How Hillary lost…

I am so mad these primaries are happening the week of the Michigan Policy Summit happening May 10th at the Lansing Center. Chris Matthews just broke it down as to how Hillary lost the Democratic nomination.

He said that ‘change’ worked in the 2006 and 2008 election cycles because people were upset about the war in Iraq. Matthews said that the only way to be a real change candidate was to be opposed to the war and if Clinton opposed the war, Obama would not be able to lay claim to being the change candidate. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Goodnight, GOBAMA, and stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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4 responses to “How Hillary lost…”

  1. Obama Supporter says :

    It is more involved that the war. In general, the independents, the youth and other demographics are simply tired of the same old Political game of making promises they cannot or will not keep. We Obama supporters just want the truth and his best efforts to change Washington.

  2. Dr. Don says :

    I have been studying this issue and believe that Sen. Obama did not vote for the war simply because he had no vote at the time. I can find no meaningful opposition of the war by IL State Sen Obama or private citizen Obama.

    Having just completed a review of his plans for change their is nothing new or creative. Where are the new ideas?

  3. T-Ril says :

    I second that Dr. Don, and would like to add that Obama convienently was not present to vote in Senate recently for a resolution that would make way for a U.S. government invasion in Iran (which Hilary voted for). I would encourage anyone to look into his history and see why he is a vote for him would not result in real change for America.

  4. T-Ril says :

    Oh and has ANYONE realized that Obama is related to Bush AND Cheney???

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