Michigan election update

By now, many of you have heard about what is happening in Michigan with the GOP trying to prey on people who are going through foreclosure and trying to disenfranchise them. So for all the call and emails I have received, I want people to know that we are on top of the situation. However, for as fun as it may be to beat up on Republicans, we need to make sure that our folks know how to fight back. First, being foreclosed on your home is not a valid reason for you to be challenged at the polls. So for the record:

If you move within 60 days of the election and you don’t change the address on your driver’s license or ID, you’re still eligible to vote at your old address, even if that address has been foreclosed.

I work with the Michigan Election Coalition and we are coordinating efforts to make sure have the proper information and the other way we fight back is by making sure that OUR folks are poll watchers and actually sign up to work the polls. For people that want to be poll watchers and otherwise get involved, contact the Michigan Election Coalition Coordinator, Tierney Eaton at michiganelectioncoalition@gmail.com and visit the website by clicking here.

Get off the sidelines, it’s not a game out here.

Stay up fam,



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