The Weekly Dream: The Power of Reinvention

I love the winter.  In Milwaukee, the winters are legendary.  I was recently talking to one of my friends about the two Michigan winters I did not have a winter coat.  All winter I wore hoodies and thermals underneath my fall windbreaker.  That experience made me tough.  I definitely learned to layer up. 

But aside from that, winter always represented something more.  It represented the ability to transform. 

All winter, my brothers and I would train.  Either lifting weights or playing basketball.  It was a time of focus and no distraction.  We simply set goals and strove to achieve them.  We read the books we put off reading in the summer.  We stayed to ourselves.  When everything was dead outside, we used it to rejuvenate ourselves.  There was something real about the winter, especially winters in Wisconsin and Michigan. 

As winter now approaches us suddenly, I am reminded of these times.  And it got me to thinking about reinvention and the power of transformation.  Last week, I talked about creativity.  Now I am going to take that a step further.  Reinvention is where creativity meets hard work. 

All of the music and movie stars that have achieved longevity had to reinvent themselves at some point.  This means that they had to take risks and show growth and evolve.  They were not satisfied with the success of yesterday.  Madonna is a master of this, so is Prince.  People who do not change their shtick risk becoming relics of the past, only good for representing the ethos of a time gone by. 

However, to stay relevant, we must be vigilant to retool and recreate.  Preserve the spirit of tradition but not impede progress.  Our principles should remain, but our ideals should have permission to progress. 

So I want to urge you to use this winter to tap into this power of reinvention.  And apply it to your pursuit of excellence, whether it be to your body, your career, your family, your relationship.  Use this dead time to become reborn.

Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas



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