Top ten take aways from final debate

Per usual, below are my top ten take aways from last night’s final debate between Senator Obama and Senator McCain.

1. Obama nailed McCain on the Lily Ledbetter case where a woman was underpaid compared to her male counterparts. If you are an undecided woman and don’t know McCain’s stance on furthering gender inequity, get it together.

2. How many times was McCain going to interrupt Obama? Show some respect.

3. John, you referenced Joe the plumber 21 times. Personal anecdotes are good when you use them sparingly. No one person in America represents everyone.

4. How can we live in a country where quality education is an afterthought?

5. McCain, please stop rolling your eyes sista girl!

6. Did McCain really put women’s health in air quotes? That line would have worked had he actually explained how “women’s health” could be used in an extreme case to justify abortion. It came off as very dismissive and insensitive.

7. I loved Obama’s comeback on pointing out the need for funding to support kids with special needs. McCain, you can’t do this with an across the board spending freeze now can you?

8. Did you peep how McCain tried to briefly mention Ayers while looking at Bob and not Obama? It seemed like a throw away line so that his campaign could say, “See we did it.” BTW, Obama did not bring up Keating, Alaska Independence Party, seven houses, etc… a word classy.

9. Republicans need a much better line on the economy than cutting taxes. You can’t get a return on anything you don’t invest in right? So when all you do is cut taxes, the economy really doesn’t grow and you find yourself in situations like we are in now when people need the government’s help, but the “beast” as it were is so starved that it really can’t do anything and we continue the cycle of cynicism.

10. McCain came across as erratic. This is a time for reasoned, steady leadership and dear friend, you didn’t do that tonight.


Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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3 responses to “Top ten take aways from final debate”

  1. Revvy Rev says :

    It was also slick how Obama was able to point out Palin’s incompetence. Instead of directly stating it, he replied to Bob’s question on it with “She’s a great politician, has invigorated the base of McCain’s constituency, etc.”.

  2. The Angryindian says :

    Usually I would say that the jumbled comments above were the rare utterances of a diminished cadre of angry Euro-Americans who simply cannot accept that the country has changed. But after my second reading of this nonsense it is clear that stating such an observation is unnecessary. Or is it?

    John McCain did not invent fall-back propaganda, (emotive screeds like this one heavy on accusation but short on factual or even logical proof) but he is using it to great effect with White people who after 500 plus years of total socio-political and economic control over two continents still feel unsafe when people of colour employ their rights.

    But what really galls me is the last sentence(?) “when will the black man learn whats his and whats not his go back to africa”

    If that is the position of this reader he or she should live their lyrics. In other words, when will the White man learn what is his and return to Europe where he originated? I think that after reading and hearing such trash since Barack Obama announced his campaign, this is a fair question. The Native community is still waiting after five centuries for an answer to that query.

    And as a side note to the responder, you should learn how to write in proper American English if you are going to spread such racist nonsense. You sound like an uneducated Florida White man running scared through the streets of St. Petersburg afraid of the “Black Menace” that does not exist. If you are that fearful of African males, move to Europe. There’s plenty of space in Eastern Europe for folks who think just like yourself.

  3. The Angryindian says :

    Do you feel Mr. Caron that if you flood this website with more misinformation that this will hand Mr. McCain a win this election round?

    Whoever you are, your commentary in this thread is patently false, hateful and loaded with nonsensical racialist rhetoric all of which is clearly based on your own innate insecurities. Your problem is not with Mr. Obama or even African people as a whole, your problem is with yourself.

    It is clear that you have very little education. Your spelling and horrible punctuation betray that you are a very unstable individual who sincerely needs help to understand why you are so angry with the world. If it bothers you that Mr. Obama and people like the site owner and myself are doing better than you, that is your problem. Get a job and then get an education so that the next time you decide to take crayon to paper to insult other people and entire races with misguided platitudes of pure White racial hatred, the reader can follow your idiotic arguments.

    The point is, you have no real argument. Like the people calling Mr. Obama anti-American and worse, you represent little more than the worst of the United States. Angry, sad and obviously dirt-poor White people terribly scared of their own shadows and what they think might happen should real equality take place in this country and around the world.

    You are clearly dangerous to yourself and others. But one could suppose that you will take pride in that assessment as for many hyper-active angry racist White males, the idea of being feared is more desirable to being cognizant of the world around you. Hence, your vitriolic comments about Ms. Obama, American Indians and everyone else you can think of to blame for your unfortunate lot in life. But just for clarity’s sake, these are the two major points that convinced me that you know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about:

    1- You identify Mr. Obama as attempting to use the Koran when he was elected to the Illinois Senate. You are so wrong. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, a practicing Muslim, used Thomas Jefferson’s personal copy of the Koran during his ceremony: (
    If you are going to cite incidents, cite them correctly. And honestly.

    2- Your sense of geography and nationality is equally twisted. You claim to be English, (residing in St. Petersburg, Florida so you claimed) yet you also assert NOT to be Western European (?) For your information the UK is smack dab ethnically and culturally in Western Europe. Review a map once in a while. As far as the notion that Europeans were in the Americas before the Indigenous population harks back to the days of the Piltdown Man Hoax created to counter the overwhelming forensics evidence of an African human origin. This evidence has never been credibly disproved. And for your information, the scientists at the heart of these studies are all European.

    So after considering that fact that you have so little to offer this website, I suggest that you check out the various neo-Nazi web portals out there chock full of equally ignorant folks scared of a future European expansionism created in the first place.

    P.S. – Also, Britain invaded Ireland, not the other way around. Try reading a British history book sometime. You might learn something. Feel free to respond. I choose not to waste my time.

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