Debunking the racism survey

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They Can’t Have That – Why I Don’t Trust Political Polls

Because when it looks like the outcome is not what those in charge would like to see, a statistical poll is published to scare the masses into doing something else.  Check out the results of the following poll about the “Racial Divide” in America:

Asked how much of America’s existing racial tension is created by blacks, more than one-third of white respondents said “most” or “all,” and 9 percent said “not much.” Only 3 percent of blacks said “most” or “all,” while half said “not much at all.”

Nearly three-fourths of blacks said white people have too much influence in American politics. Only 12 percent of whites agreed. Almost three times as many blacks as whites said blacks have too little influence.

Far more blacks than whites say government officials “usually pay less attention to a request or complaint from a black person than a white person.”

One in five whites have felt admiration for blacks “very” or “extremely” often. Seventy percent of blacks have felt the same about whites.

I have several problems with this poll.  First, it was conducted by individuals at Stanford University.  Given that Stanford is indeed, a premier, Ivy League of the West Coast College; the fact remains that it is also one of the most politically conservative colleges in the collegiate education system.  Because this is a historic election year, in which the real test will be in whether or not white people can really put aside their bigotry and make a choice based on qualification as opposed to race.
Second, look at the wording of some of the questions.  Many of us who have had a statistics class will know that you can frame and design questions to facilitate subjective responses and then present the results as a matter of objective fact and outcome.  So if you frame the questions in a way that will present whites as being more bigoted than blacks, that is the result you will get and that is the result you will publish.  How in the hell can over 70% of white people say the racial tensions in this country are OUR FAULT, and not get challenged on the fact that maybe Blacks are responding to constantly having to have competed on uneven playing fields, and with stacked decks ever since they offloaded our ancestors at Jamestown, Virginia?  Polls like this one never factor how responses to these types of questions are affected by the historical aspect of slavery, colonialism, Jim Crow and everything else.  These polls don’t take into account the deniability on the part of the white participants, either, and that’s shortchanging of true responses to the questions posed.

Third, every time I see a poll like this one, it is designed to favor one candidate over another one – presumably the one the establishment would not like to see get in.  For example, Fox Network may have a vested interest in not seeing an Obama Administration because an Obama Administration may mean a restoration of the Fairness Doctrine, in which networks that turn themselves into no more than propagandists masquerading as a news organization, will not only face stiff fines and penalities for violating FCC regulations, but may also face getting their broadcast licenses yanked and getting ejected from the airwaves.  Marinate on that one for a minute, please.

Fourth, and I think we all know this, but as one pollster said in the article; you can repeat a lie so often it becomes believable as the truth.  How many articles and news casts have clearly defined Obama as being of Christian faith, but when polls are taken, 30% of this damned country still believe Obama’s a Muslim?

Some people you aren’t going to satisfy, so don’t even try.

Fifth, participants tend to lie on these polls.  Some are bigots, but if the responses tend to identify them as bigots, they will respond in a way that portrays them as being moderate-to-liberal in their political views, when the reality is that they are pseudo-liberals and hate to get called on their shyt when that shyt clearly identifies them as being less-than-liberal.  They are less-than-liberal when their liberality doesn’t allow for anyone’s views to be heard regarding the equality and equitable treatment of ethnic people unless they’re the ones spewing the advice.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Most of all, I’m suspicious of the timing of this damned poll.  It’s looking like Obama’s regaining his momentum going into the stretch, and now that the glitter has worn off Sarah Palin, and McCain’s consistent lying about issues he doesn’t even have knowledge of, some political scientists are off in their corporate funded think tanks, shytting in their pants because Obama might actually rally enough pissed off people in the country to vote him into the White House, and they can’t have that, because an Obama Administration introduces a whole ‘nother set of dynamics that in their narrow, racially limited view of all things political, they’re going to have to come out of those think tanks and invite in the real people of this country who can speak to, and define those dynamics.

They can’t have that.

Because that really means that Blacks, Tim Wise-type Whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Gay, Straight, Transgendered and in-between…that means those dynamics not only facilitates invitations to the table, they flat out DEMAND we be there and we drive this Wurlitzer to unknown political frontiers.  And they can’t have anything in which they are no longer in charge of defining the political agenda of America, or telling individual ethnicities what’s best for them when they don’t even have a clue, and are too arrogant to go out and buy one to tell them what time it is.

THAT’S why I don’t trust Political Polls, and wait for it…we’re going to see at least five to ten more of similar polls before Election Day.

Wake me when it’s over.


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3 responses to “Debunking the racism survey”

  1. Dumi says :

    wow thoroughly unscientific analysis (the post I mean) … sorry this really is disappointing

  2. YOU ARE A KNOB says :

    as a minority myself…i’m sorry i wasted my time reading this bullsh**

    please don’t speak for us, i don’t need a racist speaking for me..

    you are truly a sad excuse for something..

    really pathetic..get a life

  3. Tyler says :

    The other point to make here is that the extent to which you can poll race is directly related to how much one knows or doesn’t know about how race actually operates.

    These polls try to poll overt racism instead of the extent to which white supremacist thinking impacts decision making in the election. So that there are never questions about why they think Obama is unqualified, just a questions about whether or not one thinks he is. Because to understand white supremacy is to understand that it creates situations where ones responses make no rational sense. People think he’s unqualified because for them a black person is never truly qualified OR because to be a qualified black person is to be overqualified relative to any random white person.

    That’s is, for me, the issue with these polls. It’s really about making white folks feel good. YOu almost here the underlying point these polls are trying to make : “hey darkie, stop complaining. Obama means you ain’t GOT nuttin to complain about anymore.”

    On this score, I’m not partisan. I think the polls on both sides are flawed and racist. Because there is a faction of the liberal elite that sees Obama as their salvation. As the thing that means we have arrived and they can let go of their guilt about racism.

    That’s harmful when racism, in its more insidious complex forms, still lives on.

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