Getting shot for Barack…

Keep your head up fam, we are living in perilous times and if folks are being shot for wearing Obama T-shirts, it is up to us to not go forth with a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. If this is any preview of an October surprise, then I suggest folks watch V for Vendetta. h/t to Baratunde from Jack and Jill Politics.

Keep your head up fam, we are living in perilous times and if folks are being shot for wearing Obama T-shirts, it is up to us to not go forth with a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.

UPDATE: What kind of world are we living in? The few times some crazies threatened to assassinate Obama, I had already sort of mentally and emotionally prepared so I wasn’t that affected. And reading this story, I am thinking about how when people feel like they can’t hurt you, they hurt the ones closest to you. I am currently thinking about the four Black girls that died in the bombing Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. God please replace my rage with love. My people have suffered too much. Tears. Slavery, Disrespect. Spat upon. Raped. Pillaged. Fear. My people only want to leave the world better than they found it and for centuries, we have to sacrifice for shit that makes no sense. I will stand up Lord. I pray that your angels are round about me and keep me safe,  my family and my friends, as we continue to fight for a better world.

Man shot three times in street by racist gunman – for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 6:01 PM on 07th October 2008

A man told today how he was shot three times in a London street for wearing a Barack Obama T-shirt.

Dube Egwuatu was buying a mobile telephone top-up card in an off-licence when the gunman confronted him and glared at the top, which carries an image of the Democrat US presidential candidate underneath the legend ‘Believe’.

The man then launched into a tirade of racist slurs, shouting ‘I f***ing hate n*****s’ and urging 36-year-old Mr Egwuatu to leave the shop with him.

Dube Egwuato was racially attacked

Respect: Dube Egwuatu wearing the Obama T-shirt that provoked a racist attack

The man then left the shop but when Mr Egwuatu re-emerged, the attacker was waiting for him in broad daylight with a threatening-looking dog and holding a gun behind his back.

Realising what had sparked the increasingly violent assault, the terrified Mr Egwuatu zipped up his jacket to cover the image of Mr Obama and walked to his car.

But the shaven-headed man, who was white,  followed Mr Egwuatu and after pulling open the passenger door pointed the gun at him.

After pleading with the man to leave him alone, the married former street warden put the keys in the ignition and turned the engine on.

The attacker then fired the gas-powered ball-bearing pistol three times, hitting the civil servant in the face, hand and shoulder.

Fearing for his life and bleeding heavily, Mr Egwuatu raced away in his car and found somewhere safe to call for help.

He was taken to hospital and later sent to have a piece of metal removed from his jaw.

Mr Egwuatu, a data analyst with Croydon Council, said: ‘The venom in his voice was frightening.

‘He was telling me that he was going to kill me.

‘I couldn’t believe it was happening – and just because I was wearing an Obama T-shirt. He was trying to make me walk somewhere quieter, saying: ‘I’ve got something for you,’ and ‘I’m going to kill you.’

He added: ‘Obama inspires me, his educational track record alone is quite unbelievable – that is why I was wearing the T-shirt.

‘I did not think for one minute it could stir up such powerful feelings of hatred and I never said a word to him.’

Mr Egwuatu’s wife, Angela, 35, said neither of them had experienced anything like it during their childhood in Nigeria.

Mrs Egwuatu, an immigration officer, said: ‘At first my feelings were pure horror and now it is pure anger.

‘If he had been carrying a real gun I would have been a widow. It is just ridiculous.

‘I don’t know how a person’s mentality works. Why would a T-shirt get you to the point where you want to shoot someone.’

To the untrained eye, ball-bearing guns like the one used in the attack look every bit like a real firearm.

The potentially lethal weapons are often converted by criminals to fire real bullets, and can be bought easily in high-street shops and on websites.

The Met said it was investigating the incident, which took place in South Norwood, and that police searched a nearby house which the attacker was seen going into.

No one has been arrested.


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4 responses to “Getting shot for Barack…”

  1. Garlin II says :

    When I was in Denver, three armed men were arrested for saying they were going to kill Senator Obama.

    At McCain-Palin rallies, people are chanting “Kill Him” and making other transparent threats towards Senator Obama.

    The more he scares these types of people, the more convinced I am that he’s saying the right things.

    I am not sure why these don’t count as clear and present danger and why immediate legal action has not been taken.

    Please pray & vote this man into the White House safely.

    One Love. One II.

  2. prince says :

    I used to rock a obama t shirt also perform pro obama slam poems for mostly white crowds in bars but recently I stopped because the more I notice obama is going to win the more cold and angry white folks look at me when its obvious obama is my hero. This shit is going to oj levels of rage for many white racist and the palin mccain rallies are feeding grounds for hatred. I know we want to support him but he got secret service and I don’t so the tshirt and public advocacy aint happening until things cool down. This country is in shock as they lose they money job and now possibly white power in white house its painful for white folks to go through change. I feel bad for rev wright father pleger and bill ayers because these men fought the fight for blacks and the poor and it pisses me off black folk getting shot to wear a obama t shirt and he too punkified to admit he cool with freedom fighters. I’m voting but if obama too scared to publicly give props to black freedom fighters I am risking my life to publicly wear his tshirt. 2 can play the spook who sat by the door game barack. He aint even reached out and comforted the brother it pathetic. He got my vote but that’s it.

  3. Zeech says :

    He zipped up his jacket and went to walk away! Is this brother fresh off the boat or wah? This happened in Norwood, South London, about 10 minutes from Brixton (home of Street Uprisings in 80’s). That’s where I lived (B4 NewYork). Now, everyone KNOWS Norwood and as a black man you walk around tooled up, coz we can’t just say ‘hope I don’t get my ass kicked in the white getto’. My token white friend still lives there, and my antennae is up whenever I pass to check him. This is England! You don’t walk away from these cavemen when they come for you, it aint the Caribbean.

    It’s like my brother who got stabbed up by racist cavemen in west London. AFter he healed my dad blasted him for being an idiot bwoy, going to party in an area ALL black men knew was NF (Klan).
    They won’t catch the white boy, coz he typical of Norwood white trash and blends in, but they will catch some some black, after the kick back when some white yuppy get’s the same treatments in Brixton – just down the road.

    For me the biggest suprise is it was reported by daily mail, which along with the Sun were about the most racist papers in the county when I was growing up.

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