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My boy Calvin Williams asked that I cross post he wrote on Daily Kos re: Millenial Generation National Call in Day to support passage of the budget and making sure key priorities are upheld including but not limited to investments in education, sustainability, and health care. Cal, I apologize because I have been ripping and running all day but if you haven’t made that call, the numbers havent’ changed and you still impact change. See below

National Call-In Day April 21st! Millennial Generation calls on Senate to Support the Obama Budget!

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Mon Apr 20, 2009 at 12:22:24 PM PDT

Here in Brooklyn, we’ve been feeling the economic crisis at a personal level…

Between the cuts to MTA services, health care programs and public education; along with increased costs of living at every level,like a $20 increase in monthly MTA passes and a 5-8% increase in gas/electric bills, it can get tough for families on my block to make it through paycheck to paycheck.

I’m sure we all can relate to the economic crunch in our own ways–whether its accessing financial support from student loans and grants, trying to get affordable health coverage, or attempting to live sustainably and green on recession budget.

There is a solution to begin turning the corner on the crisis–we need our Senators to support the investments in health care, a clean energy economy and higher education to both offset these increased costs of living and rebuild a sustainable future for our generation!

On Tuesday, April 21st young people nationwide will call-in their Senators to support the Obama budget. The Millennial Generation voted because we were passionate about issues that deeply affect us like making sure everyone has access to health care, that education is accessible and affordable to all and that there are green jobs that both decrease our dependence on energy and create real jobs in our communities that we sorely need.

This year’s budget will decide how much money goes to the programs that address these issues. This is where we make our vote really count by holding our elected leaders accountable to the issues we care about! The House and Senate passed budget resolutions earlier this month that includes an increase for programs that support young people, students and working families.

Next week they will reconvene to pass a final budget. It is vital that the final budget includes reconciliation so Congress can vote up or down on the budget to support these bold investments in health care, higher education and green jobs. That is why we are participating in an National Call-In Day April 21st with young people across the country.

Here are several ways to directly engage your networks and put out the word about the upcoming National Call In Day:

  1. On Tuesday, April 21 Call 1-888-299-1447 and let your representative know you support the President’s budget
  1. Join and Invite Friends to the April 21st Call-In Day Facebook Group:
  1. Recruit 5 Friends to Participate and Forward Along!

This is an opportunity for us to get involved in passing this budget and receive the support our communities need. So on April 21st, join young people nationwide to tell Congress “PASS THE FEDERAL BUDGET & BRING CHANGE TO OUR COMMUNITIES NOW!”


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