Garlin featured on Al Jazeera to discuss MLK legacy

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Our very own Garlin was featured in an article in Al Jazeera (English edition) discussing Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy 40 years later. Garlin’s contribution is below but you can read the entire post here along with our friend Professor R L’Heureux Lewis, affectionately known as Dumi.
From the site:

I think Martin Luther King Jnr had some of the most important ideas in this century.

America still has gaps to go between the dream and trying to reach it – in terms of working for achievement in schools, in terms of income, in terms of housing ownership, but I feel we see that people can look past race and make some strides.

King’s sense of social justice has left a strong
legacy for today’s activists [GALLO/GETTY]

King always said we should respect our own identity but also respect others … however … there have been tensions towards people who are Latino [and] Middle Eastern and quite frankly I think this is something he would have been ashamed of.

I think King would have held Obama in high regard as a community leader and as following in his footsteps in saying that King’s dream was both hopeful and practical.

He is looking at life on the ground day to day … and, like King, he has very strong anti-war policies.

Now there is a sense of arrogance, especially in the anti-immigration debate, a sense amongst some that “foreigners are taking things from me”, which I think is fuelled by some groups. Racism can cloud people’s visions of humanity.

However, today across many political arenas there are also multi-racial and multi-ethnic coalitions, and many young people now look beyond race to what the future can bring them.

I think an Obama candidacy would change global perceptions of race in the US in terms of a break from the white male monopoly on the presidency this country has had.

There is still a long way to go, but I think race relations will continue on a positive trajectory in the US.


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