Democratic party realignment?

So I should definitely should have been packing and sleeping by now but hey, life is life. I think this election has the potential to end up serving as a catalyst for a major political realignment whereby Black people largely disassociate themselves from the Democratic Party. I believe this of course provided that it appears the powers that be Clinton “stole” the nomination from Obama. One simple fact in politics is that you dance with the person who brought you to the ball.

In this respect, Black voters have shown overwhelming support for Obama while Clinton has focused heavily on Latinos. I am sure some of Clinton’s advisers are trying to devise a general election strategy where they can get Latinos to pick up the slack that Black folk used to be reliable for. If enacted, this plan would hopefully generate a sustainable grassroots movement where Black people start to seek solutions from each other and not the Party. What do you think?

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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3 responses to “Democratic party realignment?”

  1. OG says :

    I think the disassociation is long over due.I am not even sure there is a party system anymore. I am not surprised at all at the way this all seems to be playing out, and I don’t believe that race relations have came as far as some people would clam they have. We are now seeing what they really think of our best and brightest. It is a sad day for Amerikkka.

  2. Pete M says :


    Obama’s winning, and I think he will win, don’t give up, you sound a little fatalistic.

    AS a 58 year old white man, I can tell you that everyone that I know, is voting for Obama because of his message, not because of his skin.

    The racist bullcrap that the Clinton Campaign has been coming out with over the last week is something I thought only Republcans were capable of. Its clearly another one of Hillary calculated moves to steal from the Republican base, becuase she can’t win with the Democratic base.

    But you have a point. It didn’t have to be that way but it does look like Clinton dropped the Black vote, and instead is trying to pick up a rural bigoted white demographic, ie, republican voters.

    I think this is partially repairable however.

    But what I’m most worried about is tension between Blacks and Latinos. While I’m aware that this has become pervasive in gang settings, I was surprised to see it so prominently in hispanic mainstream voters.

    I’m from the carribean area, and for me, I’ve always considered that Blacks and Hispanics were peas in a pod, and should be closer than Hispanics and Whites, so I guess my paridyme is off.

  3. Brandon Q. says :

    Thanks for the comments fam,

    Pete, I do believe Obama is well positioned to win the nomination but we should be sure to not count our chickens before they hatch. Having said that, I am also concerned about tensions between Black folks and Latinos. However I do reject the notion that Blacks and Latinos inherently have deep fissures that require counseling.

    I think your points are well taken and as far as Black folks are concerned, I fear that if we don’t convert the energy focused on Obama into local power, we as a community will continue to be in limbo awaiting the next great inspirational personality. Here’s a hint, you don’t have to be articulate to inspire people to action.

    Stay up fam,

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