The silver-lining in our economic crisis

I know times are hard for folks and not a week goes by where someone doesn’t tell me about how they heard about some new company giving people the pink slip. However, all of this gloom and doom that the media and we in turn regurgitate is bad for our mental and emotional health. For those of us that had the pleasure of going to school, you will recall the best times of your life was spent scrounging up change to order a small pizza to be split amongst five people, or going to every event that offered food, or any other but-gusting story you can reflect on. On one hand, you could suffer knowing that eventually, you would get a job where you could pay your bills.

I submit to you that our mental and emotional states should not ebb and flow with the economic outlook for the quarter. I was raised that God always provides a way of escape and we should look to the hills from which cometh our help. Moreover, I wrote a list of reasons we all should be looking for the silver lining in the midst of this economic crisis.

•    You are probably drinking more water now than you ever thought possible.
•    There is less pressure to keep up with the Joneses because most people you know are hurting.
•    The times you probably went out to eat you now spend cooking at home and actually to eat food you cook.
•    Count your blessings for not having a criminal record because with a record, it is difficult (not impossible) to work or even go to school. This means that once the economy recovers, you will be able to ride out while many people probably in your family will be left behind. Don’t forget about them and show love.
•    Hopefully, something miraculous has or will happen to you (got a job, someone paid a bill for you, etc.) and there is no other way for you to explain it other than a blessing from God.
•    You are cutting the things out of your life that satisfies your selfish desires and not your spirit.
•    You realize that you have a lot more hustle inside you than you thought possible.
•    You realize that your loved ones would much rather you tell them about a problem than have you suffer in silence.
•    You finally took the time to do that sometimes painful self-evaluation.
•    You either have or will find out who your real friends are when your enjoyment isn’t lubricated by what money can buy.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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2 responses to “The silver-lining in our economic crisis”

  1. steven m devougas says :

    I hope to explore this more in depth in a future post, but I think that when everything is stripped from you or in the face of a serious crisis, it allows you to return to simplicity and re-prioritize. Most people only change when forced to, so really, there was no way to get people to step back and look at their lives and how materialistic we have become until the dang gone bottom fell out. It is not easy and never pleasant but very necessary. For those of you who have lost their job and probably had nothing to do with the greed and irresponsibility that caused this, our hearts go out to you. Use this time to do something you want to do, start a business, go back to school. Now you dont have work as an excuse to hide behind to chase your dreams. We should embrace this temporary discomfort and allow it to make us stronger and better. Security and comfort are illusions anyway.

  2. jean marie oz says :

    economic crisis always are causing imperialistic wars
    that divide west and east
    because the richest countries usually
    are stealing the national treasures of other countries that were
    excolonies it is not a coincidence the entrance of france again to the military part of otan the crusades and the event in fasonta in 1898 are symptoms of a europe that was imperialistic
    and treated to its colonies like they were slaves and servants
    otan should have an end or otherwise imperialism would be revived in new shapes and forms
    french american british capitalists appetite is getting
    bigger now that they loose their money
    the oil of m.east is too good or the precious stones of africa
    or the materials from latin america
    they are sturving for more money and they expect the cause
    to attack to those countries
    the situation prooves that america and europe
    are living the fall and the decline of their empire and that china
    will be the next global factor in the chess game
    of colonialism
    europe and usa are weaker than ever
    a very bad president leaded america to destruction
    and the world to an economic chaos
    it contains the antiimperialistic erotonomicon that socked greek society with its violence and sexuality
    and the poems new york olympia and exhibition of orthodromic retrospection

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