Color of Change responds to Baisden’s apology

From: “James & Van,”

Date: November 13, 2007
Subject: Baisden’s “apology”

Dear family,

Last Friday, less than 24 hours after you and thousands of other members wrote to his bosses at ABC Radio, Michael Baisden issued an “apology.” It shows that we got Baisden’s attention, and that wouldn’t have happened without you.

We hoped Baisden was really going to step up, but he didn’t. Baisden’s statement fails every test of a decent apology. First, it misleads listeners about how he came to defame us. Then, it misrepresents the real interests of the Jena 6 families, to take another shot at us. Finally, it tries to sweep all the damage Baisden has caused under the rug, while doing very little to rebuild his listeners’ confidence in ColorOfChange or in online organizing as a strategy.

Michael Baisden could be a valuable ally in our stuggle — but we can’t accept a dishonest apology that spreads more misinformation. This isn’t just about defending ourselves, it’s about being true to the values we have at ColorOfChange. An important part of our mission is holding those who claim to be our leaders accountable for their actions. For us to do that in this case, we can’t in good conscience accept Baisden’s partial and misleading “apology.”

Baisden’s “apology”:

1) Baisden said his staff had been given “inaccurate information,” and referenced the documentation on our website as if it were new to them. But the truth is that we gave the Baisden show everything they needed to confirm that the money was going where it was supposed to go weeks before the broadcast. And we have the documentation to prove it. This wasn’t a problem of not having “reliable sources.” It was a problem of deliberately ignoring them.

2) While “apologizing,” Baisden continued to sow seeds of doubt about ColorOfChange by misrepresenting the desires of most of the Jena 6 families. He claimed that four of the six Jena families insist that ColorOfChange stop fundraising on their behalf. Other than Marcus Jones, no parent has ever told us they want us to stop fundraising. Baisden refuses to reveal the letter that he now says was signed by four of the six families (and earlier claimed was signed by “all” of them); but in the past week, we have confirmed with the five other families, directly and through their attorneys, that they want us to continue fundraising for their children. We have, of course, honored Marcus Jones’ request that we stop fundraising for his son, after hearing it on the radio.

3) Baisden said he’s “relieved to have put this behind us.” But unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Baisden has done serious damage to’s reputation. He has played on understandable fears among Black folks — that organizations are going to take their money and run with it. This doesn’t only damage ColorOfChange. It damages Black people. It damages the movement for change that we and our allies are trying to build. And it will take far more than a few partial and misleading apologies to undo that damage.

Moving forward, we are exploring every option to repair that damage in a constructive way and to clear our name with our members and with Michael Baisden’s listeners. Hopefully, Michael Baisden will be a partner in making that happen.

In times as serious as these, this kind of drama and distraction absolutely sickens us. We know it sickens you. We thank you, and our allies and partners in the Black blogosphere, for standing with us to help set the record straight and defend our work together. We look forward to continuing the work that we do, and, with your participation, to make America a better place for Black folks, and everyone else.

Thank You and Peace,

— James, Van, Clarissa, Gabriel, Mervyn, and the rest of the team
November 13th, 2007

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

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4 responses to “Color of Change responds to Baisden’s apology”

  1. Duane says :

    DONT GET ME STARTED about Michael “sell out the brothers” Baisden. That guy is a coon’s coon, of the highest order. He uses his voice to thwart the progress of Black unity with that niggerocity he calls a radio show and that TV-One show, (dis)respectively. Arguably, our biggest barrier as a people is the absence of the nuclear black family. Unfortunately, Big Mike has decided to be a part of the problem, not the solution, bashing brothers any chance he gets. I know my comment has nothing to with Mr. Baisden’s actions as it pertains to the Jena 6, but I’ve wanted a platform to voice my frustrations about this clown for quite somem time. BQW, thanks for the post. ‘Preciate it my dude.

  2. Uncle Rosy says :

    Michael “Jungle Fever” Baisden and that other Coon George Wilborn mean the black community no good with that crazy Neck Bone style of radio they do.Punking kids on the air and forcing this interracial dating bull on our people like it’s the second coming of. God.The Coon Baisden pimp this Jena Six thing for ratings,and not one time did him or his side kick of sells out ever say that this was about race.

  3. Uncle Rosy says :

    Why is this guy on the radio trying to get men and women to move in together and to go to nude beaches,damn this Catfish Mouth Coon is a sinner to the end,who likes to say wow like Flavor Flav.

  4. Uncle Rosy says :

    Bamma of the week is George”Wanna be funny”Wilborn{from The Michael “Lying Sex Crazed”Biasden Show} for trying to be funny with weak material that didn’t get him any love 20 years ago on Def Jam.

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