A little wiser today….

I did something revolutionary today by deciding to not talk on the phone all day with that the caveat that I did talk to my sister whose birthday was March 28. I love you sis and know that I love you and I am your biggest cheerleader!

Nevertheless, the impetus behind my silence his was that the Michigan Policy Summit is happening May 10th and April is going to be an extremely busy month for me. So before I faded to black, I wanted to take a day to center myself. I should also mention that my cell phone is my work and business phone so I am literally on the phone from sun up to sun down between meetings.

I hadn’t realized how much I don’t listen to myself until today. I felt like I have been trying to get through to myself but I was so busy dealing with work that I didn’t click over to talk to me. I feel very much at peace with the world right now as I listen to Jamming by Bob Marley with the sweet smell of candles filling the room. Hopefully, I am the last person to catch on to this but if I am not, be intentional about taking time to listen to you. I will have to find a way to make this a regular part of my routine because the unchecked mental voicemails I had were overflowing.  

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


3 responses to “A little wiser today….”

  1. Leola says :

    It is interesting that I take a similar phone sabbatical. With the joys of teaching and maintaining other activities, these mental breaks are what I call “personal holidays”. This time or holiday is to be spent with yourself, preferably with the phone OFF. With this time, take yourself to the movies, get some ice cream, take a walk at the lake or just chill and grove to some great music. With an extremely busy schedule these personal days are far and few between, yet I still feel it essential when it comes to maintaining sanity or my sanity at least.

  2. P: Tree vor says :

    I truly understand. I have found that in the mist of chaos, “me” time allows your to center yourself within your purpose. Last Sat. I had a master plan of really doing some damage to my work load while trying to get back into my artistic charisma. In the mist of arriving to my destination my phones went dead. I had no sense of time. I became un-armed from “needed calls”,becoming fumed by artistic inspiration. My day turned into an oh so sweet treat. I learned so much getting lost in the beauties of the D.
    My mind, my joy, and my essence is building it’s strength through the course of my day to day grind.

  3. Ellen says :


    I like to call those mental health days, and they are great! I highly recommend them!

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