Asia McGowan, a terrible and unfortunate loss

Asia McGowan, a beautiful, talented, and warm-hearted twenty year-old woman was murdered by a deranged lunatic that murdered her at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit. Anthony Powell, 28 shot Asia, 20 at point blank range and after doing so, committed suicide….like a punk. But Brandon, you don’t understand what he was going through. He killed an innocent woman!!! Apparently, Powell posted some crazy youtube videos where he scorned Black women, discussed suicide, and decried atheists. No one quite knows for sure yet, but according to some youtube comments, (and I wouldn’t be surprised) Powell had a crush on Asia and left scathing comments on her videos.

In her last video, Asia addressed people leaving hateful comments on her videos, which were all innocent, funny, and not worth any hate, whatsoever.

So to everybody, and especially my nieces and nephews, be careful with whom you friend and converse with online. No one needs to know where you are at every second of the day. No one needs to see you do the latest dance, however innocent it may be. I know free speech is important but it is too easy with advances in technology to track and possibly do harm to someone. Just think about twitter, “I am at the coffee shop,” or “I am in history 101.” Please be careful and be wary of people who spew hate at you. Asia, was terribly young and had a bright future ahead of her so I ask you Lord, please provide solace and peace for Asia’s family and friends in their time of loss. Don’t let the day end without a warm heart and clear conscience.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

21 responses to “Asia McGowan, a terrible and unfortunate loss”

  1. Claire says :

    People have a right to free speech and freedom; to write, post video content, speak their mind, and to not be murdered for anything they might say. Please do not ask people to police their perfectly reasonable actions, including freedom of speech. The blame for this incident lies squarely on the murderer, not YouTube videos.

  2. Kendra says :

    I have something to say about this article because the young lady never told anyone where she was at all times. She had a class with that man, and they had class together that morning that she was shot. And the comments that she spoke about in the video are there if you look, and hating in the urban world is not necessarily hate. It’s jealousy! So please do your research before you just make assumptions of that sort. Asia was a wonderful young lady that has just been taken by tragedy! Thanks have a blessed day

  3. Brandon Q. says :

    @Claire I acknowledge in my post that free speech is important and never did I blame youtube videos for this tragedy.

    @Kendra I understand that Asia never talked about where she was at all times. My message was directed towards my nieces and nephews and asking them to be safe as they navigate the internet. I also saw her videos and I stated that they “were all innocent, funny, and not worth any hate, whatsoever.” And by hate, I meant the vitrol that Powell directed towards Asia. Again, a terrible loss,

    Stay up fam,

  4. Sandy says :

    To whom it May Concern
    This goes out to Asia’s Family. I”m truly sorry for your lost of your beautiful daughter. From watching her on U-Tube she had alot of Talent. I myself am old school I hate talking to people on the computer. I like to talk to my friends on the phone. I don’t get involved in Twitter or anything of the sort. Again I”m so sorry about your lost and my prayers go out to Asia’s family.

  5. missy says :

    For all that don’t know Tony Powell the murderer was influenced by a hate group called Black Men Vent who shout death threats to black women on a daily basis. He listened to them and they egged him on while some blocked him and made fun of his stuttering problems. He was attracted to Asia she had no idea. She was just a person who was nice to everyone. He became obssessed with her vids, she only posted a few as she was a young lady who had a life. Youtube has really take accountability for what is allowed to be posted. Freedom of speech is different from HATE SPEECH which caused this beautiful young lady to lose her life..

  6. david h says :

    I was A very good friend to ASIA & she is the best wellknown loving very young lady who just had to lose her life especially on good friday just before 1:00pm. She used to spend the night at my house almost every weekend during the summer. I kind of liked her a little but she knew it. Her sister said she lost half her soul, & the other almost went into a mental hospital & we went to their house some & that’s because they always came instead of us going there. I went to the funeral, watched the bury her & all. They make me feel like family &everything. I love their family so much. They went to my family’s church like 3 to 4 x’s.& I ask myself every day now, why did she have to die out of all them other girls their at the college?..I cry every day including at school which is so hard for me. She passed a couple of years after my older sister passed. My younger sister is over there helping Asia’s sister.

  7. david h says :

    I also went to their church , canle light, I sleep more but in a way less if you think about 4 to 5 hrs is alot or less sometimes 6 to 8 or 9 hrs. My stomach hurts everday & sometimes i either eat mors or less. I also celebrated easter late because of it & i didn’t celebrate it like i usually would. I play my game more & sometimes less depending on how much im thinking of her. I have a nice picture of her & everything. She had alot going for her as she went on in life, i think she would of been a ultimate superstar & been very famous. Love ASIA’a & family.

  8. david h says :

    I feel soooooooo depressed…

  9. F Nelson says :

    Missy, you are a liar. BMV had nothing to do with that guy. He wasn’t even a member of that site per my reading. For all those curious, find out for yourself and don’t let this slanderous miscreant sway you with BS. After researching, those men told him to leave her alone.

    That was a terrible tragedy and for someone to use that to slander another not even involved is sick to say the least.

  10. Cloud Strife says :

    Missy speak s emotionally, but offers no proof of her accusation. Unless she can prove with evidence from Youtube that the site she mentions actually made videos, made comments and had members who encouraged this tragedy, then she is basically operating off hearsay and feelings, NOT facts.

    For the record, it seems that all those who were so adamant about Black Men Vent encouraging ‘hate speech’ and ‘death threats about black women’ are starting to backpedal, from being certain to the vague ‘potential attacks’. It seems that NO evidence can be found that shows that the site has ANYTHING to do with this case. Unless one can give proof, it’s best to focus on the tragedy, what led up to it and understand that some people who have problems do refuse to take the medicine they need and think they can overcome whatever is afflicting them. They overestimate their control and sadly, bad things happen because of this.

  11. Ne-Ne says :

    wel i am asia’s first cousin. we were SOOO close. me. her and her sista tashia were like the three goons, musketeers. and she had da right to express herself thru videos, dance, and acting. she didnt deserve to die… anthony should have controled himself, his anger, and his fear of rejection. he was just mad cuz she didnt wanna go with him. he shouldve just dealt with it and stop being so jealous of the guys she did speak to. that stupid coward ass punk was just psychotic and i wish i could have been there to protect her, have her back like i usually do, and prevent her from dying. i wish i could just wake up from this horrible dream….

  12. david h says :

    I mispelled a couple of words & messed up a little. RIP ASIA NAOMI McGOWAN. LOVE U FOREVER & EVER…

  13. david h says :

    Rest In Peace Asia. Candle Light. I think im to young to go through all this. It”s too much for me to handle right now. Also Thank You Brandon, Your very kind & I tried to get help but no one answered really. So Im going to try again maybe tonight.

  14. david h says :

    Im scared and nervous, cant do anything now that my best friend is gone.

  15. david h says :

    ive talked to a couple of people and i will be praying for you to Brandon. Thank You alot. You don’t know how much this helps me. GOD BLESS YOU BRANDON Q…

  16. david h says :

    Sorry Everybody about Asia McGowan, Friends/Family she was friends to alot of good people and didn’t deserve any harm like that whatsoever.GOD BLESS YOU ALL Forever.

  17. david h says :

    This is a prayer that will get you all to Heaven but you must believe it with all your mind,strength,soul, heart, and everything you have, here it is:
    DEAR GOD, I know I am A sinner, & I need forgiveness, I believe that JESUS CHRIST died on the cross for my sins, & I accept HIM as my LORD & SAVIOR Forever.
    Just believe that HE died and ressurected on the 3rd day and is a part of GOD our Lord forever. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!..!

  18. cierra brown says :

    asia was a vaery good friend of mine and let me be the first or last to say that she didn’t deserve what happend to her my friend wasn’t even able to have a opening casket unlike the man who killed her he shot himslef in the chest or something like that free speech is free speech untill you create clear and present danger then it becomes an issues people are so hung up about protecting rights but your protecting the wrongs ones i rather my friend be alive than a man free speech be taken away

  19. Joseph says :

    When is someone going to start doing something about the mentally deranged white racists that infest their internet with all their hate. It’s mostly white trash psychos that would even think of doing acts of this nature. Whites have been engaged in this type of behavior for 5 centuries and nothing has been done effectively because it’s outrageous even to this day. Rather, today it’s just done in a subtle cowardly manner such as over the internet and in hiding. When is enough going to be enough?

  20. wisp says :

    “I ask you Lord, please provide solace and peace for Asia’s family and friends in their time of loss.”


    Be sensitive, man. Your superstition caused this girl’s death. So keep it to yourself.

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