intention of leaving office and it is talk like this that reminds me why I feel this way. Seriously, when was the last time you heard of a President enter the lame duck stage of his presidency with so much bravado?

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One response to “Bush invokes WWIII”

  1. Duane (Lucas) says :

    Bush wasn’t too concerned about WW3 when N. Korea said we have nuclear weapons, and if the U.S. tries any of that crap over here they’ve been pulling in Iraq, we will, and I quote “turn the United States into a fiery sea.” Moreover, the North Korean President said that if the U.S. attempts to sanction N.Korea, they’ll consider it, and I quote, “an act of war”. In other words, “Bush, don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.” Now he wants to be a tough guy with a very weakened Iran. Gimme a break!

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