For undecideds needing an excuse to vote for Barack

In case any of you undecideds can’t get over your mental block of voting for Senator Barack Obama, take a mental poll of where you stand financially and read this great piece from the New York Times,

Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants

Since 1929, Republicans and Democrats have each controlled the presidency for nearly 40 years. So which party has been better for American pocketbooks and capitalism as a whole? Well, here’s an experiment: imagine that during these years you had to invest exclusively under either Democratic or Republican administrations. How would you have fared?

As of Friday, a $10,000 investment in the S.& P. stock market index* would have grown to $11,733 if invested under Republican presidents only, although that would be $51,211 if we exclude Herbert Hoover’s presidency during the Great Depression. Invested under Democratic presidents only, $10,000 would have grown to $300,671 at a compound rate of 8.9 percent over nearly 40 years.


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2 responses to “For undecideds needing an excuse to vote for Barack”

  1. Billione says :

    WOW! I always wonder who these things are calculated. No one could argue this because when you remove the “buzz words” and issues that are not really issues, like gay marriage and abortion, we feel the proof in our pockets. Thanks for this post!

  2. Tina says :

    This is amazing and very damning to the Republican brand. The chart on the NY Times website shows an arrow for Hoover going down -30.8%. Who would really want a Republican to go into office during the financial mess we are in? Hoover, afterall was the the third of 3 Republican presidents in a row.

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