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Financial madness

First off I want to say Happy Birthday to my partner in crime…Mr. Garlin Gilchrist II.

This current crisis reminds me of something Bill Maher said, (I am paraphrasing) “Conservatives have the easiest job in the world because when they mess up doing things like governing, they can claim that government itself is the problem and whatever they planned to do wasn’t supposed to work anyways.” So now you have Democrats bending over backwards to make this deal work with House Republicans posturing against the bill.

And here is the problem, people keep saying that this bill is going to end up with a nice return for taxpayers right? If that was the case, then shouldn’t someone in the free market see this gem and buy it up so that taxpayers don’t have endure this socialism for the rich? What’s more is that if Obama said he wanted to invest $100 billion in education, conservatives would cry, “We already spent $700 billion on bailing out Wall Street and we can’t just throw away taxpayer money.” And a bold Democrat would respond by saying, “Wait, you just robbed taxpayers of a trillion dollars because businesses were too big to fail but we can definitely afford to let our children down in the form of disinvesting in education. And if money is not the cure all for whatever the issue, why does this logic apply to Wall St. and not education?”

Seriously, if there was ever anything that would prove a guaranteed return on investment, wouldn’t it be investing in education? Your money is where your heart is.

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Brandon Q.


SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-09-24

  • – Now, this is what I think of when I hear the phrase "Welfare Queen". #
  • Sadly, all the Democrats that voted for the Bankruptcy Bill a couple years ago are going to vote for this bailout proposal. #
  • This economic drama now has Obama up 5 points in MI. He can ride this to the White House if he stands his ground. #
  • @nezua Peep, I took a step towards that, creating BETTER Talking Points so we can talk like Progressives without fear. #
  • Rtwt @betterpoints: BETTER Talking Points (BTP) is live at Start talking like a real Progressive. #
  • @nezua That’s all me man. Well, technically it’s all my company, @optech. Thanks for the love. Spread the word for me! #
  • @nezua Don’t spread the word for OpTech; spread the word for @betterpoints. We both want liberal/progressive ideas to be shared w/o fear. #
  • @slanttruth Thanks my friend. Tell your folks to follow @betterpoints and visit the site! #

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-09-23

  • Senator Bernie Sanders: “Institutions that are too big to fail are too big to exist.” Amen. #
  • New post at The SuperSpade: My thoughts on the financial meltdown ( ) #
  • New post at The SuperSpade: Debunking the racism survey ( ) #
  • Obama must go to DC & tell these cowardly Dems to stand tall against this bailout bullsh!t & that he’ll back them. Otherwise, they’ll cave. #
  • New post at The SuperSpade: More thoughts on the financial crisis ( ) #
  • New post at The SuperSpade: My thoughts on the financial meltdown ( ) #
  • What farm is this bailout money being grown on? Oh, right, the same one in China where we grow all the rest of our money. #
  • We knew Conservatives hated government enough to take it over & break it. We can now say the same about their approach to financial … #
  • Sign Senator Bernie Sanders’ petition to protect everyday our interests, not those of incompetent banking institutions. #
  • Does anyone have a link to text/audio (translated) from Ahmadinejad’s UN address? #

More thoughts on the financial crisis

More thoughts on the financial crisis:

  1. If nothing else is true in the world, “Your money is where your heart is.” The Republican Bush Administration is asking for $700,000,000,000 to bail out banks, not the average tax payer. Bush would never put up $700,000,000,000 for health care or education, you know the things that will directly help you. Do you still support this ideology? Where do you spend your money? WWJD?
  2. Where is this money coming from?
  3. Senator Bernie Sanders that said, “If a company is too big to fail, it is too big to exist; those who benefitted most from Bush policy should pay.”
  4. So this means bootstraps only applies to individuals but not business right?
  5. This crisis will separate the wheat from the chaffe. I am sick and tired of Democrats ceding that we have to pass this bill before they say anything else.
  6. Why can’t we have a moratorium on foreclosures?
  7. Privatizing profit and socializing the loss has never been so apparent. Do you really think that Congress will make sure that the American people get their money back?
  8. Are you better or worse now than you were eight years ago?

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

Debunking the racism survey

via Christian Progressive Liberal from Jack and Jill Politics

They Can’t Have That – Why I Don’t Trust Political Polls

Because when it looks like the outcome is not what those in charge would like to see, a statistical poll is published to scare the masses into doing something else.  Check out the results of the following poll about the “Racial Divide” in America:

Asked how much of America’s existing racial tension is created by blacks, more than one-third of white respondents said “most” or “all,” and 9 percent said “not much.” Only 3 percent of blacks said “most” or “all,” while half said “not much at all.”

Nearly three-fourths of blacks said white people have too much influence in American politics. Only 12 percent of whites agreed. Almost three times as many blacks as whites said blacks have too little influence.

Far more blacks than whites say government officials “usually pay less attention to a request or complaint from a black person than a white person.”

One in five whites have felt admiration for blacks “very” or “extremely” often. Seventy percent of blacks have felt the same about whites.

I have several problems with this poll.  First, it was conducted by individuals at Stanford University.  Given that Stanford is indeed, a premier, Ivy League of the West Coast College; the fact remains that it is also one of the most politically conservative colleges in the collegiate education system.  Because this is a historic election year, in which the real test will be in whether or not white people can really put aside their bigotry and make a choice based on qualification as opposed to race. Read More…

My thoughts on the financial meltdown

I need to speak my piece about the financial crisis facing America. This will be free form but take from it what you will.

Real people

Many families are in a situation where the only real safety net is that of other family members who are relatively well off. To be clear, we are not talking about McCain rich; rather I am defining well off by having good credit and being able to give “loans” to the family that rarely get paid back. These family anchors (including some in my own family) are being wiped out with this economic crisis. And I am tired of real people being categorized as “Main Street” and banks being characterized as “Wall Street.” This level of distance from real people in our media leaves everyone and no one responsible for our current crisis. In the end, the real victims are faceless and nameless. Read More…

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-09-22

  • “It’s not a bailout, it’s a stick up.” — Naomi Klein during her interview today with Randi Rhodes #
  • Randi Rhodes: “This bailout is an *Authorization to use Financial Force* against the American people.” #
  • Randi Rhodes on the taxpayer bailout: “You’re paying for your own rape kit.” #
  • Damn, Randi Rhodes is killin’ em today. She just said: “These financial _instruments_ that they make up are weapons of mass destruction.” #