Let’s Get Married…I think

So, ya boy is getting married in three days and I need to write my vows.  Me and My ol’ lady are saying some words to each other before we give it the standard heave ho.  As such, I need to write something sweet. 

However, I have always been of the opinion that you should promise to do or not do certain things when you write your own vows.  So I figured the blogosphere is far better than my one head and a stack of R-n-B cds.  Thus I am asking for your assistance.  What do you think I should promise to do for my future wife that is not a rehash of the standard vows?  In the words of the late Ike Turner, I need to put some stank on it.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  I am also open to any advice the vets have for a young whipper snapper going through this life changing event.  And dont worry, I will chronicle all of the changes of married life for posterity.  Because at 24 1/2, this should be quite the adventure. 

Wish me Godspeed and thanks in advance,

Steven M DeVougas



4 responses to “Let’s Get Married…I think”

  1. lisha says :

    promise not to go to bed angry

  2. NicoleRobinsonsoontobeOwens says :

    Promise to always put her first with God no matter what outsiders and naysayers say.

  3. Brandon Q. says :

    Promise to love her more than you did yesterday but not more than you will tomorrow.

  4. VV says :

    Congratulations! I’m really late though…

    so, maybe you say this to her on a Tuesday night…

    ” My Sacred,

    I can still taste the very first kiss you ever gave me. You wrapped it up tight, and twisted beautiful bows of honey around it… sticky and sweet, a nectar rivaling that of every honey-bee under God’s command. Each time your name escapes my lips, it is a hypnotic that binds my feed and races my pulse, the very sound of it is as potent as first time you spoke it to me…you were written on my heart that day. From that moment…ad infinitum…my heart, my mind and my soul has forsaken all others. As sure as I stand here before you, I promise to be your seeker in the night. I promise to steady you, and guide you; I promise to protect you and the life that comes forth from you; I promise to be a continuing reflection for God’s love for you. My Sacred…I love you.”

    Anyway, that would be something I would like to hear from the man I’m about to marry…BUT, I’m sure whatever you said to her was absolutley wonderful.

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