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The Weekly Dream: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

“In this world you will have trouble, but rejoice, I have overcome the world.”

-John 16:33

 “The crown of life will go to those who endure to the end”

-James 1:12

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Madison, WI as a guest speaker for a group of African-American sixth grade males.  I was asked to speak about my experiences in law school and undergrad, things black men face and how to overcome them. 

At the end of the hour long discussion, I wrote on the board “Steve’s Seven Pillars of Success.”  At the very top of my list was Stamina and Discipline.  As I reflected on this, I realized that most of life is about how much you can take before life breaks you. Read More…


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and firefighters

Michigan’s native son Mitt Romney falsely claimed that he watched his father, former Michigan governor George Romney marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Romney’s campaign had to backtrack when called to the carpet because when yesterday “Romney’s campaign said his recollections of watching his father, an ardent civil rights supporter, march with King were meant to be figurative.”

Not that I am surprised but when I think about the currency that King holds in the American psyche, I am trying to figure out if we need a new claim to truly honoring the civil rights movement…like working on civil rights!!! Lest Romney stand alone, I am specifically skeptical of people like Andrew Young and Jesse Jackson who can honestly say they have marched with MLK and have reaped (and sold unfortunately) an inordinate amount moral authority as a result. Read More…

Communism and Christianity

What’s up fam,

In my conversations with people over the years, I have heard people tell me that they are really communists at heart. That Indeed, something can be said for a classless society. To be sure, there are various forms of Communism and I didn’t know this, but there is an ideology known as Christian Communism, which says that based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, Christians are impelled to support this system. Below is an interview with Harvard Chaplain Peter Gomes speaking on the connection between Christianity and Communism. Let me know what you think,

Brandon Q.

As Foreclosure Crisis Worsens, State May Offer More Forums to Help Homeowners

Cross posted from the Michigan Messenger

Michigan is studying whether to hold more sessions to help homeowners who fear foreclosure, after thousands of people came to Detroit’s Cobo Center last week for a forum to learn how to save their homes.

The forum was hosted by state Attorney General Mike Cox and the banks and lenders present represented 98 percent of the Michigan mortgage market. Participants were able to interact directly with their lenders, talk to independent loan counselors and the Federal National Mortgage Association, and attend 45-minute classes on topics like options to avoid foreclosure, dealing with property taxes and what to do when you are in foreclosure. Read More…

Dealing with diabetes this holiday season

With the holidays, the premium on good food takes precedent over nice gifts. With that said, one disease that is prevalent in America and Black folks in particular is diabetes. We have to start taking better care of ourselves and allow others in our lives to hold us accountable.

An article in the Washington Post featured the ever-amazing chef extraordinaire B. Smith. Read More…

Sentencing Commission does the right thing

The following press release is from Families Against Mandatory Minimums. Today is a great day!!!

For Immediate Release
Date: December 11, 2007

Sentencing Commission votes in favor of crack cocaine retroactivity

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM), the nation’s leading sentencing reform organization with 13,000 members — many of whom are incarcerated people and their families — praises the U.S. Sentencing Commission for its courage and leadership on improving crack cocaine sentencing policies for future defendants and current prisoners.

Today in an historic vote, the Commission agreed to allow prisoners serving crack cocaine sentences to seek sentence reductions that went into effect on November 1. Retroactivity will affect 19,500 federal prisoners, almost 2,520 of whom could be eligible for early release in the first year. Federal courts will administer the application of the retroactive guideline, which is not automatic. Courts may refuse to grant sentence reductions to individuals if they believe they could pose a public safety risk. Read More…

A question about your money

What’s up fam,

I would submit to you that our personal path to financial freedom actually has less to do with how much we make but how we spend what we have. The need to constantly upgrade can wipe out any financial gain we may realize from additional income. So my question to the family is this; what are the services/goods that you refuse to pay a lot of money for, regardless of how much you make? Another way to think about this question is to think about the things that will probably never be upgraded in your life, regardless of income. My goal is to help us collectively understand how we can better live below our means.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.