Not dead…

This is a public service announcement. Michigan is not going to die. Despite all the negative publicity Detroit and Michigan are receiving, we will rise.

Yesterday, I attended my cousin Cortni’s graduation from Mumford High (a Detroit Public School) and it was held at Chene Park. For those that don’t know, Chene Park is a concert venue off the Detroit River that is outside and covered by a giant tent. So during the entire graduation, it is pouring down raining and it is cold. So much so that the rain started to come in sideways and if you didn’t have a warm coat, you were probably miserable.

For a period of time, I was fascinated at how the wind and rain chopped up the river. And when I looked up to my right, I noticed the Renaissance Center where General Motors is headquartered. I almost didn’t notice the large GM sign through the clouds and rain. And the reason why Detroit (Michigan) will not die because there is a huge swath of people that live here now whose parents, grandparents or great grandparents came up from the South to make a living to make life better for their offspring. They didn’t come to help out Detroit but that’s what they ended up doing. The ship is making the necessary turns but it is only because the same drive that drove people to move up North is the same moxie that keeps Detroiters and Michiganders smiling amongst so much despair.

Stay up fam,


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