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What’s up fam,

As folks scramble to prepare for the holidays, I want to put you up on a financial management website called
If you are like me, you are very detailed when it comes to keeping track of your money and this is a tool that might help. If you are paranoid about sharing financial info, this is not for you but if you can get over that initial fear, the website will help you categorize all of your expenses  and make nice graphs to help you really understand where your money goes. More than that though, the site provides analysis on your spending trends and tips on how you can save money. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

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One response to “Money Management at”

  1. Steven M DeVougas says :


    You have stumbled upon the gorilla of these websites. Other ones that are getting mad shine are and Fast company, Money magazine, Esquire and Men’s Health have profiled all of these type of sites because over the past 6 mos. they have been popping up like mushrooms. Why? Because we are the most indebted generation in the history of the world. So that leaves us in a very precarious position. We are forced to either work harder, smarter and take more risk to gain financial independence. As Freeway says, “we grind from the bottom to make it to the bottom.” And the declining value of the dollar is not making it any better. In any event, we all better do something fast, because debt is already a household word in America, from the White House to my house.

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