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The Weekly Dream and The Marriage Chronicles

Hello folks,

I would like to thank you for your advice and the support as I embarked on this new adventure.  The wedding went extremely well, the vows came out better than I thought and we have enough stories to last us a lifetime.  I wish I had enough time to tell you about the reception.  But I am sure as I get the pictures up, I will post some for your viewing enjoyment. Special thanks to all of those who were able to attend.

Now we are on the verge of another New Year and I cannot help but be excited.  2008 is going to be a big year. Some of my friends have already gotten their catch-phrases and mottos for 2008. 

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Gentrification of Detroit: Will Shiny New Projects Push Out the Old Residents?

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When Woodbridge Estates redeveloped the decaying Jeffries Projects site just west of Wayne State University in Detroit, they renovated one of the old towers that are visible from the Lodge Freeway and outfitted the tower with a giant clock. The clock is a tangible symbol that it’s a new time in Detroit.

Yet some fear such gentrification of the city will in time become a social problem of its own, pushing out current residents in favor of suburbanites with more money. Read More…

A SuperSpade ties the knot…today!!!

At approximately 5pm today, our very own SuperSpade Steve DeVougas will be getting married in South Carolina. I hear the weather is beautiful right now and I just wanted to wish Steve and his new bride Sharece all the best as they embark on a new and exciting chapter in their lives. On behalf of Garlin and the entire SuperSpade community, we wish you nothing but happiness, joy, and peace.

For more info on the lovely couple, visit this site.

Congratulations Steve!!!

The Politics of Murder, The Politics of Humanity

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The murder of Benazir Bhutto leaves the world with many questions, puzzles the world with many implications, and presents to the world both challenges and opportunities. There are political realities in Pakistan, throughout the Middle East, and across the world that now exist due the killing of this woman. However, these are neither the most sensible nor the most appropriate issues to be discussed at this point. What we, the media, and anyone conversing on this subject should be grappling with is the fact that a woman, a daughter, a wife, a mother of three, was murdered because she had different ideas. Read More…

Remembering Benazir Bhutto

PhotobucketWhat’s up fam, for those that haven’t heard, former Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated two weeks before before parliamentary elections where her party (Pakistan’s People’s Party) was widely expected to win the majority of the seats, making her Prime Minister. She was someone who truly believed in democracy. Politically, this is groundbreaking because Pakistan’s leader, Pervez Musharraf will rightly or wrongly be suspected of having his hand in allowing or ordering this attack to occur. No matter what, the US again pledges allegiance to an “ally” who really isn’t helping with the so-called war on terror and has a horrible record on human rights. Bush called on Musharraf to continue with elections. And what is Bush going to do if Musharraf doesn’t follow through? Nothing. Did I mention Pakistan has nuclear weapons?

More importantly, Bhutto’s father was hanged, one brother dies mysteriously and her other brother died in a shoot out. Her life embodies the importance to not think of progressive values as a fad. Being a martyr is appealing when it is not you or someone you love. Martyrs can be the heroes we admire and have all the super human qualities we can imagine. The downside is that too many of us think we could never be martyrs but if we are all going to die, then effectively we are all martyrs in a sense, provided we live a life of meaning and purpose.

Like leaders before her, there will be a long standing debate as to who is best suited to carry on Bhutto’s dream. I just ask that when we think about our heroes and honoring their legacy, we should be very careful to make sure we support their ideas over their personality. And I know it’s cool to rock t-shirts of Che, Malcolm, MLK, and others but I have a new rule: You can’t wear apparel that features activists until you read their book(s) AND are doing something in your life to further their vision. Bhutto’s loss is very unfortunate but if you think democracy (or any other cause worth fighting for) was accomplished by one person, you are sadly mistaken and never use the term movement in your vocabulary.

Condolences to family, friends, and supporters of the dream that is and life that was Benazir Bhutto.

Let’s Get Married…I think

So, ya boy is getting married in three days and I need to write my vows.  Me and My ol’ lady are saying some words to each other before we give it the standard heave ho.  As such, I need to write something sweet. 

However, I have always been of the opinion that you should promise to do or not do certain things when you write your own vows.  So I figured the blogosphere is far better than my one head and a stack of R-n-B cds.  Thus I am asking for your assistance.  What do you think I should promise to do for my future wife that is not a rehash of the standard vows?  In the words of the late Ike Turner, I need to put some stank on it.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  I am also open to any advice the vets have for a young whipper snapper going through this life changing event.  And dont worry, I will chronicle all of the changes of married life for posterity.  Because at 24 1/2, this should be quite the adventure. 

Wish me Godspeed and thanks in advance,

Steven M DeVougas

Black youth say NO to Iraq

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Black people have come up with a surefire way to end the occupation in Iraq [and Afghanistan, and pretty much everywhere that America has no business being]: stop enlisting! I am glad to see that so many brothers and sisters are seeing through the trumped-up incentives, increasd military advertising (why the hell does the military  even have an ad budget???), and huge enlistment bonuses and understanding that there are other ways to achieve their goals [especially when the president's George W. Bush].

Don’t Die for Lies

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The Weekly Dream: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

“In this world you will have trouble, but rejoice, I have overcome the world.”

-John 16:33

 “The crown of life will go to those who endure to the end”

-James 1:12

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Madison, WI as a guest speaker for a group of African-American sixth grade males.  I was asked to speak about my experiences in law school and undergrad, things black men face and how to overcome them. 

At the end of the hour long discussion, I wrote on the board “Steve’s Seven Pillars of Success.”  At the very top of my list was Stamina and Discipline.  As I reflected on this, I realized that most of life is about how much you can take before life breaks you. Read More…

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and firefighters

Michigan’s native son Mitt Romney falsely claimed that he watched his father, former Michigan governor George Romney marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Romney’s campaign had to backtrack when called to the carpet because when yesterday “Romney’s campaign said his recollections of watching his father, an ardent civil rights supporter, march with King were meant to be figurative.”

Not that I am surprised but when I think about the currency that King holds in the American psyche, I am trying to figure out if we need a new claim to truly honoring the civil rights movement…like working on civil rights!!! Lest Romney stand alone, I am specifically skeptical of people like Andrew Young and Jesse Jackson who can honestly say they have marched with MLK and have reaped (and sold unfortunately) an inordinate amount moral authority as a result. Read More…

Communism and Christianity

What’s up fam,

In my conversations with people over the years, I have heard people tell me that they are really communists at heart. That Indeed, something can be said for a classless society. To be sure, there are various forms of Communism and I didn’t know this, but there is an ideology known as Christian Communism, which says that based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, Christians are impelled to support this system. Below is an interview with Harvard Chaplain Peter Gomes speaking on the connection between Christianity and Communism. Let me know what you think,

Brandon Q.