Twin cities still fighting – Flint and Detroit

What’s up fam,


I have been incredibly busy planning the Michigan Policy Summit and there so many issues I want to address. Today, I want to highlight two stories that serve as a grim reminder of how devastating a situation we find ourselves with this economic crisis.

For starters, I want to highlight a story from Flint, one of Michigan’s larger cities where

The second story comes from Detroit (current unemployment rate 22.2%) and the impending closing of one of my favorite places in the world, “Baker’s Keyboard Lounge,” one of the oldest jazz clubs in the country and is truly a jewel of Detroit and America. For seventy five years, most jazz greats you can think of during this era has made a stop at Baker’s. This recession is swallowing people whole and in a city and region suffering so bad economically, an evening Baker’s soothed your soul with music and an atmosphere that speaks to a value common amongst Michiganders; ruggedly positive. If you are living in Michigan, make a trip to Baker’s and do what you can to help keep it open.

Stay up fam and keep fighting the good fight,

Brandon Q.


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3 responses to “Twin cities still fighting – Flint and Detroit”

  1. Billione says :


    It is sad that I have been a jazz fan all of my life, am a singer/songwriter and am the nephew of a blues legend, jazz drummer, and singer and have never been to Baker’s. I have tons of friends who have performed there, but have never got around to going. I know, this is sad.

    I am going to do what I can. As for Flint, this s news to me. I am disappointed by the circumstances. This seems to be something we have never had to deal with. Michigan is really hurting.

  2. CrysMack says :

    I was born adn raised in Flint.Its been on the decline since before GM pulled out nearly twenty years ago. Flint is in a state of desperate disrepair. I have no idea what can be done to revive my hometown. There seems to be a permanant cloud hovering above the city. A spirit takes over me when I visit.

    Most of my family has moved to suburbs around the city. And my immediate family has since departed for sunnier (literally and economically) states.

    ButI don’t think its time to post the “closed” sign just yet. There are wonderful activists and social programs in Flint. There are still folks raising their families and earning a living in Flint. Detroit and Flint may never bounce back …they’ll never be what they once were…but its a perfect time for them to develop into something new.

  3. Change says :

    The problem I’m seeing is that the economy is holding on to capitalistic principles for dear life. Even with the light state capitalization of banking that is taking place, EVERYONE is failing to depart from the black hole that capitalism has become. No one knows where to go from here, but when did mercantilists? They left to commercialism, industrialism, etc. Why are we fighting ourselves to pride our failed system.

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