A guide to watching the DNC Convention

Just when I think that MSM can’t get worse, I am disgusted at the gross coverage of the DNC National Convention. You are truly missing out on some great speeches because you would think that no one is on stage save for the keynote speakers. Right now, my main man Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is talking and he is one of the most dynamic politicians I have come across but you wouldn’t know that by watching CNN or MSNBC. For anyone interested in actually watching the convention and not talking heads, watch C-SPAN or listen to NPR instead of supporting MSM.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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One response to “A guide to watching the DNC Convention”

  1. Rupert Billingsley says :

    I could’t agree more with you. CNN has this former Clinton advisor telling us that they (Democrats) need to blast the (Republicans)on the gas prices, and other domestic issues. Well I for one don’t need anyone reminding me about things I see and fill everytime I pull into a gas station or go to the store. I am looking for answers as to what is the plan to lower or at least make more affordable.

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