Michelle Obama brings the house down

Michelle Obama is a great woman not because she gives a good speech or she is clearly chock full of class and grace. She is great because she did one of the most difficult things there is to do: truly honor your parents by doing what you are told. In her speech tonight, Michelle talked about how her parents often complained that too often people go off to college and never come back. Michelle followed her parents advice and married a man who devoted his life to public service when both of them combined could be raking in major dough.

I teared up when Michelle talked about how Obama was driving slow while he drove home with his wife and newborn daughter in the backseat, constantly looking in the rear view, checking to see if his family was alright. It was particularly moving because as someone who did not have a traditional Mom and Dad situation, I could appreciate the determination that Obama has to be a great father and husband in the ways that his own father was not. Being a Black man in America really is about how you measure up as a man, a father, and a husband compared to your father. More on that later.

Moreover, there were frequent cut aways that showed scores of women from all races crying during Michelle’s speech. Never in my life have I seen people tear up during a political speech. Michelle has the rare ability to pluck the strings of your heart and use moments of vulnerability to inspire us to be our better selves. Hat tip to you Michelle, you represent the reason why choosing a wife is one of the most important decisions a man could ever make.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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