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Money Management at

What’s up fam,

As folks scramble to prepare for the holidays, I want to put you up on a financial management website called
If you are like me, you are very detailed when it comes to keeping track of your money and this is a tool that might help. If you are paranoid about sharing financial info, this is not for you but if you can get over that initial fear, the website will help you categorize all of your expenses  and make nice graphs to help you really understand where your money goes. More than that though, the site provides analysis on your spending trends and tips on how you can save money. Check it out, let me know what you think.

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Detroit’s urban garden


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With its shortage of big-box grocery stores and the lack of enough fresh produce, much of Detroit could be said to be in a food desert. An urban agricultural movement is emerging as a solution to the problem. Read More…

The Weekly Dream: The Purpose of Thanksgiving

 “I once was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet…”

-Ancient Proverb

“But love your enemies and do good…and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for He is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.”

-Luke 6:35

I know everyone thinks they know how the tradition of Thanksgiving began in America, with the Pilgrims breaking bread with the Native Americans.  I watched the Mayflower like everyone else.  However, no one ever explained to me why we pick a random day in November to be thankful.  And what exactly are we being thankful for? 

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Garlin’s interview on the Color of Change – Michael Baisden situation

Yesterday evening I was interviewd by George Cooper from Let’s Talk Honestly as part of his LTH Special Report: Why black bloggers are mad at Michael Baisden.

My piece begins at the 14.18 mark and lasts for approximately 8 minutes, through 22.32, but I encourage you to listen to the voices and perspectives of the other Black bloggers featured. They are:

We’ve stated our position here, and this interview was a chance to communicate it on another platform. The issue to me is about embracing the next generation of activism and respecting the results that online activism has produced. The SuperSpade, Color of Change, and members of the blacknetaction coalition are committed to making a difference today, tomorrow, and beyond in a transparent, accountable, and measurable way.

One Love. One II.

Color of Change responds to Baisden’s apology

From: “James & Van,”

Date: November 13, 2007
Subject: Baisden’s “apology”

Dear family,

Last Friday, less than 24 hours after you and thousands of other members wrote to his bosses at ABC Radio, Michael Baisden issued an “apology.” It shows that we got Baisden’s attention, and that wouldn’t have happened without you.

We hoped Baisden was really going to step up, but he didn’t. Baisden’s statement fails every test of a decent apology. First, it misleads listeners about how he came to defame us. Then, it misrepresents the real interests of the Jena 6 families, to take another shot at us. Finally, it tries to sweep all the damage Baisden has caused under the rug, while doing very little to rebuild his listeners’ confidence in ColorOfChange or in online organizing as a strategy. Read More…

Barack Obama on Technology and Net Neutrality

Barack Obama will be giving a talk at Googleplex in Mountain View, CA today, in which he will lay out a comprehensive, 5-point technology policy:

  • Ensure the full and free exchange of information among Americans through an open Internet and diverse media outlets.
  • Create a transparent and connected democracy.
  • Encourage the deployment of a modern communications infrastructure.
  • Employ technology and innovation to solve our nation’s most pressing problems, including reducing the costs of health care, encouraging the development of new clean energy sources, and improving public safety.
  • Improve America’s competitiveness.

The full text of the handout to be used this evening is here.

The most important piece of this is the second point of creating a “transparent and connected democracy.” Making government data and information available in standard, accessible formats is a brain-dead simple solution to the problem of not knowing how to access government information. The appointment of a US CTO is a good strategy because it would mandate someone with technical knowledge and experience actually make technology decisions [instead of people like Ted Stevens].

My hope is that other candidates will lay out thoughtful, progressive approaches to technology policy so that we can use this as another differentiator.

One Love. One II.

How the myth of individualism is destroying the Black community

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A majority of black Americans blame individual failings — not racial prejudice — for the lack of economic progress by lower-income African Americans, according to a survey released Tuesday — a significant change in attitudes from the early 1990s.

This sentence lead off an LA Times piece on class division in the Black community today. These results are not unique to Black people in this country, but they represent a dangerous trend of ignorance, selfishness, and a lack of empathy that does not paint a bright picture of the future. According to this, the "it takes a village…" proverb must be nearing obselescence.

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Michael ‘crab bucket’ Baisden attacks of Color of Change

What’s up fam,

Popular talk radio host Michael Baisden should be commended for his efforts raising attention to the Jena 6 but he foolishly squandered all that when he got involved in the same old crabs in a bucket mentality that consistently cripples the efforts of Black folk to do good. I can not put it better than Jack and Jill Politics, “For reasons that appear at best, self-serving, he and another DJ have gone on the attack against the laudable leadership Color of Change has shown in bringing needed attention to the plight of the Jena 6 families.” The SuperSpade enthusiastically supports the work of Color of Change because they have four characteristics that are sorely missing in traditional Black leadership model; principled, transparent, bold, and accountable. I challenge you to go to their site and tell me what you disagree with. Read More…

When communities go to school…

For adults that do not have a background in education or counseling, their ability to directly help students is severely hampered. To counter this lack of community involvement inside schools, I want to present to you an idea I have stewed over for the past week. Read More…

Detroit welcomes revised census data

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It was reported today that the US Census revised Detroit’s 2006 estimates upwards to 918,849, which is 47,728 more than the 2006 estimate. This revision bodes well for validating the work of Social Compact, a non-profit group dedicated to revealing the hidden strengths of traditionally undervalued communities to promote business investment. Social Compact conducted a study estimating Detroit’s population to be 933,043, nearly 62,000 above the 2006 Census estimates. 

John Talmage, President and CEO of Social Compact said of the revised estimate, “The city did a terrific job challenging the census and we were happy to be a part of that process. Not only was Mayor Kilpatrick correct in his intuition that the city had stronger market potential, we feel good about our ability to identify where that potential is.” This official data will help the city’s ability to acquire federal funds for services that are based on population. Leaders of Detroit also hope that this new data will help them market the city as a viable place for residence and business.

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Brandon Q.

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