ATTN: ALL lovers of better education

Teachers are one of the most under appreciated professions in this country and not only should they be paid more, many teachers pay money out of their own pocket for supplies.

There is a site, that seeks to make it easier to teachers to do their job. Here is how the site work; 1. Teachers make requests for materials and experiences that SHOULD be provided (but that is another story) 2. You as a donor choose to donate to the project of your choice and 3. Student’s learn more and you get a specialized note from the class that benefited from your donation.

I can’t tell you how many of my teacher friends have sent out emails asking help to pay for materials. This site is absolutely amazing and if you know of any teachers, let them know about this program and make it a point to donate TODAY.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.



4 responses to “ATTN: ALL lovers of better education”

  1. DNLee says :

    It is a great program. I first learned about it at ScienceBlogs. The community of scientists bloggers were hosting a science/laboratory drive.

  2. Ellen says :

    Donors Choose is a great program! I just joined about a month ago and am in the middle of writing my first request. My students are really excited about having things that will make their learning more fun and hands on.

    Thanks for getting the word out Brandon!

  3. Marvel Austin says :

    I am actually not a teacher yet but searched till i got this site.I love what this site stands for.I am a student at NIIT,as i write to you i am stuck and thats one of the reasons am writng.I lost my dad when i was a boy.please i love education but the fund has become a stopper. I pray that ur vision will be piloted by God alone Amen.

  4. Garlin II says :

    @Marvel Austin,

    We very much appreciate you coming through to The SuperSpade. None of us contributors are educators, but we value it tremendously and are participating in efforts on and offline to make education more affordable and accessible to you and everyone else on this planet.

    I hope that DonorsChoose can help you. We’ll definitely be praying for you and your family.

    One Love. One II.

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