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SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-08-29

  • #dnc08 today is the new Juneteenth. #
  • #dnc08 they covered all the ads in the stadium. Well, all except Bud Light & Verizon. Can’t win ’em all I guess. #
  • #dnc08 Tim Kaine: Move mountain, get out me our way. #
  • #dnc08 Why the hell does EVERY SPEAKER have to go on & on about honoring John McCain’s military service. That really grinds my gears. #
  • The wave has just been interrupted by Stevie Wonder! #dnc08 #
  • They’re showing Comcast & AT&T ads. I would’ve loved for this event to be 100% corporate free. That must be too much change for 1 conven … #
  • #dnc08 Stevie Wonder is performing Signed, Sealed,Delivered. This is incredible. #
  • Al Gore could have been President. Never forget that. #dnc08 #
  • Phone battery and camera battery died while at Invesco. I shed a tear as I watched history. #dnc08 #
  • There was not a dry eye in any Black household in America tonight. #dnc08 #
  • Just uploaded a bunch of photos to #dnc08 #
  • The Clipse were performing here earlier. I guess Obama earned their endorsement tonight. #dnc08 #
  • Pat Buchanan on Sarah Palin: “She’s a feminist that likes guns.” I didn’t know there was any other kind ūüėČ #rnc08 #

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-08-28

  • #dnc08 Nancy Pelosi is getting grilled on CNN by Digg users. She just quoted me too #
  • #dnc08 the dancing during the conventions is always the funniest part. #
  • Did they pick Kendrick Meek to introduce Bill Clinton because he’s Black? #dnc08 #
  • The only Black person they showed on @cspan clapping for Bill Clinton was Michelle Obama. #
  • Bill Clinton can’t get the crowd to shut up!!!! #dnc08 #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “I’m here first to support Barack Obama.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “I’m here 2nd to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “Hillary is going to do everything she can to elect Barack Obama. That makes 2 of us.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “I want all of you that supported Hillary to support Barack Obama.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “Our position in the world has been weakened by too much unilateralism and too little cooperation.” #
  • @randomdeanna Just think of how few they’re showing on Fox News. #dnc08 #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “Barack Obama is the man for this job.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “Barack Obama is ready to lead America.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “Barack Obama is ready to honor the oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “Barack Obama is ready to be President of the United States.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton is making the case for Obama as Commander in Chief, important because that’s where Republicans will try to hit him hard. #
  • @randomdeanna #dnc08 Fox News says: “Black people in handcuffs.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton is also pointing out Republican hypocrisy. He is damn good at that, which is ironic given his propensity to triangulate. #
  • #dnc08 This is the Bill Clinton Black people fell in love with in the 90s. #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton just downshifted into kissing McCain’s a$s. He will hopefully come up for air soon. #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “Thanks, but no thanks.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “In this case, the 3rd time is not the charm.” #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton: “Barack Obama is on the right side of history.” #
  • #dnc08 Clinton just connected Barack Obama’s heritage to the “old fashioned American story” That connects Michelle’s message from Monday. #
  • #dnc08 Bill Clinton did what he needed to do. I like him, even though he’s not really a progressive. #
  • #dnc08 @iheartquotes The grand old party is no longer grand, it’s just old #
  • #dnc08 I wonder how many military people will be on the program at #rnc08 #
  • #dnc08 Just finished a brief interview with Agape International Spiritual Center about elevating Black political thought & spirituality. #
  • @nprpolitics who are the _good_ Republican directors? #
  • @bigtentdenver who else is on the panel moderated by Maddow tomorrow morning? #
  • @ch3ryl these videos make me want to start a production company ’cause you know they didn’t come cheap. #dnc08 #
  • Peep my video interview with @jjpolitics at #dnc08. Big ups JJP, one of few blogs I read pretty much daily. #
  • @baratunde they got you man. they got you. #
  • #dnc08 Joe Biden: “You are defined by your sense of honor, and you’re redeemed by your loyalty.” #
  • #dnc08 Joe Biden: “We don’t have to accept the situation we cannot bear. We have the power to change it.” #
  • #dnc08 Joe Biden: “That’s not change. That’s more of the same.” #
  • #dnc08 Biden: “Obama will put more cops on the streets.” Thats the LAST thing that we need, in Denver this week or in America going forward. #
  • Obama to come out after Biden? #dnc08 #
  • The crowd is about to erupt when they see the surprise. #
  • and there it is… #
  • #dnc08 I’m voting for Mama Biden next election #
  • @ruby LOL. Let’s keep it PG13. #
  • Parties lookin’ kinda weak tonight. #dnc08 #
  • #dnc08 the line to get into Invesco is longer than Mandela’s walk to freedom. How ironic. #
  • #dnc08 if I had real hustle, I’d start selling Obama T Shirts. #
  • #dnc08 this line is really, really killing my enthusiasm. #
  • No PUMA would wait in this line. #dnc08 #
  • I can see the promised land… #dnc08 #
  • Damn, just lost her in the stampede. i was going to use your line. #
  • The Spade is in the building. #dnc08 #
  • Everybody text dnc to 62262 #
  • #dnc08 Sheryl Crow: a change would do up good. #

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-08-27

  • #dnc08 Back blogging in the Big Tent. Great time connecting with @chrisrabb, @writewhatilike & others. #
  • #dnc08 at PDA panel listening to a special surprise address by John Conyers. #
  • #dnc08 @digitalsista: we don’t need to be as big as the big guys to change the conversation. #
  • #dnc08 “George Bush slid into first, and then he stole second.” – Ohio Governor Ted Strickland #
  • #dnc08 @iheartquotes Progressives are Liberals with more plans and less money. — Garlin II #
  • #dnc08 Can anyone share thoughts Devall Patrick as a Governor? I haven’t heard bad things & assume no news is good news. #
  • New post at The SuperSpade: A guide to watching the DNC Convention ( ) #
  • New post at The SuperSpade: From Historical Moments to Historical Movements ( ) #
  • @Villager Let’s start looking for trailers. #
  • This Hillary Clinton video is actually good! Maybe she’d have had a shot if her commercials were more like this. #
  • Hillary Clinton is a proud supporter of Barack Obama! #
  • #dnc08 Hillary Clinton is a proud supporter of Barack Obama! Now the PUMAs can go back to their lairs & work to elect a Democratic President #
  • #dnc08 Hillary Clinton: “No way, no how, no McCain.” #
  • #dnc08 Hillary Clinton: “I ran for President to renew the promise of America.” #
  • #dnc08 Hillary Clinton: The reasons that she ran for are the reasons she supports Obama. #
  • Obama Assassination attempt was rooted in racism. What a surprise. #
  • #dnc08 Hillary Clinton: “We need to get going by electing Barack Obama.” #
  • #dnc08 Hillary Clinton just made a hell of a speech. Unfortunately, she may have just reminded the PUMAs why the love her so much. #
  • @randomdeanna Nobody’s sleepin’. #
  • @karsh the TVOne convention coverage is a joke, flat out. #
  • @faboomama do you have a mainstream link for that? That site looks suspect. #
  • @ProfessorTracey Definitely. I actually reached out, and I know others that did too. Unfortunatley they weren’t in need of actual substance #
  • @randomdeanna It was pretty hard to find something disappointing in that speech. Those guys were reaching pretty far. #
  • @BWBConference be careful & prayerful #dnc08 #
  • #dnc08 Is is racist for a white person to refer to a Black person as ‘mulatto’? My cab driver kept saying it about Obama & it felt dirty. #
  • Was working on a post when I was given a credential to go to Convention floor. I’m on my way now to scope it out and take pictures. #
  • Just met Louis Gosset Jr. At the convention center. #dnc08 #
  • Just left Radio Row and ran into Thom Hartmann & Randi Rhodes, both of whome remembered me from Seattle #
  • Michael Baisden’s producer asked me if I’d come on their show. We’ll see what happens. He doesn’t know I don’t like them #
  • Back at @bigtentdenver. Took lots of pics at the Pepsi Center being uploaded now. #
  • uggghhhhh, I left my camera cable in my suitcase this morning! ūüė¶ #
  • anyone in @bigtentdenver have a camera USB cable for a Cannon Camera? #
  • #dnc08 Devall Patrick, Governor of MA, is learning to blog! #
  • Michigan just went 127 to 25 for Obama in the roll call. I’m glad my state has sense. #
  • Barack Obama’s sister is here in the Big Tent thanking bloggers for their “true grassroots work & support.” #
  • Barack Obama’s Sister @bigtentdenver: “Bloggers are utterly revolutionary agents of change.” #dnc08 #
  • Barack & Hillary are in the building. #
  • Hillary just gave her delegates to Barack Obama! It’s finally, finally OVER! #
  • …a PUMA cries in Denver… #
  • Just had a great convo with Michael Shaw of This is my new favorite website. #dnc08 #
  • This convention has a record number of female delegates and a record number of Black delegates. That’s something. #dnc08 #
  • New post at The SuperSpade: Michelle Obama Tries to Create an Era of Understanding ( ) #

Michelle Obama Tries to Create an Era of Understanding

Michelle Obama gave a phenomenal speech on Monday night. I have no idea how her husband is going to top her.

I found it fitting that both Obama & Clinton, archetypes for women’s rights and advancement, set the stage for the future of this country’s Democratic agenda. Specifically, both women will be re-defining what their next positions as First Lady and Senator/Former Presidential Candidate mean and how they are managed.¬†Both Mrs. Obama and Sen. Clinton were tasked with re-presenting themselves to the people, for different reasons. Obama had to give us a new image because hers is being assaulted by the conservative press.¬†

Creating an Era of Understanding

Michelle Obama’s speech (full text & video) was one of the most tactically written, beautifully executed addresses in this generation, and she isn’t even a politician. Her and her speech writers successfully reframed both her and Sen. Obama as family people, as Americans, as people who have a Black version of white America’s experience. The reason that she even had to give that speech is because there is a fundamental misunderstanding between Black people and other people about the¬†similarities¬†and differences between one another’s life experiences. One would think that in a society where Black and white have been juxtaposed for approaching 400 years, white people’s pre-conceived notions about Black women would bear some semblance of accuracy. This is not the case, and it is up to the future First Lady to do what Black men & women have to do all too often: carry the image of their entire race on their shoulders in everything that they say and do.

This unfortunate reality will persist as long as there is misunderstanding. There can be no “post-racial” society (sidebar: I hate the term post-racial) or “post-anything” society without first building bridges of understanding and empathy between races, sexes, genders, cultures, sexual orientations, etc. The understanding is something that must be both actively pursued and actively distributed, meaning that we can’t just close our eyes and snap our fingers and have everyone magically move beyond racial tensions. Michelle and Barack Obama have the largest megaphone with which they can usher in this Era of Understanding, and I’m looking to them to set an example for others to emulate.

This is the type of change that we need.

One Love. One II.

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-08-26

  • New post at The SuperSpade: Michelle Obama brings the house down ( ) #
  • The Spade is in the building. FINALLY off the airport shuttle & settled in with @wild_in_grass. Tomorrow the gloves come off. #
  • #dnc08 Just connected with New Organizing Institute folks & got Big Tent cred. First post coming soon… #
  • #dnc08 We are not so much divided as we are disconnected. – Rev. Barron #
  • #dnc08 Let’s stay connected. – Stokely Carmichael #
  • #dnc08 – when you remain silent, bad things happen. charlers steel, president of sclc #
  • #dnc08 just left party with a purpose: celebration me civil rights icons event that connected Obama to civil rights icons. #
  • The Obama campaign has been careful with the Civil Rights connections thus far. I don’t think it hurts to be more overt with this. #dnc08 #
  • New post at The SuperSpade: Live at the DNC – I survived a PUMA ( ) #
  • On the way to PDA Media Activism Panel #dnc08 #
  • #dnc08 @radiomaeve: the parachute journalism is missing the real stories in Denver. #
  • #dnc08 @chrisrabb: the netroots can live up to previous generations like the abolitionist movement. #

A guide to watching the DNC Convention

Just when I think that MSM can’t get worse, I am disgusted at the gross coverage of the DNC National Convention. You are truly missing out on some great speeches because you would think that no one is on stage save for the keynote speakers. Right now, my main man Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is talking and he is one of the most dynamic politicians I have come across but you wouldn’t know that by watching CNN or MSNBC. For anyone interested in actually watching the convention and not talking heads, watch C-SPAN or listen to NPR instead of supporting MSM.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

Live at the DNC – I survived a PUMA

I’m finally at a place where I can write a full on post about what I’ve seen thus far at the Convention. It’s been interesting.¬†In order to stay up to the minute on what I’m seeing, follow The SuperSpade on Twitter at, where I’ll be sending updates from my phone on various events.

The PUMAs are coming

My shuttle ride in from the airport was 2.5 hours long. I shared that shuttle with an Obama volunteer, 2 Hillary Clinton delegates from Virginia, and a woman from Real Democrats in DC. What I found in them all were women that were ostensibly passionate about democratic and the Democratic Party, but who underneath were actually angry and disappointed in their party’s treatment of Hillary Clinton and how the party selects its nominee.

Some of the arguments made sense, but others had a strange hint of ‘my discrimination is better than yours’, even if it wasn’t intentional. For example, the Hillary folks never liked the caucus process, and I never really understood why. Now I do. They felt like caucuses gave some voters the chance to intimidate other voters in certain districts. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t be confused: that is code for Black voters scared away white voters in Black districts.¬†It’s just like calling Barack Obama arrogant: the “pc” way of saying that he is out of place.

They did have a different take on why her time as First Lady should count as experience: the analogy was a family-owned business. In many cases, the husband’s name is on everything (loans, bills, etc.) and the wife may not even be on the official payroll. Nevertheless, she contributes to the business operations (management of paperwork, employees, travel planning, etc.) and also is effectively a consultant on business strategy and decisions (e.g. Should we open another store across town? Should I hire an intern? etc.). This I think has merit, since I KNOW that I consult significant other when making business decisions. The nuance of this though was probably lost in the election mayhem.

Another thing they said was that a lot of older women in the Northeast were¬†withholding¬†their money from the DNC, which is dangerous considering the amount of money that the Republican Party has been raising ($75 million compared to the Democrats’ $28 million).

What do they want?

Something has to be done to bring these women to the table. When I asked the woman from Real Democrats who she wanted held accountable, her answers were:

  • The Democratic National Committee for ignoring their complaints on caucus practices
  • The Obama Campaign for doing that and taking these upset voters for granted
None of these women had plans to vote for John McCain. They said that most of these women in their movement were hardcore Democrats that wouldn’t cross over; they’d rather stay home than do that. The problem is, crossing over and staying home have the same effect. I pushed her on this point and here response was “no stance, no respect.” Truer words were never spoken, even if I don’t like this particular context.

The really scary part: Hillary doesn’t control them

The press and the Obama campaign keeps saying that Hillary Clinton needs to “get her supporters in line.” These women were very clear when they said to me that there was nothing that Hillary Clinton could do or say to change their position. Nothing. What that means is that this thing has legs all its own, and their going to keep kicking and screaming.

Hopefully though, it’ll somehow die this week.

One Love. One II.

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-08-25

Michelle Obama brings the house down

Michelle Obama is a great woman not because she gives a good speech or she is clearly chock full of class and grace. She is great because she did one of the most difficult things there is to do: truly honor your parents by doing what you are told. In her speech tonight, Michelle talked about how her parents often complained that too often people go off to college and never come back. Michelle followed her parents advice and married a man who devoted his life to public service when both of them combined could be raking in major dough. Read More…

Historic moments and historic movements – Obama edition

What’s up fam,

Things are about to get really interesting here at The SuperSpade. Our very own Garlin will be attending the DNC National Convention and giving us behind the scenes insights. My hope is that each of you take time to reflect on how far we have come and how far we have to go in this country to not just work out our racial issues but to deal with pressing issues included but not limited to recidivism, war, global warming, oil dependence, and the economy rooted in the progressive movement. Read More…