Help! I’ve Lost My Mojo!

I was watching Austin Powers 2 the other day, and for the first time, I was struck by the way he was so depressed when he lost his mojo.  He was so defeated. 

Poor Austin Powers got me thinking about the times when we have lost our mojo.  We all have periods in life where, we just are not quite ourselves.  Our equilibrium is off, our internal compass no longer points due north.  It is a period where we have lost a grip on the essence of ourselves.  Our swagger is on the ropes.  In sports, they call it a slump.  Normally, this occurs in times of uncertainty, growing pains, transition or when we experience some kind of set back. 

Some people turn to God, others hide behind work, others to their family.  My question is what do people do to get through this time and why?  And how did you keep plugging away through these times of personal challenge.  I know we all come to a place where we have to undergo that all so crucial “gut-check” but I am interested in how people maintain.  My sensei once told me that, whether you are up or down, you should strive to maintain sameness of mind, because external events are temporary.  However, it takes a tremendous amount of work and enlightenment to get to the point where good and bad are nothing more than changes in the weather. 

Personally, I know I have to absorb all of the blow for at least the first 24-48 hours before I can do anything.  I need to process.  What about you?  what do you do and how do you get that mojo back?

Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas


8 responses to “Help! I’ve Lost My Mojo!”

  1. fabooj says :

    I think it depends on the mojo losing situation. Money loses is handled with self-pity and LOADS of whining. Inability to deal with others, turns into a heavy dosage of sarcasm and lashing out at anyone deemed too stupid to live. And then there’s always crafting or gardening, when I’m upset at things out of my control…like money. Oooh…a cycle!

  2. nat says :

    I have lost my mojo. After splitting up with my husband i am having trouble getting interested in anyone else. Even for a shag. I am quite upset about it as i really want to find a new relationship.
    I think i am going to have to really work on my brain so that i can get it back because i know it is all my own mental issue.

  3. brandon says :

    yeah im there with you, i swear i used to be able to get a girl on the spot. whenever pretty much. but lately. i can flirt. maybe even ask out, not a budge. recently i even gave my number to a girl at the mall and at first i got no reply, about a week later i got a text from who i thought was her, but it turned out to be her bestfriend just fucking with me. wow. i would love to find my mojo

  4. tanya says :

    missing in mojo.

    there was a time..oh yes,i was knocking them back with a,well now i could’nt even get a stick..

    ive done a check,face is still ok,body works and jeans fit..i just dont get it!

    where do all the lost mojo’s go?

  5. sad heart says :

    My husband has lost his mojo. He just wants to work and stay busy. When it is time to go to bed, he is tired. Why doesn’t he want to touch me anymore?

  6. steven says :

    To all,

    It takes a lot for a person to process. They need to regain their confidence. Think of what makes you special or unique. Pursue your passion. When it comes to another person, honest communication and a listening ear goes a long way.

  7. Steve M Nash says :

    Hey at least you had a mojo to lose! There are many people out there churning through day after day where the temporary highs (weekends) are needed to offset the less temporary lows (weekdays).

    We all had our mojo when we were kids. And this was not because we were thinking about mojos, we just weren’t thinking at all.

    So I say enjoy the churn, notice it, or end the churn and do something different. But stop looking for your mojo! The very act of looking for it *is* losing your mojo.



    PS Of course I could be completely wrong! Lol

    • AJ says :

      Those of us who had mojo pass our childhood….don’t wanna live life like the mojo-less mass majority….keep searching guys!!!! you CAN regain your mojo. for those that dont know: asking someone like me to stop looking for my mojo to return is like telling Zeus that he is now mortal and should stop trying to be a god again. IT. AINT. GONNA. HAPPEN.

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