The myth of the Christian candidate

Good morning fam,

I hope all is well with you. A friend of mine just recently body sort of shut down due to the heat so be careful out there and stay hydrated. Speaking of heat, the cost of heating your home this fall and winter will more than likely be higher than last year so start considering putting money away now to deal with those bills.

However, I am here today to talk about the myth of the Christian candidate. Too often, the two wedge issues that conservatives use to determine if a candidate is moral or Christian enough are gay marriage and abortion. What I hate about this debate is that it forces God into a political framework that is too small and quite frankly, disrespectful.

Why is it that we never talk about tax policy in terms of Christian values? Are tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy really in line with this mistaken notion that God wants everyone to be rich? Man often defines as rich as monetary wealth, none of which we can take with us when we leave this earth. It is the love we give and receive from each other that makes one truly rich. Just think about it, anyone reading this column that went to college and stayed in the dorm remember how fun it was to be a broke college student, eating Ramen noodles, finding the most creative ways to eat and pay bills, always knowing that you had to laugh to keep from crying.

Having said that, what if we had a tax policy reflected in Proverbs 30:8-9 that reads,

8 Keep falsehood and lies far from me, give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. 9 Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say , ‘Who is the Lord?’ Or I may become poor and steal and so dishonor the name of my God.

And let’s consider war and consider the fact that yes, sometimes war is justified but if we honest with ourselves, sending troops to fight a wars chiefly designed support our conspicuous consumption as opposed to ending genocide is crazy to me.

Our health care system is designed to make sure that when you need health care most, insurance companies profit margins grow to the extent that they find ways to deny payment for needed services. And we are talking about people with health care so you can imagine the fear of not having it. I am just trying to imagine Jesus charging payment before he healed the sick and I just can’t see it.

The problem is that we all need help because even bad things happen to good people. You may do everything right and may have to end up taking care of a sick parent or child or enduring a debilitating disease yourself. I don’t know about you but I want to elect candidates that realize that we can’t put God in a box or a political party, but we can apply Biblical principles to the full spectrum of issues facing our society.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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One response to “The myth of the Christian candidate”

  1. Tyler says :

    Well they do it because they know that to be a religious person is to be imperfect. They also do it because they know which parts of the Bible or some random tenent made up by some European priest 600 years ago really matters to religious bigots.

    Most Americans are religious, but infrequently. Many don’t know the Bible well other than the most quoted texts (usually quoted out of context).

    The issue of the way politics operates is rooted in a belief, and understanding, that most Americans are deeply ignorant about most things. In our quest to be well-rounded, we actually (as a people) don’t know much of anything in depth. So while many of us have a broad base of knowledge, on any one thing, most of us have very superficial knowledge. Religion is the same, though more central in ones life (interesting paradox, no?)

    The interesting thing about how religion functions in politics is that it’s the cloak one wraps around oneself when they don’t like something that makes them uncomfortable. For a while it was black folks, now it’s LGBT Americans, Arab Americans and Latinos.

    In my mind, the myth is really about the real fear white folks feel of losing power in America.

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