Michigan to do primary…again

It appears that Michigan is prepared to do another Michigan primary set for June 3rd, pending approval by the Michigan State Legislature and the Obama campaign. This is great news for me because I am planning the Michigan Policy Summit on May 10th and if this contest is not settled by then, this Summit could end up playing a critical role in determining the Democratic nominee.

I suppose the conventional wisdom is that Obama is poised to snag the nomination but like most things in life; I will believe it when I see it in writing. Having said that, I will be writing about the Michigan Policy Summit much more frequently but the potential of being in a position of nominee-maker is very exciting and daunting.

This confirms my belief that the most potent power in America’s republic is local power. Early on, I flirted with the idea of working for the Obama campaign full time. At the time, I would have had to work in a different state.


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