Financial madness

First off I want to say Happy Birthday to my partner in crime…Mr. Garlin Gilchrist II.

This current crisis reminds me of something Bill Maher said, (I am paraphrasing) “Conservatives have the easiest job in the world because when they mess up doing things like governing, they can claim that government itself is the problem and whatever they planned to do wasn’t supposed to work anyways.” So now you have Democrats bending over backwards to make this deal work with House Republicans posturing against the bill.

And here is the problem, people keep saying that this bill is going to end up with a nice return for taxpayers right? If that was the case, then shouldn’t someone in the free market see this gem and buy it up so that taxpayers don’t have endure this socialism for the rich? What’s more is that if Obama said he wanted to invest $100 billion in education, conservatives would cry, “We already spent $700 billion on bailing out Wall Street and we can’t just throw away taxpayer money.” And a bold Democrat would respond by saying, “Wait, you just robbed taxpayers of a trillion dollars because businesses were too big to fail but we can definitely afford to let our children down in the form of disinvesting in education. And if money is not the cure all for whatever the issue, why does this logic apply to Wall St. and not education?”

Seriously, if there was ever anything that would prove a guaranteed return on investment, wouldn’t it be investing in education? Your money is where your heart is.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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3 responses to “Financial madness”

  1. Tips Paradise says :

    Congratulations to Mr. Garlin and sorry I can’t say anything about your financial madness today. I guess I’m just tired.

  2. Tyler says :

    You know what the problem with investing in education is?

    It requires us to let go of our American sense of instant gratification. To invest in education is to decide what the course of action is, invest, and wait a generation to see if it works (and, if so, to what extent). I think that’s hard for all of us. Because what you see is that new mayors come into cities (like Fenty here in DC) and folks are like, well how come it hasn’t worked. It’s been 2 years.

    I think we don’t want to spend the money and it not work.

    The other piece of this is, that we refuse (Dems and Rs alike) to acknowledge that we are no longer an industrial society. We have an antiquated education system that was designed to track enough workers into industry. But now we ain’t got it. So we got folks who have no “skills” (in the 21st century meaning of the word).

    These two problems along make us Americans inert on education. To fix education we’d need to do 2 things: start over with a system that is designed to help children AND wait a generation to see the extent to which it works.

    Not sure if we have the will. Not just political will. But the national will.

  3. Brandon Q. says :

    @ Tips Paradise, I am tired too but we have to have enough energy to continue fighting for the right thing.

    @ Tyler, you are absolutely right about all your points regarding education. What’s more is that many financial advisors tell parents that they shouldn’t save for their children’s college education so this “On your own society,” is impacting our children and our future.

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