The Weekly Dream: Creative Energy

Lately, I have been surrounded by engineers.  For some reason, I have always gravitated towards scientific types, fascinated by how they manipulate and push the bounds of science and math.  However, I believe that I am fascinated by the fact that they actually create and design things.  I guess for that same reason I like hanging out with musicians and people who can draw.  They create nothing and turn it into something.  People who are always creating have this energy that is magnetic.  So it got me to thinking, where am I creative and have I fully tapped into my creative potential?

In Genesis 1 it says that God stepped out onto the void and began to create the world.  And since we are made in the image of God, He has endowed us with that same energy.  But how many people are truly aware of this power?  Even more interesting is how many people are doing jobs or performing tasks that allow them to innovate and think outside the box? I would hazard to say that it is not the majority of us.  Why?  Because often, we go into jobs and places that are deeply set in their ways or we work for people who may also lack creative vision.  Or perhaps we are not inspired?  Whatever the case may be,  we do ourselves a disservice if we do not have a creative outlet.

What some people do not realize is the the process of creation is scary.  It is fraught with risk and it is messy.  Creativity necessitates that we make mistakes and step out of our comfort zone.  It demands that we fall on our face and try to overcome our limitations. 

Case in point, I love to read and write.  And I always wanted to write music and poetry and the Great American novel.  I will never forget the first time I read my first poem to Garlin and the rest of our friends.  It was really abstract and they laughed at me.  My girl thought I was crazy and my brothers thought I had picked up a drug habit.  And my second poem was even weirder, but I kept writing.  And I even wrote a couple of songs.  Maybe when I am gone, Lionel Richie or Alexander O’Neal will sing them.  ;).  After my poetry phase, I started writing the Weekly Dream, so thank you all for being my muse and creative outlet. 

I think this pent-up creative energy is the reason for a proliferation of the blogging phenomenon.  It not only provides an outlet to speak out, but to entertain different ideas.  Also, people who have creative energy tend to be more at peace because it provides a space for them to not be judged and to make those mistakes that result in true learning.  This is the purpose that hobbies are supposed to serve, but surprisingly, a large number of people do not have hobbies. 

So, step out in the void, create something.  It may not be beautiful, it may not even be good.  But it will be yours.  And some how, the world is a better place for your contribution.

 Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas



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