Detroit welcomes revised census data

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It was reported today that the US Census revised Detroit’s 2006 estimates upwards to 918,849, which is 47,728 more than the 2006 estimate. This revision bodes well for validating the work of Social Compact, a non-profit group dedicated to revealing the hidden strengths of traditionally undervalued communities to promote business investment. Social Compact conducted a study estimating Detroit’s population to be 933,043, nearly 62,000 above the 2006 Census estimates. 

John Talmage, President and CEO of Social Compact said of the revised estimate, “The city did a terrific job challenging the census and we were happy to be a part of that process. Not only was Mayor Kilpatrick correct in his intuition that the city had stronger market potential, we feel good about our ability to identify where that potential is.” This official data will help the city’s ability to acquire federal funds for services that are based on population. Leaders of Detroit also hope that this new data will help them market the city as a viable place for residence and business.

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