Rep. Conyers, the Fair Copyright in Research Works Act is not fair

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Bless his heart, Rep. John Conyers is on the wrong side of a very important piece of legislation he sponsored known as the Fair Copyright in Research Works Act.  In short, the way it stands now, researchers and scientists that get National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding are required to allow a copy of their work be published by PubMed Central, which is the free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. The operative in the previous statement is free, which is important because it allows people like you and I to review the research that informs our country’s health policies.

I flew to DC to get Rep. Conyers to sign the Health Care for Americans Now principles and I applaud his views on the need to reform our health care system but the fact is simple, citizens should get access to health research that they pay for, period. The larger point is that this bill is one shot across the bow to target open access, an important principle which means that citizen peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly literature should be free and more available on the internet.

I didn’t know this but a new report by transparency group shows that sponsors of this bill — led by Rep. John Conyers — received twice as much money from the publishing industry as those on the relevant committee who are not sponsors. Rep. Conyers, do the right thing and think about the implications that your bill will have on starving citizen-driven activism from the one thing they need most to hold the powers that be accountable…information.

If you want to get involved to help defeat this bill, link up with our good friends at Change Congress that are doing great work to root out special interests in our national politics.

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One response to “Rep. Conyers, the Fair Copyright in Research Works Act is not fair”

  1. Marc says :

    What is John Conyers motivation on this issue? It’s interesting to note that this is just basic and blatant corruption. I thought John was supposed to be on the side of the Public, not Big Business. This is just simple corruption. The Science Journals want to make more money. That is the basis for this request. Johnny Conyers is pushing a bill through Congress that will literally ban the open access of these papers, forcing scientists to only publish in journals. These Journals basically cost $2,000 for a subscription. And then there is an additional cost to the Scientist to publish. Now it will be against the law to share your discoveries. “I wonder how many discoveries will be kept secret because more money can be made if the Public is kept ignorant .” John, I expected better from you!!!!

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